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Wouldn't it be great if all the Lewes takeways had their menus in one readily available place. No more scrabbling around at the back of the drawer for that scrumpled up menu you're sure you put back last time you used it!

Well that's what this section is for.
If your favourite takeaway isn't here, tell them.

Click on a restaurant below to view (or hide) their menu and when you call don't forget to say you used the menu from here.

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Station Lewes
Station Lewes

A Quiet Passion 12A

Tue 30 May 2:40pm

Aquarius 15

Thu 01 Jun 2:40pm
Thu 01 Jun 2:30pm
Tue 30 May 8:00pm

Beauty and the Beast PG

Wed 31 May 5:30pm

Beauty and the Beast 3D PG

Mon 29 May 10:45am

Britain on Film: Railways U

Sat 27 May 10:30am

Certain Women 12A

Mon 29 May 3:00pm

Clash 15

Sun 28 May 8:15pm
Thu 01 Jun 8:30pm

Dancer 12A

Wed 31 May 5:50pm

Elle 18

Sat 27 May 2:00pm
Mon 29 May 8:15pm

Free Fire 15

Sat 27 May 8:00pm

Graduation 15

Sat 27 May 8:30pm
Wed 31 May 2:30pm
Thu 01 Jun 8:05pm

I Am Not Your Negro 12A

Tue 30 May 5:05pm
Thu 01 Jun 5:45pm
Wed 31 May 8:45pm

Le Mepris 15

Tue 30 May 2:30pm

Life, Animated PG

Sat 27 May 1:30pm

Logan 15

Sun 28 May 1:30pm
Sun 28 May 5:00pm

Machines 12A

Sat 27 May 5:00pm
Wed 31 May 8:30pm
Thu 01 Jun 6:10pm

Mad to be Normal 15

Tue 30 May 8:30pm
Thu 01 Jun 5:55pm
Tue 30 May 5:45pm

Madame de? U

Wed 31 May 3:00pm

Moonlight 15

Sun 28 May 2:30pm
Mon 29 May 8:00pm

Mulholland Drive 12A

Sat 27 May 8:15pm
Wed 31 May 8:15pm

My Life as a Courgette PG

Tue 30 May 8:15pm

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience U

Sun 28 May 11:15am
Sun 28 May 11:30am

Personal Shopper 15

Sat 27 May 10:45am
Mon 29 May 2:00pm

Sour Grapes 15

Sun 28 May 5:20pm

The Boss Baby U

Mon 29 May 2:30pm
Sun 28 May 11:00am

The Eagle Huntress U

Mon 29 May 11:15am
Mon 29 May 11:00am

The Handmaiden 18

Sat 27 May 11:00am
Mon 29 May 5:00pm

The Hippopotamus 15

Sun 28 May 8:00pm

The Salesman 12A

Sun 28 May 8:30pm
Sun 28 May 5:15pm

The Sense Of An Ending 15

Sat 27 May 5:15pm
Wed 31 May 3:15pm
Thu 01 Jun 3:15pm
Tue 30 May 5:55pm
Sat 27 May 1:15pm

Their Finest 12A

Mon 29 May 5:15pm
Thu 01 Jun 8:20pm
Wed 31 May 5:45pm
Tue 30 May 3:15pm
Mon 29 May 7:45pm

Underground PG

Sat 27 May 4:45pm

Your Name 12A

Mon 29 May 5:30pm