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nevill street racers!

On 18 Feb 2009 at 5:14am novaboy59 wrote:
i see that you have all run out of things to say about us hanging about in nevill?we havnt changed you have obviously given up writing numberplates down and twitching curtains,
On 18 Feb 2009 at 8:27am PC Plum wrote:
T*sser! Are you feeling lonely?
On 18 Feb 2009 at 11:30am Agony Aunt wrote:
Feeling lonely?
Feel free to make an appointment to come and see me - we could discuss your needs and explore solutions to your inadequacies
On 18 Feb 2009 at 7:14pm The Super K wrote:
Actually Nova Boy You have changed... Your not about anymore!!! I forgotton the last time I swerved accorss the road to try and "clip" one of you!...
.........You've probably moved on since someone reported to the police the reg number of the white van that used to come in from Brighton with your Drugs in! If your gonna use them at least get some savvie and buy them in secret!
On 19 Feb 2009 at 11:12am Ex-Nevill resident wrote:
Personally I think Nevill is not the place it used to be. I lived there for the first 27 years of my life and it was a nice pleasant place but now there is quite a lot of petty vandalism, burglaries, litter, yobs and chavy t*ssers, etc etc...
On 19 Feb 2009 at 12:19pm Rookie wrote:
I live on the Nevill and have done for over 10 years. The only deterioration I have witnessed is the mob by the green. But they seem to have mostly dispersed of late anyway.
On 19 Feb 2009 at 1:00pm Phantom wrote:
Depends where on the Nevill you live. If you live on a route to and from the shop where some of these numbskulls roam you are likely to end up with a broken fence/hedge and buckets of litter...my father's house has been broken into twice in the space of 6 months and a friend had their car kicked in
On 19 Feb 2009 at 2:09pm chav wrote:
Wasnt me
On 19 Feb 2009 at 7:21pm me wrote:
you may them at the back of Blois Road now!
On 19 Feb 2009 at 7:30pm Londoner wrote:
When we were thinking of moving to Lewes we noticed estate agents referred to 'the popular Nevill estate'. We took a look up there and it seemed like a massive council estate in one of the less salubrious London suburbs. What a lucky escape it turns out we had.
On 19 Feb 2009 at 8:15pm The Super K wrote:
Londoner you ignorant twat... Your talking about an area you know nothing of.
Nevill is popular due to the excellent school that the nevill is the catchment area for....., and no is isnt a council estate. Why dont you F off back from where you came! Your type aren't wanted in Lewes.
On 19 Feb 2009 at 8:29pm Hedwig wrote:
Whoa..steady on super k why so angry?
On 19 Feb 2009 at 9:01pm Londoner wrote:
The Super K - I think you protest too much. It's a council estate, even if the tenants have bought the houses. Same thing happens in London but the old council estate atmosphere never goes.
On 19 Feb 2009 at 9:06pm Local2 wrote:
Sorry Londoner even though I agree super k was a bit arrogant the nevill never was a council estate. I lived there untill a year ago and only a very small percentage was council owned. 97% was private houseing. The council sides are ousedale, landport and malling
On 19 Feb 2009 at 9:20pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
I was told that some of it was built as council (the bit between Middle Way and Mount Harry Road) and that the rest was private.
Much of the Nevill was built in the 1930s, before council housing really existed in any quantity.
On 19 Feb 2009 at 9:42pm Londoner wrote:
Well, if this doesn't reek of a council estate I don't know what does (and it's on this forum): Usual doubleyewdoubleyew stuff, then lewes.co.uk/ForumThread.asp?ID=24949
On 19 Feb 2009 at 10:00pm pearlie wrote:
Oh settle down all of you, I was brought up on a council estate - it doesn't equate that you are chav scum just because you live in a council house. Equally it doesn't mean you're born with an ounce of class just because you happen to have been brought up in middle class luxury. Get over yourselves with your prejudices, what does it matter who built the house or who owns it? I know many people who would consider themselves upper middles class who are common as muck, and many without two pennies to rub together who have far more about them.
