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Dancing in the Dark

Enjoy a good boogie but can't remember the last time you actually lost yourself in the groove? Then Dancing in the Dark is for you.

How it works:
Wear something comfy, bring a bottle of water or whatever you would drink if you were going to the gym.
Find a spot you are happy to be in within the spacious hall.
The lights will get dimmed as low as they go.
Then the music starts and you dance however you want.
No need to talk to anyone else, it's a time to dance independently in the company of others.
This isn't a social event whilst the music is on - dance now talk later.
It's a chance for you to lose yourself, your way, to some great music. It's not about technique, or being a good dancer. It's about the experience of dancing with no one watching and the joy that brings.
The music stops, the lights go up and you can be back home not too late on a Monday night. Feeling happy, relaxed and like you've done something just for you.
This is not a club night. No booze. No drugs.

Who is it for?:
Anyone, regardless of your music tastes or dancing style. Though we won't be playing metal or heavy rock or much indie.

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All Saints Centre @ 8:00pm
20:00 - 20:40
Contact: dancingdark@yahoo.com dancingdark@yahoo.com Visit website Buy tickets

Friars Walk.
Lewes BN7 2LE 01273 486391

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