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Where is it?

On Sat 1 Feb at 8:18am Sensible wrote:
Where is our Brexit?
Why are sellers of produce on my land still forced to measure their sales in French rather than Imperial units? How is it that this Common Market diktat has not been cancelled today?
Why has not every disgusting interference with the way I run my tenancies, based on some disordered, foreign, childish concept of human "rights" not been deleted from legal history today? Society requires obligation, not claims.
How is it that people who go against the will of the electorate are not this morning being rounded up as enemies?
My Britain is the land that my ancestors safeguarded when we stood alone facing our natural and permanent enemies across the Channel.
Those who profess a common purpose with the nations that bombed, strafed and torched us, and who still poison us with their ungodly leftist dictatorships and embrace of inferiority, should be exiled by all of us. I have been told that foreign vehicles are still arriving by ferry today as if Brexit has no teeth. It is no trouble to ask those who prefer the lies of our enemies to depart today by the same route.
On Sat 1 Feb at 8:34am Buzzard wrote:
Just to affirm that The United Kingdom was and still remains a Founder Member of the Council of Europe, an international organization whose aim is to uphold human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe. The flag of the Council of Europe - a circle of twelve five-pointed yellow (or) stars on a blue (azure) field - was adopted by the European Union. As the UK is still in the Council of Europe, it is entirely legitimate and appropriate to display said flag here.
On Sat 1 Feb at 11:04am A Person wrote:
This is the one bright spot in a cloudy sky: that you and your idiotic friends have realised that wrenching us out of Europe will not take you back to 1959.
I want to buy a kilo of spuds and 75cl of good French wine. I am happy that my scales measure in units which allow me to convert a recipe easily.
Most of all I'm delighted that you are unhappy. You won: get over it.
On Sat 1 Feb at 11:40am Tommy wrote:
Who tf wants to use imperial units other than antiquated members of society?! Metric has been accepted by the majority of the worlds population and the modern scientific community. Why would you want anything else?
On Sat 1 Feb at 11:48am Tommy wrote:
Just to add....

On Sat 1 Feb at 12:58pm RussianRuble wrote:
A Person, you like many others seem to be unable to get your head around the difference between "Europe" and the "EU".
We haven't left Europe. Your assertion that you've been wrenched out of Europe is getting rather boring and pathetic.
We've left the EU. A political project that went too far, and senior bods within it have recently admitted as much.
If it makes you feel better identifying as a "rejoiner", no one will stop you. It is however as futile as the "not in my name" protest.
The case for a reformed EU should have been stronger. The problem is that there was no case and it didn't want to reform.
That's why we got Brexit.
Europe is fantastic, the EU is not.
We're out. And it feels blooming great.
On Sat 1 Feb at 1:33pm A Person wrote:
I realised just after I pressed "post" that I should have made that distinction, not least because someone would pitch up and "demolish my argument". I think you perfectly well know what I meant.

The other point absolutely stands though. "sensible" has demonstrated exactly what that is: that every single person who voted to Leave did so for different reasons, and most of you are going to be sorely disappointed. "sensible" (in quotes because obviously he's far from that) appears to believe that any foreigner presenting themselves at our ports would be refused entry this morning. Someone else on my FB timeline thinks that somehow leaving the EU would prevent illegal immigrants. You're probably relying on the "sovereignty" argument (which is just about the only one which is even slightly arguable as a reason, not least because "sovereignty" is a pipedream)
Russian ruble is a strange name. We're easy pickings for the likes of Putin now. Lovely.
On Sun 2 Feb at 9:11am peterhs wrote:
Surely 'Sensible' is just a remainer who is winding us up with his sense of humour?!
On Mon 3 Feb at 7:10am Sussex Jim wrote:
Day 3 of independence. As the sun rises over the English Channel, it is time to go to work to rebuild our great country.
Those with sore heads (from drowning your sorrows) please try to make it to your office before core time. And take down your yellow starred flags. It's over. The future's bright. The future's Brexit
On Mon 3 Feb at 8:44am dave wrote:
Still waiting for someone (anyone) to tell me how our lives are going to be better with Brexit.
How about you Sussex Jim, Sensible or Russian Ruble, have you any idea at all?
On Mon 3 Feb at 8:58am Nevillman wrote:
We currently have the best trading deal it is possible to have with our main trading partners. Any newly negotiated deal can only be worse. Please. Someone explain to me any improvement we are likely to see as a result of leaving.
On Mon 3 Feb at 9:26am Mark wrote:
You won't ever get logic from them, Nevillman. It's tinpot xenophobia - destruction of how our economy is arranged to work. They're proudly showing off how they've managed to cut their noses off.
On Mon 3 Feb at 11:42am A Person wrote:
At least Sussex Jim is content humming Land of Hope and Glory even if he doesn't have a single clue what it all means.