On 19 Feb 2009 at 10:20pm DFL Detector wrote:
How right you are Annette. Don't you just hate it when some smart-arse DFL starts pontificating about something they know little about?
On 19 Feb 2009 at 10:37pm Local2 wrote:
And can you really be pickie Londoner? London is full of chav council estate scum! One would have thought mixing with "da lewes massive" might be a bit too upmarket for someone of such breeding
On 19 Feb 2009 at 11:31pm emmavey wrote:
i used to live in nevill i now live in eastbourne i miss lewes
On 20 Feb 2009 at 12:21am Angry of Lewes (Retd) wrote:
post at the end - dork
else no one will read it
On 20 Feb 2009 at 8:38am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
I had to laugh at Londoner's likened it to a "massive" London council estate. A big estate in London would be as big as the whole of Lewes, not just one little bit. The one I grew up on had a population of 35,000 way back in 1965, and it's been expanded since then.
They also usually have a fair few blocks of flats as well as houses. The Nevill has, I think, only 16 flats in two blocks.
It seems Londoner knows precious little more about London than he/she does about Lewes.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 9:11am High Street Royalty wrote:
ha ha you lot make me laugh. Nevill, Landport and malling are all the same, no different. All 3 have their chavs and benefit cheating scum so get off your high horses and accept you are all working class no matter what scummy little estate you live on.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 9:31am Local2 wrote:
Coming from high street "royalty" where is your rented accomidation situated? Above a charity shop or kebab house? Ha ha ha
On 20 Feb 2009 at 9:54am Nevill Resident wrote:
I live in the Nevill and I certainly do not see it as a 'council estate' - just have a drive up South Way or Highdown Road for instance. I have a large house with a large garden - now where can you find that in the the High Street or the centre of Town ?. I would add that I used to live in Paddock Road, which is considered 'respectable', but there is at least one council property down there, not to mention at that time the local cocaine dealer !
One other thing, Londoner, it is people like you and the rest of the DFL's that have pushed the house prices up in Lewes and forced the locals to move away from the centre of town into the cheaper estate properties in the first place
On 20 Feb 2009 at 10:03am High Street Royalty wrote:
I suppose the next thing you will be saying is you are posher because you use the Pelham or the Con club rather than the Meridian or St Mary's. Please try and get over yourself!
On 20 Feb 2009 at 10:29am Londoner wrote:
Nevill Resident wrote:
it is people like you and the rest of the DFL's that have pushed the house prices up in Lewes and forced the locals to move away from the centre of town into the cheaper estate properties in the first place.
'cheaper estate properties'? That's what i said: council estate.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 10:34am Ed Can Do wrote:
Have you been in the Con Club lately? It's like an unholy marriage of the Volly and the Rainbow, not exactly what I'd call posh.
Neville's not so bad although these days Malling and even Ousedale aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. What with the steady influx of DFL's pushing the prices up, there's more and more normal nice people moving into what used to be seen as the scummy areas as that's all they can afford.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 11:35am Andrew Richardson wrote:
Go learn what a tree structure is.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 11:37am Landportian wrote:
Nuffink rong wiv Landport these days. Ya see, it's kinda self policing, if ya f**k up, the bois will be round to kne-cap ya
On 20 Feb 2009 at 12:05pm High Street Royalty wrote:
As it happens Ed can do, I've never been in the con club. Your observation of Malling is fair, I prefer the older part by miles which if I had to choose an estate, is where I would go. The newer part is a bit chavy, as is neville and landport
On 20 Feb 2009 at 12:16pm Leif Eriksson wrote:
Londoner, you employ a very strange kind of logic !! Just because a property is cheaper than one in the town centre, how exactly does that make it a council house ?? Part of the Nevill estate used to be council it is true, (as were/are houses all over the town) but that does not make the whole estate council. If it did then surely you would have to extend the same argument to the whole of Lewes. How can you live with yourself therefore, knowing that you now live in an enormous, chav infested, benefit cheating scum ridden council estate ? Still, it's better than London though isn't it !
