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Bikes and Buses

On Tue 13 Feb at 6:57pm Al Jolson wrote:
If you get the bikes and buses out of Lewes the town may start to work.
On Tue 13 Feb at 7:16pm Nevillman wrote:
So its not all the vans and lorries parked in the high street or the cars trying to get past them at all. I apologise to everyone for all the delays I cause them and will of course use my car in the future.
On Tue 13 Feb at 8:17pm inthegutter wrote:
@Al, you're wrong.
The bikes and buses take probably around a thousand cars off the congested Lewes streets every day.
At rush hour in particular each bus takes ~80 cars off the roads yielding much less pollution and congestion.
On Tue 13 Feb at 9:44pm The Jazz Singer wrote:
It's not black and white, Al.
On Wed 14 Feb at 6:34am @inthegutter wrote:
I'm not sure what buses you've been looking at (full double decker a presumably), but the ones I see are always single deck and at least half empty, timings and bus routes are too poor for it to be a sensible means of transport for the masses.
On Wed 14 Feb at 7:20am inthegutter wrote:
If the ones you see "are always single deck..." then presumably you have never walked down the high street, school hill, etc. as double decker buses run through town every ~10-15 minutes from 7am-7pm. At rush hour, particularly in the evening, these are often full.
Of course it's likely you're being intentionally argumentative because you've got nothing better to do. Sad.
On Wed 14 Feb at 9:37am Metalhead wrote:
The main problem is the fact that so many cars just have one person in them (probably on an unnecessary trip too - but that's only not ok when it's a bike, according to some on this forum).
If people stopped insisting on taking a ton of metal with them whenever they move through the narrow streets of our medieval town, it might help.
Electric bikes could be Lewes's saviour....
On Wed 14 Feb at 10:25am @Inthegutter wrote:
There is a congestion problem in Lewes (hence the thread), no obviously I do NOT drive through the centre of Lewes during rush hour unless I can help it.
If you must know I take the Nevill road and then the B2116, ie the routes that people ACTUALLY need to take to get to work.
There's no double deckers, they're not full, they run once every 1-2 hours.
On Wed 14 Feb at 10:28am @Metalhead wrote:
You're completely wrong, the main problem is lazy parents driving their precious little offspring to school.
Take this week for example (half term), you can drive from one side of Lewes to the other during rush hour with NO TRAFFIC.
Ban the school run, save the planet.
On Wed 14 Feb at 11:04am Metalhead wrote:
Sums up the situation...

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On Wed 14 Feb at 3:22pm White van man wrote:
One person on a bike causes as much congestion as one person in a ton of metal, through the narrow streets of Lewes where overtaking is not possible. More usually- as all traffic behind also gets delayed. The situation is far worse when a cyclist rides through Offham- and can cause a queue of cars and vans and buses from the chalk pit through to the B2116.
On Wed 14 Feb at 3:49pm Nevillman wrote:
Following a bike must hold you up for hours. Stops you getting to the next queue of traffic in time. You do know that cyclists are road users with as much right to use the road as you don't you white van man?
On Wed 14 Feb at 4:26pm @White van man wrote:
Think about it. You're held up for a maximum of a minute or two, and then you get past, hopefully without frightening the cyclist. Then you can quickly make up the time you lost by driving at the highest speed that you can get away with, just like other white van men. But in Lewes High Street, the cyclist is quite likely to catch up with you anyway.
On Wed 14 Feb at 4:36pm Metalhead wrote:
That's just rubbish WVM. Most delays in Lewes are caused by cars not being able to pass two abreast because someone is parked, or a van is delivering, or there is some sort of confused blockage at the bottleneck. A bike can just sail through. I bet you a bike gets from Western Road to Cliffe HIgh Street faster than a car if there is more than a little bit of motor traffic!
Also - we wouldn't need lights at the bottleneck, the major cause of delays on the High Street, if there were only bikes on the road.
I understand your point about Offham and I sympathise, although it's only going to be a few seconds delay at most, and once you get past the little hill in Offham there is a huge straight through to Cooksbridge where it is really easy to overtake.
I love this illustration showing how much space is given to cars in a town like Lewes:

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On Wed 14 Feb at 4:37pm Blatant Liar wrote:
White van man is correct though isn't he, 1 particular example (the same example he is giving) is the woman who cycles up from Offham to Lewes a couple of mornings a week, she comes past Offham road/Nevill road junction about 8:15 with a 2 mile queue of cars behind her.
If you're unlucky enough to get to the junction when she cycles past it can be a 10 minute wait for the cars to pass.
A fine example of where cyclists add massively to pollution levels.
Whilst I don't condone cycling on the pavement, this is a good example of where it should be allowed, she cycles so slowly it would be quicker to walk.
On Wed 14 Feb at 4:37pm Metalhead wrote:
When I said "a bike can just sail through" - I am not referring to the lights which I of course stop at on red. I mean that if cars have to stop because of a bus, or a delivery, or a parked car, and there is no space to get through, it's usually not a problem for a bike.
On Wed 14 Feb at 4:44pm @Blatant Liar wrote:
You've made a great case for a cycle path between Lewes and Offham, which is sorely needed, giving access to all the lovely lanes to the west of the town. The same can be said for the A26 towards Clayhill (the Barcombe turning), which is terrifying for cyclists.
On Wed 14 Feb at 5:09pm Blatant Liar wrote:
I do not disagree with a cycle Path there, it's a busy road and a steep hill, the existing footpath has more than enough room (and I'm sure drivers and cyclists would both approve).
Worth noting there is already a green lane from Offham to Lewes, not suitable when it's been raining but a much better route than the main road otherwise (I'm tempted to drive my car down it some days, particularly when this cyclist is about).
On Wed 14 Feb at 7:08pm southern fail wrote:
It's all the trains on the roads at the weekend that annoy me.
On Wed 14 Feb at 8:03pm @Blatant Liar wrote:
You are right about the green lane/bridle path from Offham to Lewes. It's great in dry weather, but unsuitable for road bikes. It would be marvellous if that was properly surfaced. Perhaps she would use it. However it is little more than half a mile that you must be stuck behind her. Surely it doesn't delay you by any more than the lights at the prison or in the high street.
On Wed 14 Feb at 10:26pm Blatant Liar wrote:
I have to pull out the junction, by the time she's passed and the queue of traffic has gone and the cars waiting to turn have cleared it can be a 5 to 10 minute delay (not always). Surely she is aware of the 2 miles of traffic behind her as she crawls up the hill at 3mph...
On Wed 14 Feb at 11:52pm @Blatant Liar wrote:
Perhaps we should start a crowdfunding campaign to buy her a second hand moped or electric bike. I've got to see this in action. What days does she do it?
On Thu 15 Feb at 8:46am Metalhead wrote:
Hmmm. There do appear to be a couple of people in Lewes who seem incapable of cycling at more than walking pace. I'm not quite sure how they manage it as Nevill to Offham is a fast road for cyclists as it's mostly downhill - according to Strava (sorry, mamil alert) i average 25-30mph on that stretch
On Thu 15 Feb at 9:21am @Metalhead wrote:
It's not Nevill to Offham, it's Offham to Nevill, downhill one way means it's uphill the other (and it's quite a steep hill).
On Thu 15 Feb at 9:27am Blatant Liar wrote:
I'm not sure what days of the week, I got caught a few times and started leaving 10 minutes earlier just so that I can avoid (I haven't seen her for weeks now).
On Thu 15 Feb at 6:28pm @Blatant Liar wrote:
It's a bit of a red herring then. I apologise in advance to anyone who is ever held up behind me going up a hill on my bike, which is electric pedal assist, but I still can't manage more than 8 mph up Firle Beacon, or 12 up to Neville. I know I'm a 'leisure' cyclist, although it's more about keeping healthy, but I do avoid the rush hour, and I obey red lights.
On Fri 16 Feb at 6:01am Blatant Liar wrote:
No one minds leisure cyclists, it's the idiots in Lycra that most of us want to run over. The ones that take over a road riding as a pack, blocking anyone from overtaking for mile after mile.
On Fri 16 Feb at 9:04am @Blatant Liar wrote:
I don't really understand your hostility towards cyclists wearing cycling gear. They may be leisure cyclists or just someone commuting, such as a doctor I know who cycles to his place of work. Groups of cyclists on the road are more of a problem for impatient motorists, but almost never seen except at weekends or on summer evenings. Just be patient, after all what's the hurry?
On Fri 16 Feb at 3:29pm Blatant Liar wrote:
I'm pretty sure people don't wear Lyra cycling outfits on their cycle to work and if they do they have issues (no one wants to see that).
These are usually cycle club members out enjoying snarling up the roads, riding in a pack and generally being anti social towards other roads users.
My hostility towards them is born from the complete disdain they usually have for other road users, for example:
1. car heads towards a pinch point in the road, cyclist heading towards it from the other direction (not his right of way), cyclist and car go through, cyclist has no issues
2. car heads towards a pinch point in the road, cyclist heading towards it from the other direction (his right of way), cyclist and car go through anyway, cyclist loses the plot and shouts abuse at the driver and tries to kick his car
I call into question any man who thinks wrapping lycra around his gonads is a "normal" thing to do (it isn't, you're a freak) and don't even start me on why "male" cyclists shave their legs, it literally makes f*** all difference and yet they do anyway. You're fooling know one, we know you dress as women when no one looks, we also know the only reason you're cycling as a pack and bringing the roads to a grinding halt every weekend is because you enjoy p***ing people off.
On Fri 16 Feb at 6:10pm @Blantant Liar wrote:
The doctor I know does, and guess what, changes when he gets to work. I think you are the one with "issues", probably related to lifestyle and envy. for a moment, I thought we were having a sensible debate.
On Fri 16 Feb at 9:34pm Freddie wrote:
I suggest all the cyclists and bus users jump in a car and cruise around the one-way system at 10mph for a couple of hours one rush hour, just to show Big Al some love. Tw@t.
On Fri 16 Feb at 10:50pm Blatant Liar wrote:
Yes a sensible chat right up until the point you tried to defend a fully grown adult wearing cycling gear, at which point I stopped taking you seriously. It doesn't make you go faster, you don't look cool, just no.
On Fri 16 Feb at 11:28pm @Blatant Liar wrote:
I wouldn't do it, but apparently it's warm in winter, waterproof and windproof, and cool in summer too. Maybe you should try it.

Check it out here »

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