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Led Zeppelin Tribute to Rock Lewes

CODA are Europe’s most authentic-sounding and looking tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin and they are back at the Con Club in Lewes with a new show celebrating 50 years of Led Zeppelin, featuring four musicians who faithfully recreate the excitement, energy, passion and magic of the world’s most famous rock band! The attention to detail is unrivalled, they’ve got the sound, the look, the hair, the instruments and the on-stage mannerisms, you could almost believe you were watching the real thing! With replica, hand-made instruments, incredible costumes and an exciting on-stage presence that will take you back to Led Zeppelin’s heyday, this show has got it all. Performed by four experienced musicians who formed the band out of their collective love for the music of this iconic band, this is no cheesy parody or covers band, but a sincere, dedicated and accurate homage to the most influential rock band in the world. Expect all the classics in this superb show such as Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love and a whole lot more!

The Con Club @ 8:00pm
20:00 - 23:00
£5 on the door for non-members

139 High Street
Lewes BN7 1XS 01273 473 076 w: lewesconclub.com

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