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Is Maria Caulfield ridiculous

On Fri 1 Apr at 11:37pm Doug wrote:
'That was laughter, that was ridicule!': Question Time audience openly mocks Tory MP Maria Caulfield for claiming Boris Johnson 'genuinely didn't believe there was wrongdoing' over partygate
On Sat 2 Apr at 3:00pm David Stanley wrote:
Wonder what she will spend her payrise on?
On Sun 3 Apr at 8:51am Nevillman wrote:
How do you defend the indefensible. I still haven't heard from anyone who doesn't think Johnson shouldn't resign over this. Would anyone like to have a go?
On Sun 3 Apr at 10:41am Nevillman wrote:
Confused myself with the double negatives above. I meant to say that I haven't heard from anyone who doesn't think Johnson should resign over all this.
On Sun 3 Apr at 10:56am David Stanley wrote:
If you can't be shamed it's difficult to get rid of you.
On Sun 3 Apr at 1:22pm Doug wrote:
Maria Caulfield
Has refused to answer any questions regarding the billions written off due to fraudulent activity, PPE contracts awarded to chums.
Jacob Rees-Mogg paying 0 tax from his tax haven hedge fund with Russian connections
On Sun 3 Apr at 7:24pm David Stanley wrote:
People love to complain but they won't take action. The rot comes down from the highest in the land but nobody is willing to go there.
On Sun 3 Apr at 8:02pm Tom Pain wrote:
Yes, I blame Ben Nevis, the sooner Scotland devolves- the better.
On Sun 3 Apr at 9:03pm David Stanley wrote:
Yeah, Ben's a wrong un but his brother Glen is a bit more accommodating.
On Sun 3 Apr at 11:50pm Nevillman wrote:
What do you mean about not taking action David? What do you suggest we do? Storm parliament? Hopefully enough of the people who were taken in by the charlatan realise their error and will not vote for him next time but I wouldn't guarantee it.
On Mon 4 Apr at 10:54pm Tom Pain wrote:
I'm damned if I know what to do but voting for Starmer won't change anything.
On Tue 5 Apr at 10:36am Doug wrote:
I understand there is little we can do. However we can all express concern to our MP and require an answer, asking what action she will take?
It is a democratic right.
Condemning the activity at NO10
Then a complete U turn?
I begs the question whatís been offered?
On Tue 5 Apr at 12:35pm Nevillman wrote:
I realise that your comment is motivated by an attempt to make you feel less guilty about how you have voted in the past Tom, but not only is it incorrect but it also misses the point. Johnson should resign because his behaviour fell well below the standard of decency expected of a prime minister. Whether starmer would have done anything different is not relevant.
If the Tory party is only keeping him in place to assess how much of an electoral liability he is in the may elections, that makes them just as culpable as Johnson himself.
On Tue 5 Apr at 2:05pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Yep, its foolish to say that having a compulsive liar and incompetent buffoon like Johnson represent the country would be the same if we had someone else who wasnt entirely self serving or dishonest.

