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Church Hall adjacent to St Stomas a Becket Church 23 Cliffe High Street Lewes BN7 2AH

Regular Events

10:45 - 12:00 Term time classes. Free parking directly outside Cliffe Hall for 5-6 cars.
Joy of Movement blends simple, flowing and easy to follow dance and restorative movement for all ages and fitness levels.
A gently guided class to wonderful music encouraging a sensory-based, holistic approach with a focus on breath, body sensation and feeling good. There is no right or wrong way in our classes and it is very permission giving!

Breathe, stretch, move, dance and deeply relax with a guided relaxation meditation to finish.
Well-being and a sense of inner peace and connection to our body is the main aim, though we do get fit in the process.
We are a very friendly and welcoming group who just love to move with no worries of 'getting it right'. Excellent for those who want to get fit in a fun and nourishing way with no pressure.

Pre-booking essential. Please email me for your taster class (9) on stellahomewood@yahoo.com and we will look forward to greeting you.

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