"Sensible" is something else. That statement is proto-fascism.
On Mon 3 Feb at 11:44am Sleeveless wrote:
Mark, what makes you happy?
On Mon 3 Feb at 1:29pm David Stanley wrote:
1. Sensible is trolling you. It takes one to know one. I used to do that sort of thing when I was depressed and before getting treatment.
2. I know it's hard to understand but there are a lot of fairly poor people who don't mind if we get a bad trade deal because they don't expect to do any better from Brexit. They just want to see others lose some of their wealth. It amazes me how many middle class and upper middle class types have no conception of the hatred many have for them. I don't have this view myself but I know people who do.
That's why economic arguments are so ineffective with many Brexiteers. They just want to see your pain.....they've been in pain for years....
On Mon 3 Feb at 1:59pm RussianRuble wrote:
All you remainers seem to care about is money. It always comes back to an economic argument and how by voting for Brexit, the gammons are therefore financially illiterate.
Well... some people don't live for money. It isn't their primary motive in life. Their worlds aren't motivated by it. Some people are slaves to it, others manage their money and it serves them. Take your pick.
Brexit is so much more than money.
I want my children to grow up in a society where their voice matters. If the frustrators got their way our democracy would have ended. I'm glad that Brexit was delivered and confidence in our democracy restored.
People had a say, the government had to implement it. I can see the minorities will be upset with this, but the majority say gets its way.
If you don't like it, become the majority and bring people round to your way of thinking.
Labelling people as xenophobic (or whatever other insult takes your fancy) will just get people to withdraw and you'll have a one sided argument with yourselves.
As of now, the remainer argument is an irrelevance. You'll need to find something more convincing to become the majority.
Reading your incessant bleats is pretty funny though.
On Mon 3 Feb at 2:16pm RussianRuble wrote:
PS. the Guardian may not be the best place to look for society's current feeling and sentiment.
You'd be better off reading Viva Somewhere In The Real World
On Mon 3 Feb at 2:39pm Sussex Jim wrote:
@ A Person: I learnt "land of hope,etc" at school around 1965; about the same time I was taught the metric system. I understand both!
I have been metric ever since; incurring the wrath of school, parents, work colleagues etc. at times. I am not a "little Englander" who wants to revert to inches and ounces.
I actually voted to join the Common Market in the referendum of 1974, as it made sense. But it has become a bureaucratic nightmare, riddled with unnecessary regulations and expanded to allow all the less productive nations in the bloc to be subsidised by the taxpayers of the hard-working and politically stable north-western members.
I had a thriving business during the Thatcher years; making money, and paying lots of tax to help the less fortunate. But it all came crashing down when I refused to pay all the exhorbitant fees demanded in order to comply with more and more EU regulations.
It's too late for me to come back and run a profitable enterprise , and provide jobs and wealth for others. But I do have descendants to consider; and owe it to them to support a stable Government that will allow us as an independent nation to flourish and prosper.
We are already the fifth largest economy in the world. But we can do better. With a Conservative Government under Boris (you may think him a clown; but he is prepared to get things done) for hopefully ten years, we can look forward to peace and prosperity.
On Mon 3 Feb at 2:39pm Tommy wrote:
@Sussex Jim - using a slogan for Brexit made by a French company are we?
On Mon 3 Feb at 2:45pm Tommy wrote:
Also, @Sussex Jim - how did your descendants vote?
@Russian Ruble - I want my children to grow up in a society where their education is prioritised and they're able to have access to socially paid for healthcare. That all costs money. So yes it does all come down to how the economy does from this. Voting for the Conservatives and Brexit have put both of those things at risk. Good Job.
On Mon 3 Feb at 2:56pm RussianRuble wrote:
Strewth, did you actually read their manifesto? (Don't worry, I think I know the answer)
It promised more funding for all those things.
Our economy will be outperforming the Eurozone in months. Don't believe all the cack you read.
On Mon 3 Feb at 2:58pm RussianRuble wrote:
Oh hang on a minute, it already is!
On Mon 3 Feb at 6:27pm Tommy wrote:
yup I did read their manifesto, I also watched as they stripped funding from our schools and our nhs since they got into power in 2010. Words on paper or previous actions. I know which one I believe more..... And you tell me not to believe all the cack I read.
On Mon 3 Feb at 7:14pm Sleeveless wrote:
Of course one of the alternatives would have been Corbyn and his clan, many of whom seem to be permanently on picket lines since the new year. Now just imagine if they were in power.
On Mon 3 Feb at 10:40pm Tom pain wrote:
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.
On Tue 4 Feb at 2:16pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I've almost exclusively heard that expression "better the devil you know" from quite old people who deeply fear any kind of change. So it's refreshing to hear a young, progressive buck like Tom Pain use it.
On Tue 4 Feb at 9:14pm Local99 wrote:
Tommy – which Labour government has ever created anything worthwhile without leaving the country with unsustainable public sector numbers and pension liabilities, or heading off to the IMF for a bail-out, or ideologically wasting money on propping up dying industries until the fail under someone else?
Labour do not understand wealth creation, only spending other people's wealth on things for their suppoters.
On Tue 4 Feb at 10:19pm Basil wrote:
Local99, could you explain what 'wealth creation' actually means? When people like you say it you're usually talking about parasitic money-grubbing in the City, skimming off other people's labour for no productive purpose.
On Tue 4 Feb at 10:23pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@local99 - lol, what, like the NHS and schools? Damn those Labour supporters getting all the perks of the NHS and an education. How dare they!?

