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Dig up your roses

On Sun 22 May at 8:47pm Tom Pain wrote:
When the Bank of England manager says that food prices are getting apocalyptic, perhaps it's time to consider the garden. When the PM is acting like the cocaine head actor Zelensky impersonating Churchill, perhaps something more is necessary. When the opposition is led by a wet lettuce, even more.
On Mon 23 May at 10:25am Green Sleeves wrote:
Re the Russia/Ukraine conflict, its curious to see your character criticisms are always levelled at Zelenskyy rather than Putin. Yes, he used to be an actor, but Putin used to be KGB, which is far worse! And why do you think Zelenskyy is a cokehead? I'd be more surprised if Putin doesn't self-medicate, if we're establishing this based on irrational behaviour.

I'm no huge fan of Starmer, but he's hardly the problem with UK politics right now. He is at least an accomplished barrister, rather than some lying former journalist who's been fired for his conduct and written racist and homophobic articles.

Anyway, isn't it time you grabbed your crash helmet, trolley and draped your St Georges flag around you and troll the people of Lewes about "CONVID" scams and faked moon landings?
On Mon 23 May at 10:50am Nevillman wrote:
Ten square feet of earth should produce enough wheat to produce a pound of flour which is enough for a small loaf of bread. At least digging up the roses should take your mind off things Tom.
On Mon 23 May at 11:27am Tom Pain wrote:
The trollette twins strike again! Oh no, where will I park my combine harvester? Johnson's got to go, you're right, but don't push fake alternatives on me. You might find that Putin was a lawyer like Starmer,so he must be good, mustn't he by your sophistry.
On Mon 23 May at 12:17pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Putin studied law, but he also became a ruthless KGB Agent.....Starmer just became a QC and director of public prosecutions before becoming a politician. He was never a spy. I think they call what you said as "false equivalence", but you must be used to that. Boris Johnson was merely a sleazeball journalist that got caught for lying. Its mildly better than being a former soviet spy.

Starmer is no "fake alternative", Labour policies clearly differentiate form Tories, perhaps not in EVERYTHING, but its clear there are ideological and political differences. Its not like they spend half an hour each Wednesdays during PMQs patting each other on the back and agreeing with their political opponents policies.

We're not trolling you TP, we're calling out your nonsense. There is a big difference. You think on a forum you can just say anything without expecting a response to challenge it?
On Mon 23 May at 4:12pm Nevillman wrote:
Trolling is defined as the act of leaving an insulting message on the internet in order to annoy someone. My post was intended to help you decide how much of your rose garden will have to go to feed yourself. It's actually not very nice accusing someone of being a troll Tom, particularly when they are trying to help you.
In your mind I realise that green and me are inextricably linked in a conspiracy to undermine you Tom. Presumably we are funded by THEM.
The more I try to deny this, the more certain of it you will become but I must warn you that our masters may soon run out of patience. You are getting way too near the truth on covid, moon landings, twin towers and our replicant lizard monarch.
On Mon 23 May at 4:24pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The Masters are currently away in the Swiss Alps of Davos for the evil WEF gathering. THE GREAT RESET IS UPON US!
On Mon 23 May at 4:50pm Nevillman wrote:
I await our instructions green. Must the one they call Tom pain be allowed to continue undermining our masters? We try to argue with him but he is too clever for us. His arguments are too good.
On Tue 24 May at 11:04pm Tom Pain wrote:
Another dismal performance by the trollettes rolling out their repertoire of clichés. The spectacle of performing seals at Billy Smirks Circus pales into insignificance as they clap themself into a paroxysm of self congratulation. Still, their debate with the Bank of England's manager should raise some laughs at Davros' Dalek Extravaganza.
On Thu 26 May at 10:39am Green Sleeves wrote:
I doubt Davros as his Daleks would go to Davos, despite the obvious similarity in name. Its way too mountainous for the Daleks, they need proper flat land and no stairs.

I fully expect to see Ser Davos Seaworth there though. A great adviser and leader, if not the best combat fighter. He'd want an end to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, and demand more equality.
On Thu 26 May at 8:05pm Tom Pain wrote:
Lard Seaworthy Beagle looks as if he's overdosed on the Equality Street chocolate to me. My creepily helpful advise to the twins is - stay away from the local beaches, the shingle is deadly.
On Fri 27 May at 11:54pm Tom Pain wrote:
Weird about Ukraine, Zelenskyyy's giving away half of the country to Poland but gets all nationalistic about Russia's little caper. What's that all about?
On Sat 28 May at 12:34pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Don't waste posts/time with insinuations or cryptic comments. Just come out with what you think you know. How does Poland have half of Ukraine? Be specific with your allegations and insinuations, so we can debunk them asap and move on to the facts of Ukrainian cities obliterated through Russian bombs. I suppose its only fair to acknowledge the huge amounts of charred Russian tanks in all parts of Ukraine. Why are you deflecting the blame from Putin and maligning Zelenskyy so much? What happened to you as a foetus or formative years led you to being this way? Do you watch movies like Star Wars and hope for the defeat of the Rebel Alliance? Were you dismayed at the outcome of the poor old Night King in Game of Thrones? You seem to gravitate towards obvious all i'm saying!
On Sat 28 May at 8:20pm Tom Pain wrote:
That is about all you're saying- molto insinuato. Another bravura performance.
On Sat 28 May at 11:03pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I merely asked for your reasonings behind your last post, and I was probably foolish to think I could both clown you AND expect an actual answer. I get it though, keeping things as vague and cryptic as possible sounds a lot less crazy than when you say what you really mean.
On Sun 29 May at 8:11pm Tom Pain wrote:
Yes you asked. It sounded more like a demand with a lot of unpleasant inferences from a presumptuous spoilt brat to me. Wash your mouth out with soap and water before you address me again or I shall use my digital thaumaturgical powers and summon Nanny Macbeth; stamping your little foot carries no weight with Her.
On Tue 31 May at 10:51am Green Sleeves wrote:
Your exam result got a "F" for failing to even show your workings, although we all know your answers were bogus to begin with...i was merely trying to be kind.