On 20 Feb 2009 at 12:58pm Londoner wrote:
I can't understand why people are so touchy about the Nevill being described as being 'LIKE a massive council estate' (that's what I called it in my first post). Are you such snobs that you'd be ashamed to live in a council estate? I did in London for many years and don't feel at all ashamed of it. It was what my parents could afford.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 1:50pm Nevill Resident wrote:
Yes, but in your later post you did. Besides, if you have not got anything against council estates, then why look down your nose at them (or places LIKE them) now ?, and more to the point, why even feel the need to say anything in the first place ? Furthermore, you accuse us of being snobs when you clearly made your decision not to live on the Nevill Estate because you thought it was like a council estate and therefore in some way inferior. You even go as far as to say you had a 'lucky escape'. Sounds like a slur on the Nevill to me. Saying it is not a council estate meanwhile is not being snobby, it is merely stating a fact in response to your/High Street Royals mis informed statements, and to the general implication that we are all working class, chavs and benefit scrounging scum !!
Having previously lived in the town centre, I can say from experience that the town centre has more traffic, dirt, noise, vandalism, drunk kids throwing up, pissing (or worse) in doorways and scattering kebab wrappers in the street, than where I live now. I also didn't have a garden to speak of, I had nowhere to park my car, no views other than cars in the street, and despite being a town house, it was actually considerably smaller than what I have now. Perhaps you could fill us in therefore on what is so great about that ?
On 20 Feb 2009 at 2:44pm High Street Royalty wrote:
Oh look, an ex council house living, tracksuit bottom with shoes wearing, trim his lawn with a vastly oversized hover mower using, stand in front of his semi with a semi stiffy on, slightly balding headed, ex council house rent paying noob, larging it with me! haha
On 20 Feb 2009 at 2:55pm Local2 wrote:
High street royalty you really a a twat!
On 20 Feb 2009 at 2:57pm Squidward wrote:
Mind you, most people from Nevill do walk around with their "im better than you" noses stuck up their own ar**s
On 20 Feb 2009 at 3:49pm Laugh myself stupid wrote:
Londoner - it's a shame your parents "could not afford" to pass on decent genes to you
On 20 Feb 2009 at 3:50pm Laugh myself stupid wrote:
Con Club posh?
On 20 Feb 2009 at 4:24pm Nevill Resident wrote:
You really are showing your true colours now aren't you High Street Royalty !
Where shall I start ? I have never lived in a council house, I have never owned a track suit, I have a full head of hair, I have never rented a house be it council or otherwise. Not sure what a noob is so can't comment on that. I do own a lawnmower though, but then it's quite difficult to mow a lawn without one. I own my house, in the same way that I owned my house in the town centre. Now, your point was ???, or like a lot of people when they are wrong, do you just feel the need to start being abusive ?? The jokes on you mate! haha
On 20 Feb 2009 at 5:43pm High Street Royalty wrote:
Well thats its it you see. With your better, never been a council, even though its on a council estate house (All paid for) and your longer hair, the fact you have never had to stoop so low as to rent, you make me feel so inadequate, that I have to resort to verbal violence. Don't worry. I'll take some deep breaths and try and get over it. Tell you what, where's that Chav? Get him to talk to me. That will make me feel better, more wholesome, just like a mower owner.
On 20 Feb 2009 at 9:16pm Nevill Resident wrote:
Wasn't saying I was better than anyone, you are demonstrating that pefectly well for me. I was just pointing out how far from the truth your stereotype was. It wouldnt worry me if my house was ex council, but the fact is it's not. By the way, you can borrow my mower if you like, or would a broom and a bin liner be more appropriate for the High Street ?
On 20 Feb 2009 at 9:24pm Hedwig wrote:
You guys are so funny. Come on people lighten up. Its the weekend
On 20 Feb 2009 at 9:27pm The Super K (Nevill Resident) wrote:
I have no quarms about Nevill being a Council Estate "Londoner"... The simple fact is that your incorrect views on a place you have no prior knowledge of, are exactly whats wrong with Lewes and the Hoity Toity DFL w@nkers us true Lewesians have to put up with on a weekly basis.
If you poke the Bull dog it will snap back.