You're a schmuck.
On Wed 5 Feb at 8:33am Tom pain wrote:
Glad you've cottoned on at last greenie.
On Fri 7 Feb at 10:19pm Local99 wrote:
Wealth creation – typically involves someone who risks their personal money and / or assets to innovate an idea or ideas that they've had, working unbelievably hard for no salary in the first few years, to create a business that ends up employing people, usually also creating associated jobs and wealth for others as a by-product. This is a process that the left simply does not understand, ideologically resents, and seeks to tax out of business through their usual politics of envy.
On Sat 8 Feb at 6:14pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@local99 - so its "politics of envy" when your average lefty has a view that the rich could/should afford to pay more in tax to benefit the wider society.....and what is it when rich "wealth creators" who also share that opinion? (and don't pretend they don't exist, plenty of rich labour voters) I think you'd probably call them "champagne socialists", your ilk tends to switch between "politics of envy" and "champagne socialists" to label a person who believes in a fairer more equal society. Its baseless and vacuous smearing, and thats your cynical, occasionally effective MO is.

I hate to state the obvious, but the very rich typically have acquired their wealth from not just their own input and risk, but also the hard work from the average working class person, as well as the average individual who is a customer buying their goods/services. They also require access to the countries market, which is what partly the UK government provides, and they may make them pay taxes, but they provide them in return with (hopefully) a cohesive, educated, healthy population as both potential consumers and employees of this rich CEO. They also provide the infrastructure to make it all happen (transport, energy, security etc). You doff your cap and pander to the rich all you like, but they didn't get to where they are without the help of society overall.
On Sat 8 Feb at 9:14pm Tom pain wrote:
Both greenie and local have made good points that most people will agree with, then they have to slag off the opposite side. Is " you're a schmuck" really a helpful comment? And in view of greenie's comment to me, what sort of person would be associated with with that particular insult? The second paragraph is spot on; the problem were confronted with is how to achieve a more egalitarian society. One thing we can be certain of is that mutual aggression is not going to help and that nothing that's been tried before has succeeded. Both communism and capitalism have been funded by central banks and private capital and that is a knot that needs to be untied before any progress can be made.
On Sun 9 Feb at 12:59pm Nevillman wrote:
I mostly agree green sleeves. True wealth creators should be able to profit from the risk they have taken and their entrepreneurial skills. It seems to me though that a large number of the wealthy are not wealth creators but have attained a position of privilege and wealth through background and luck. Most CEOs are not wealth creators in the true sense. They have somehow conned us into believing that they deserve their income and have every right to resent paying tax on it and can avoid it if they wish. They take no personal risk at all.

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