Next time at least try to elaborate with something like "Ukraine invaded by Russia....thererore Ukranian President bad guy, Russian KGB mafia boss plutocrat is just misunderstood".

Being vague just wastes time and posts, it just delays the inevitable ridicule you will recieve for being a fantasist.
On Tue 31 May at 11:41pm Tom Pain wrote:
Troll on duckie, great effort. How many negative imputations can you get it one post? If you had the slightest interest in the Ukraine disaster fomented by US global hegemony imperialists, you'd know what I meant. You don't, ergo you don't. Clue- bill to make Polish border permeable, history of West Ukraine and Polish/Lithuanian state. For light relief- a bit of science- what's the specific gravity of CO2? Whats the s.g. of air? Now figure out how CO2 can make a blanket to trap heat, good luck.
On Wed 1 Jun at 8:58am Pedant wrote:
Air is made up of many gases. The question comparing the density of air to CO2 is nonsensical. CO2 absorbs photons from the sun causing the bonds between the atoms to vibrate. This traps the energy from the sun and heats the atmosphere.
On Wed 1 Jun at 7:39pm Tom Pain wrote:
There's only a tiny fraction of CO2 in the atmosphere and it was much greater in the past when all life thrived. Yet again I point to the the medieval and Minoan warm periods. Did the CO2 get hyperactive then and go on strike afterwards? There must be more important factors involved that are not taken into consideration. How come not one of the disaster scenarios mooted by the experts have happened? Have you read the rubbish people like Gore and scores like him came up with? You ought to read what the experts were saying in 1920,30,40,50 etc. hotter, colder,hotter,colder, it's good for a laugh.
On Wed 1 Jun at 9:15pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The experts in 1920, 30, 40, 50 had more gaps in knowledge about climate and fewer instruments and technology for accurate predictions. I'm sure in 2090 they will say that in 2022 we had a limited understanding of various aspects of life and the cosmos. But it will be a darn sight better than what was around in the early 20th century.

But nice of you to represent the views and propaganda of the fossil fuel industry once again.

On Wed 1 Jun at 9:32pm Pedant wrote:
The last time the concentration of CO2 was at a similar level to today was over 3 million years ago. Since then CO2 levels have varied tracking the ice ages but during that time it never exceeded 300ppm. Today levels of CO2 are over 400ppm. Increased global temperatures and the rising of sea levels are the expectation. Yes life will still thrive but maybe not all life given that certain dominate species are not equipped for such climatic change.
On Thu 2 Jun at 9:36am Tom Pain wrote:
Yes, CO2 levels are rising, but sea levels? The Maldives seem to be growing! There was a lot of hysteria about them a while ago but the hotels are still going up, the tourists are flocking in or were pre- plague. Do temperature rises precede or follow CO2 rises? I believe this is a bit of a chicken or egg question in scientific circles though not the case in the media which gets it's living from disaster mongering.
Sleevie Wonder, I'm glad to see you following Pedant's example and haven't included any foetuses this time or kindly presumed my exam results were terrible. Everyone knows that the fossil fuel companies are equally invoved in alternative energy sources: they're in it for the money and are far from stupid. I suppose that remark was for the benefit of those with their eyes closed and fingers in their ears but what would your posts be without a good false presumption?
On Thu 2 Jun at 12:13pm Pedant wrote:
The Maldives are growing due to sedimentary activity and healthy coral reefs. The rise in sea level is still a concern for the Maldives.
Melting glaciers and ice sheets are one cause of sea level increase. Thermal expansions being another. Between 1992 and 2001 the Greenland ice sheet loss was 34 billion tons a year which has increased to 247 billion tons a year. That melt water has got to go somewhere. So yes the sea level is rising.
The temperature rise is a direct response to the rise in CO2 so no chicken or egg involved.
On Thu 2 Jun at 1:11pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I don't know anything about The Maldives....and it appears neither does TP.