As I put in MY original post to you, YOUR NOT WANTED HERE, YOU WERE NEVER WANTED HERE. So pack your bags and go and moan about your own "home" town.
On 22 Feb 2009 at 5:48pm Nevill Resident wrote:
Living up on the Nevill I notice that the lads that congregate on one of the corners of the Crescent are generally no trouble at all.
In fact I think it's wonderful that they look after someone who obviously has learning difficulties. I know several residents have said there is one lad who, when people go past this group, just screams, or shouts incoherently - perhaps he is not able to speak properly?
So it's nice to see they take this lad under their wing rather than beating him up or bullying him.
On 22 Feb 2009 at 9:09pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
At least one of these poor unfortunates seems to suffer from Tourette's. The poor lad seems to communicate entirely in swear words.
On 22 Feb 2009 at 9:28pm The Super K wrote:
Haha Nice NR.... He doesnt suffer from anything... His family will try and pass it off as ADHD... but the simple truth is he's just a little 5hit.
He walks like the bear in the old Hoffmisters advert and thinks hes something special. I have several "run ins" with him now as he seems to get his Jollies out of terrorising the old ladies on the estate.
I hear he drinks in the Ellie and Castle now... so now he must be over the age of 18, the next time I see him abusing the good people of Nevill he will get a slap..... I wasnt into attacking minors, but now hes fair game.
On 23 Feb 2009 at 8:57am Sane wrote:
How childish...what a bunch of morons on here...being decent is about being a kind, civil, thoughtful and nice human being...not where you live or how much your house is worth...
On 23 Feb 2009 at 2:52pm DEMON2 wrote:
On 23 Feb 2009 at 9:36pm Bluewave wrote:
Apparently not to the people of Lewes.
On 24 Feb 2009 at 10:10am Nevill Resident wrote:
I quite agree with you Sane. It does not matter how much your house is worth. It is the quality of life that you have there that matters. It does not however mean that we should accept the accusations that we are, and I quote, 'a scummy little estate' and 'chavs and benefit cheating scum'.
What I object to, and the reason I have entered this argument, is the ridiculous stereotyping that is applied by people such as Londoner and High Street Royalty, which I can only imagine is due to their own prejudices and ignorance of the facts. If, therefore, having pride in, and sticking up for the place where I live is being a moron in your eyes, then so be it.
On 28 Feb 2009 at 9:58pm Keith wrote:
I lived on Landport for 25 years and went to Wallands school and Priory and so I knew all the Neville, Wallands, other Lewesians (Ringmer too) and of course all the other Landport boys and girls. We grew up together and most of us cared nothing about social standing, all we cared about was having fun and enjoying life.
Yes, I came acoss the odd idiot, who thought I was not as good as them because my parents rented a home from the council rather than rented for 25 years via a mortgage from a bank. They were not so voiciferous when my exam results were better then their's.
I watched the telly and saw pictures beamed in from around the world and realised that Landport, compared to many places in the world, was a damned good place to live.
In those 25 years I never knew anyone who was burgled or had their car vandalised. There was the odd drunk who had a fight but was as nice as pie the next day.
I moved away from Lewes in 95 to see a bit of the world and having seen it, I count my blessings that I grew up in Lewes, amongst so many fantastic people and in such a great and on the whole peaceful environment. The Lewes I remember was a community where most people knew eachother or at least had heard of eachother.
From reading this post and others I gather my beloved Lewes has changed since my departure. There was certainly no what you call DFL's back then in the mid 90's.
This is my first post on this site, I normally just read and enjoy but some of the posters here have acted out of character from the Lewes I remember. No doubt a lot can change since I left in 95 but for the 25 years I lived there things were constant.
I now live in a small town in Devon and I settled here because it reminded me of the Lewes of my youth. No major crime, no serious drugs, good schools and a good community and I'm glad my kids will grow up in a similar environment to what I did.
I will always love Lewes and the people I remember and take my kids there for holidays. I truly hope it's not become as bad as some of the posters describe. All the council estates were happy places just like the rest of Lewes in my youth. I think that Lewes, wherever you may live, is still a pretty damn good place to reside compared to many places in this uncertain world.

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