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Adam Hess, Jayde Adams, and Glenn Moore (WIP)

Adam Hess, Jayde Adams, and Glenn Moore are coming to Lewes to preview their full shows as they prepare for the Edinburgh Festival. Literally three of the best comedians working today.

Adam is 100% pure comedian. If you cut him open, it would be horrible actually. Not sure what I mean . Star of Tonight at the Palladium (fact), Live at the Comedy Store (more facts). You will have seen Jayde on Cats does Countdown or Roast Battle. “She’s a star” said the The Guardian, we happen to agree, trust me, she’s incredible. Glenn Was nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy award last year - so there’s your yard stick. He’s been on Mock the Week (twice) Stand Up Central (at least once) and The Stand-up Sketch Show (not sure of the numbers there).

Friars Walk.
Lewes BN7 2LE 01273 486391

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