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Anyone missing a cat?

On Sat 13 Jan at 8:27pm Old Malling wrote:
I live off Spences Lane and for the last couple of days I've had a small, black cat with a very fluffy tail hanging around my garden and in fact in my house earlier. It's got no collar but looks healthy enough. I'm sure it's a local cat that's just visiting but figured it might be worth putting on here as I've not seen it before. Weirdly, my two very territorial cats don't seem too upset that it's hanging around, certainly I've not heard any fights yet...
On Sat 13 Jan at 10:58pm catlover wrote:
We lost our now four year old male black cat from the town centre in May 2016 when he bolted during a storm one evening. Hes semi long haired, fluffy tail, and nosy enough to drop in if he feels like it! No collar but chipped and neutered.

On Sat 13 Jan at 11:08pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
I haven't seen eyes like that since 'The Hood' in Thunderbirds! But very sorry to read about your cat. It's horrible not knowing what has happened to them.
On Sat 13 Jan at 11:13pm Old Malling wrote:
You know what, the one in my garden looks like a slightly less fluffy version of that with a really bushy tail. If I see him again I'll try to get picture. Please don't get too hopeful though, I've not seen it up too close yet and black cats do all kinda look the same from a distance.
On Sun 14 Jan at 1:26pm Malling Woman wrote:
I have noticed this cat in Spences Lane the last couple of days. Never seen it before. It does have a VERY bushy tail!!!
On Sun 14 Jan at 2:06pm Old Malling wrote:
Couldn't get a photo but noticed today it has a big white patch on it's chest so don't think it's yours I'm afraid catlover. It does look very young so probably a relatively new pet exploring the area for the first time. I'll do what I can to stop mine being too mean to it!
On Sun 14 Jan at 2:10pm catlover wrote:
Ah, not mine then. Thanks anyway.
On Sun 14 Jan at 3:51pm Mavis wrote:
I did read in the press recently that a cat was reunited with its owners after being found 35 miles from home AND fifteen years later !! Don't lose hope.
On Mon 15 Jan at 10:11am Mavis wrote:
See link

Check it out here »
On Mon 15 Jan at 4:43pm catlover wrote:
Thanks, Mavis. Im realistic enough to know its highly unlikely well see him again but much stranger things have happened!
On Mon 15 Jan at 5:31pm Lozzy kelsey wrote:
Im missing my little black cat hes black all over but has a very small white bit underneath on his neck it looks like hes got a tuxedo on (fur) his name is bear Im in Malling close by the shop

On Mon 15 Jan at 5:34pm Lozzy kelsey wrote:
No never mind he just walked in
On Tue 16 Jan at 10:28am Old Maling wrote:
That looks almost exactly like the cat that's been visiting my house! I guess it's not too far to mine from the shop and I used to have a cat that went all the way to the water pumping bit behind Tesco before she sadly got hit by a car by the Fujitsu building.

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