Starmer is not everyones cup of tea, but he at least doesnt have a long track record of fibbing at every opportunity. He may also offer some compromise on Brexit as well, enabling the UK to at least not be a total outcast in the international community. He would probably not make endless regressive policies that would result in constant embarrassing u-turns. I get the sense he wouldnt spend hundreds of thousands of quid on decorating downing st either....but u never know.
On Tue 5 Apr at 2:45pm Doug wrote:
Totally agree Boris must go regardless.
Perhaps a couple of candidates that could take. Over, clear out the rotten apples . Recover the billions lost to fraud. Help those in heat or eat crisis. Help the nurses having to face parking charges? Fund the NHS backlog?
On Tue 5 Apr at 8:14pm Tom Pain wrote:
That would be the ideal solution doug, IF the government would create money itself for national projects. Unfortunately, none of the parties will do it. Instead, they borrow from private banks which create the money and charge interest. It's very simple but the profits from this process are so massive that the perpetrators can buy off anyone who threatens their nice little earner. Sad, isn't it and few people can be bothered to figure it out so I suppose it's self inflicted.
On Thu 7 Apr at 10:16am Nevillman wrote:
So why don't the government create money for public projects? There are several possible reasons. Maybe it hasn't occurred to them. We know you find economics a difficult subject Tom and even people who have devoted their lives to studying it can't be expected to know everything.
The more likely explanation which I think you are alluding to is that it is a conspiracy in which the government, probably under direct instruction from their lizard overlords, is in league to enrich the banks. I hope you enjoy the nice little earner which will undoubtedly be on its way to you as you have rumbled their little plan Tom.
Another possible explanation is that it would only create inflation which would be bad for the economy. It could well be that the current inflation is in part due to the government having created money to pay for covid which I believe they did.
On Thu 7 Apr at 11:09am Doug wrote:
Thanks for the economic insights.
Please explain why we canít get back the billions lost to fraud and invest taxpayers money to benefit taxpayers?
The main concern is why an MP will not respond to questions regarding government members paying 0 tax in a tax haven?
Billions lost to taxpayers, rewarding chums for useless PPE products?
Why is an MP refusing to respond to issues regarding the NHS and the welfare of nurses?
Quick to remind us she was a nurse.
Is a refusal to respond Democratic?
On Thu 7 Apr at 12:29pm Nevillman wrote:
I'm certainly not defending the government's economic policy Doug but will try to respond to your specific points. I suspect it's harder to get the billions lost to fraud than it appears to be but not wanting to upset Tory party donors might also have something to do with it. The same probably applies to applying a windfall tax on firms and individuals who have made monstrous profits from supplying goods during covid or from any other government policies. No reason why we shouldn't try though.
We should invest taxpayers money to benefit taxpayers but the taxpayers elected a government that is ideologically opposed to this.
I fully agree with your other concerns and have no other response than she is a member of the Tory party and presumably holds loyalty to that to be paramount. Hopefully after the next election she can go back to full time nursing.
On Thu 7 Apr at 8:14pm Tom Pain wrote:
I think you'll find that they got a loan from the IMF Nev. Money spent by the government on productive endeavours which benefit the g.d.p. doesn't
cause inflation. Canada did this and built the St.Lawrence Seaway without causing inflation or building up a massive national debt. In fact they only did that after Trudeau senior, when PM, went over to borrowing from the private sector for some "inexplicable" reason. Perhaps your lizard friends will help you figure it out if the bankers won't explain their little earner. Do you really expect it? Self inflicted and proud of the fact, it beats me.
On Fri 8 Apr at 9:00am Nevillman wrote:
The last time the UK borrowed from the IMF was 1976 Tom. It exists to help with currency crises not funding budget deficits. Government spending on a huge infrastructure project like the st Lawrence seaway which will improve productivity in a country shouldn't lead to too much inflation. I'm afraid that desirable as they may be, noone of the reasons given for increasing expenditure given in this thread like helping nurses or helping those in a heat or eat crisis would increase productivity so just creating the money would increase inflation.
You can Google all of this information and get facts from a variety of trusted sources Tom rather than just make stuff up. I'm not sure what appears to be beating you at the end of your post.
On Fri 8 Apr at 9:28pm Tom Pain wrote:
Crossed lines. Creating money to pay people as you say would cause inflation. I was remarking that it would not if it was only for productive purposes, something all British parties ignore. It looks to me as if we're being set up for a Central Bank Digital Currency and a right wing socialist government is on the cards.
On Sat 9 Apr at 2:25pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Interesting forecasts from the local scientologist.
On Sat 9 Apr at 8:53pm Tom Pain wrote:
Good grief Sleevie Wonder, are they still around? I thought they'd been replaced by Climatologists.
On Sun 10 Apr at 12:59pm David Stanley wrote:
Anyone else buying roubles as a hedge against the dollar?
On Tue 12 Apr at 9:48am Tom Pain wrote:
Nev- Supply cheap easy credit. Later, gradually increase interest rates and restrict credit. Maybe 20-50 years later increase pressure, foreclose on loans unpayable due to the latter. Buy up bankrupt businesses at pennies on the pound. Far too simple for complex economic theories that take a lifetime to learn. Much more effective.
On Tue 12 Apr at 2:28pm Nevillman wrote:
I'm sorry Tom. I don't understand your proposal at all and I'm not sufficiently interested in economics anymore to make the effort or even ask you any questions about it. Most economists are interested in analysing and understanding the allocation of resources in simple ways. Not applying complex theories. There are many good books introducing economics and you could try reading one rather than just dismissing it.
On Tue 12 Apr at 3:00pm Doug wrote:
Boris Johnson to be fined for breaking the law he made.
He has clearly misled parliament.
He has lied continually.
He has no regard for the public that has made massive sacrifices complying .
Maria Caulfield must submit a letter of no confidence and demand his immediate resignation.
To defend him further confirms she is ridiculous

On Tue 12 Apr at 6:16pm Green Sleeves wrote:
As if Maria Cauliflower would have the backbone to speak up against yet another Boris Johnson lie and misdemeanor. Sunak and Johnson do not serve this country, they serve only themselves, clinging desperately on to what they see as just a "job", that contains huge power, prestige and influence. Its an ego and money thing....and most tories will let it go, as they have similar motives.

The only hope is that they get an absolute kicking at the local elections, forcing their hand and realising that Johnson is toxic to their own ambitions. Or will the country once again turn a blind eye to the tories behaviour and vote "for the devil you know....", which is a totally flawed position to take, regardless of your thoughts on opposition parties. I loathe it when I hear the old trope that "all politicians are the same", "they all lie". Even if it were true, no one could possibly suggest that there are many more bigger fibbers than Boris....
On Tue 12 Apr at 9:08pm Doug wrote:
Hi Green Sleeves
Have you contacted Maria Caulfield and asked her to submit a letter of no confidence?
Have you challenged her for supporting a lying leader misleading parliament?
If we all just consider itís a waste of time . We get what weíre given.
Fuel crisis, heat or eat, higher taxation. The greatest burden on the poorest to pay the massive fraud regarding government contracts rewarding the rich able to avoid tax.
I will not cease in demanding an answer regarding the activity of the government and who benefits?
If her inbox was full of concern it may make an impact?
On Wed 13 Apr at 1:03pm Basil wrote:
'If her inbox was full of concern it may make an impact?' - No, she'd just say (as they always do) 'It's an unrepresentative minority of politically motivated individuals'.
On Wed 13 Apr at 5:09pm Doug wrote:
Got a better idea
On Thu 21 Apr at 7:29pm Nevillman wrote:
Any response yet Doug? Much as they want they must come to the conclusion that this is not going away. Tory MPs like caulfield will realise they are destroying their political career by continuing to remain in the party that is lead by the man.
On Thu 21 Apr at 10:50pm Basil wrote:
'Got a better idea.'
Tell me how successful you've been. A gesture id still only a gesture. Perhaps you should stop having faith in politicians.
On Fri 22 Apr at 8:59am Nevillman wrote:
Presumably you'll be happy enough to forgive him by the next election basil because after all 'he did get brexit done'.
On Fri 22 Apr at 11:40am Doug wrote:
See new post freedom of speech
On Fri 22 Apr at 11:43am Doug wrote:
Maria Caulfield
has responded and will now vote for the parliament standards to investigate. I have asked if she stands by her support for him as expressed on question time.
Will she now submit a letter of no confidence?

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