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On Fri 21 Feb at 5:25pm Nevillman wrote:
I see that I am included in the group of economically inactive people who are going to take on the jobs that will no longer be done by EU citizens. Can someone break it to the home secretary that I have no interest in ever working again and any plan relying on me to pick vegetables or wait on tables isn't a very good plan.
On Fri 21 Feb at 5:45pm Black Sleeves wrote:
The same goes for me, what a ludicrous government!
On Fri 21 Feb at 6:51pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Come on you two, wheres your great british bulldog fighting spirit? YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!
On Fri 21 Feb at 11:51pm Tom pain wrote:
We have ways of making you work.
On Sat 22 Feb at 2:50pm Mark wrote:
I 'ad that Pritti Patel in the back of me cab once and she was sayin' arbeit macht frei over and over
On Sat 22 Feb at 2:53pm Buzzard wrote:
The idea, of course, is that the influx of skilled migrants from Asia will displace lazy Brits from their comfortable white collar jobs, so that they can take all the menial jobs previously done by EU migrants. Priti Patel is really looking forward to having her floors scrubbed by a suitably subservient ex-accountant from the home counties.
On Sun 23 Feb at 8:14am Sussex Jim wrote:
The Jobcentres should go back to the old system they had in the seventies.
Fit young claimants were offered unskilled work in the agricultural sector, or labouring or cleaning positions. If the claimant refused them, their dole money was stopped.
On Sun 23 Feb at 9:07am Nevillman wrote:
When did you last see a job centre Jim? The lewes one on station Street is now a coffee shop. I'm not sure it would have been the answer anyway.
On Sun 23 Feb at 1:09pm The Old Mayor wrote:
Stop massaging the unemployment figures by enforcing all 16 yr olds to go into further education, then most go on to university and get a 'degree' but absolutely no work ethic, they then assume they deserve too much money to start at the bottom when basically they're a school leaver !!!
On Sun 23 Feb at 1:38pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I'm sure businesses can't wait for people like that joining them rather than having the current crop of motivated and aspirational continental europeans keen on seasonal work.
On Sun 23 Feb at 2:04pm Mark wrote:
Old Mayor is right! Post Brexit, we need to return to a world in which young people stop waving their "degrees" about and settle down to picking apples in Kent. Arrogant, jumped sods. This is how Brexit was always meant to be.
On Mon 24 Feb at 7:12am Sensible wrote:
Why shouldn't workers be made to work? Their leftie comrades have campaigned, for decades, for the right to work. Socio-economic parasites, without their own means, need a much tougher approach from the government and from right-thinking responsible people in general.
On Mon 24 Feb at 6:36pm Nevillman wrote:
How many people do you think are in the category of benefit scroungers sensible? Do you think it will cover the lost EU workers? Say and do what you like. I'm still not going back to work.
On Fri 24 Apr at 1:45pm Konnie wrote:
It is very unfortunate that so many people have unexpectedly lost their jobs, left feeling uncertain about the future and stressed. It's reported that one in 20 people in the UK has lost a job due to coronavirus, while almost one in 10 are seeing their hours reduced. In an effort to help, there are some industries and companies that are still hiring.
Hope this helps, stay safe and remain positive.

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