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Shepherds Arise! Old Sussex carols, dance tunes, readings & Mummers' Play

A selection of beautiful old West Gallery carols from Sussex villages in glorious vocal harmony accompanied by flute, fiddle, bassoon, clarinet, and concertinas. Between the carols are readings about Christmas in Sussex in the past, and the musicians play lively dance tunes from old Sussex manuscripts. There is also a Sussex Mummers' play. In Sussex, Mummers were called Tipteerers.
This is a lovely celebration of Christmas from earlier centuries, still full of the joy and delight it gave then.
The carols and dance tunes are from 18th. and 19th. century handwritten manuscripts mostly held at Barbican House, Lewes, by the Sussex Archaeological Society. In 1982 a selection of the dance tunes was assembled by Dr. Vic Gammon and Anne Loughran and published as 'A Sussex Tune Book' by the English Folk Dance & Song Society.
Dr. Gammon also researched the carols and gathered musicians and singers to perform them under the name 'Hope In The Valley' thirty-five years ago. Mary Motley directed Hope In The Valley when Dr. Gammon moved from Sussex.
The current group was assembled by Stuart Walker in 2013 to bring this beautiful collection of old Sussex music back to life. This year, Mary Motley takes up the baton again.
Retiring collection for church funds.

St Michaels Church @ 2:30pm
14:30 - 16:30
Free with collection for church funds

High Street
Lewes BN7 1UW 01273 474723

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