Upon a quick googly check, it appears the leadership of The Maldives are considering the purchase of land in Sri Lanka, India or even Australia should its citizens need a new home as climate change refugees. They needn't worry though, Tom Pain can re-assure them.

Can we have some more interesting conspiracy theories now? Like Area 51, UFOs, ancient alien civilisations found in archaeological digs etc etc. These are far more intriguing, and there is genuine room for some wild and out-there theories and possibilities. This forum has indulged in Ike-level conspiracy theories, when we should be going a bit less nuts like maybe a "Joe Rogan" level. Still potentially wrong and bonkers, but not to the point of a straitjacket.
On Fri 3 Jun at 10:15pm Tom Pain wrote:
I leave the conspiracy theories to sleevie wonder our resident troll and man, does he spew them out.
On Fri 3 Jun at 11:44pm Tom Pain wrote:
Pedant, perhaps it's time for me to get pedantic. Did you know that the Greenland ice sheet gains an average of 370 billion tons of ice every year more than melts? The biggest glacier, the Jakobshaven, shrank between 1850 and 1950 and is now steadily growing, it's slightly smaller than in 2017 but bigger than 2019. About 6 thousand years ago the post ice age sea rise levelled out and has been rising about 4.1 millimeters a year. This can be seen in the data of Atlantic City New Jersey, at least the last 110 years. In 2007 Al Gore predicted the total loss of the polar ice cap; it has stubbornly refused to comply in spite of similatly yearly prognostications. When are people going to wake up. One thing- where do the Maldives get their sedimentary activity from: the sky?
On Sat 4 Jun at 11:22am Green Sleeves wrote:
Wouldn't it be annoying if everything you said could be debunked in the time it takes to google "greenland ice sheets"?

Check it out here »
On Sat 4 Jun at 8:05pm Tom Pain wrote:
Wouldn't life be easy if all we had to do was google anything and the answer appeared. Everyone would agree about everything, we'd own nothing and be happy.
On Sat 4 Jun at 9:56pm Pedant wrote:
I suppose there must be some comfort in having such a closed mindset that you can ignore observation. I guess all the experts and scientists must be wrong and all we need to do is listen to ramblings of TP.. Meanwhile back in the real world we hope advances in technology and physics will provide a clean sustainable energy source.
On Sat 4 Jun at 10:11pm Green Sleeves wrote:
LOL, well the internet is probably a better source of information than your Freemasons bible from the 1920s or whatever you refer to.

But chill out, nobody is going to take your precious paper archives and trinkets. Not the WEF or George Soros and Klaus Schwab or whatever name the right-wing ghouls are targeting right now. FIGHT THE POWER!!
On Sun 5 Jun at 11:14am Tom Pain wrote:
No pedant, it's not me ignoring experts and scientists; there's plenty out there not part of the google media consensus. I see you've ignored the information provided but I suppose a few vague wishful thoughts about clean sustainable energy constitute pedantry these days. Ghouls sleevie? Been in contact with Elvis Trotsky again?
On Sun 5 Jun at 12:02pm Pedant wrote:
Not ignored your information but read the whole article rather than just extracts. Research and data analysis isn't one of your skills. Yes you shouldn't take what the media put out as accurate information unless it's backed up with a proof. You've demonstrated in this thread your complete lack of understanding of how the natural world works and managed to debunk yourself. CO2 denser than air... classic!
On Mon 6 Jun at 9:42pm Tom Pain wrote:
Is CO2 lighter than air? Oh yes, where does the Maldives sediment come from? A classic answer would be appreciated.
On Tue 7 Jun at 9:09am Pedant wrote:
Let's simplify this a bit for you. Ask yourself what is air. Shouldn't be hard to get the correct answer considering this is junior level science. Land erosion is typically where sediment comes from. In this case wind and sea erosion. Take a walk down to the river and you'll see varying depths of deposited sediment. For the Maldives some of the land mass changes are due to artificial coastal modification by land reclamation because of sea level rise.
On Tue 7 Jun at 11:02am Tom Pain wrote:
Well that certainly was simple. It's a pity it doesn't explain where the sediment comes from that is lifting the Maldives and increasing their mass. On the CO2 question; I saw a wildlife documentary about an African volcano which emits the notorious gas. There were depressions in the surrounding land with a lot of asphyxiated dead animals in them, victims of the deadly CO2. That suggests to my untutored little mind that it's heavier than air. It also suggests that, because it isn't immediately absorbed into the air, that this isn't an automatic process and may be governed by the air temperature. Feel free to enlighten my feeble theory with your estimable erudition, pedant.
On Tue 7 Jun at 12:31pm Pedant wrote:
The areas of the Maldives which have increased elevation are man made. Sand from the sea floor is pumped onto a coral platform. This is to combat the rising sea levels.
You've still avoided the simple question which is 'What is air?'. Concentrations of CO2 can cause asphyxiation where the air flow is inadequate. This is no different to any other gas such as Radon for which properties in high risk radon areas would fit a ventilated radon sump. Perhaps air currents are all a conspiracy.

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