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Told by a stranger - I

On 13 Jan 2009 at 12:56am Lopster wrote:
hear rumours about Tesco doubling the size of their Lewes store - from a man in Croydon!!

For It - Against it?
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:35am FA wrote:
It was on the front page of the local last friday Lop.
Totally for it mate...the less time i have to spend in that high street the better
On 13 Jan 2009 at 9:38am gloria mundi wrote:
With retail contracting (credit crunch and competition from the internet), an expansion of Tesco will be really anti-competitive. Out of town shoppers just use Tesco because of the crazy parking scheme and this will just increase.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 10:45am zola wrote:
Tesco are obviously doing ok or they wouldn't be contemplating extending their store.Other Tesco stores have pharmacies,opticians...And clothes!
The nearest Tesco clothes store is Shoreham,then Eastbourne.They do good cheap clothes,shoes,underwear...They are what they are and may not last too long,but they right on the ball where fashion is concerned.Florence and Fred,Cherokee are the main labels.I like the clothes in Tesco.But you cannot buy online.
If Tesco do clothes I will be more than happy and probably shop there,which I don't at the moment.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 11:18am Lewes Laugher wrote:
Will we have to pay for more flood protection for their extension?
On 13 Jan 2009 at 1:04pm Mystic Mog wrote:
FA you are a miserable so and so. Surprised that you have not moved to Crawley. There are many good value 'normal' shops in central Lewes you just have to use your legs and walk about a little. Extending Tescos is not the answer. It would be better if some of the vacant shops in Lewes are taken by retailers who sell the items that Zola requires.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 1:06pm MUM wrote:
On 13 Jan 2009 at 1:46pm FA wrote:
[QUOTE FROM MYSTIC MOG] It would be better if some of the vacant shops in Lewes are taken by retailers who sell the items that zola requires [UNQUOTE]
This is my point Mystic....retailers who sell everyday stuff have had their chances to get the shops. But for some reason, they either don't want them or whoever grants the permission won't allow it (in favour of antique shops etc)
I would like you to list the "good value normal shops" that you speak of.
If i go into town, I use Bunces occasionally, Argos, Superdtug occasionally, WHSmiths, Percys and that's about it. Obviously i use the bank, the Doctors and Post office when needed too.
I don't have unlimited amounts of spare cash to "do lunch" at Bills, nowhere in the highstreet sells clothes that are within my budget, i can't pick up my basic groceries and being folically challenged, certainly don't need a barbers or hairdressers.
The problem is, we are all still living in the 1960's and 70's when the man used to go to work and the woman would look after the kids, walk down town and do the weekly shopping in the highstreet Times have changed now and we must learn to move on, im sure that the majority want to do all their shopping in one place now rather than march around a ghost town which only caters for tourists, antique loves, people with lots of hair and middle/upper class luvvies with more money than sense
So i look forward to these useful shops Mystic
On 13 Jan 2009 at 2:27pm Mystic Mog wrote:
Mum please re-read my post I said "It would be better if some of the vacant shops in Lewes are taken by retailers who sell the items that Zola requires." These could include what you are after especially kids clothes.
FA. Blokes could be better served for ordinary items I agree. Women fair better with New Look and Mackays. The old woolies site would be great for a clothes retailer for adults and kids. We have now lost Woolies for inexpensive kids clothes.
I am often surprised how some independant retailers are cheaper than the supermarkets so do not write them off just because thay are independant.
Your comment about planning and antique shops is nonsense. It is largely about who owns/rents the shop and what they want to sell.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 3:10pm FA wrote:
You never answered my question mystic....please name these useful normal shops that are so plentiful in our highstreet....because i could name half a dozen once you take away the banks, estate agents etc
maybe someone can list the shops from the bottom of Cliffe to the top the high street.
As regards to the nature of the shops in the town, i can guarantee that if the chamber of commerce doesn't like what they're selling (that should say "if David Quinn doesn't like what they're selling") they won't get it approved.
When Woolies get's bought out, i can guarantee that it'll be another nonsense shop just like Mooreys....ot Bill Collison will buy it along with the charity shop in between
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:04pm zola wrote:
Quote from the Sussex Depress.
Tesco has lodged a planning application with Lewes District Council and the store will grow from 26,000 square feet to 38,000 square feet if permission is granted.
A spokesman said there would also be an increase in the range of 'clothes, small electrical goods and homewares'.
David Quinn, president Lewes Chamber of Commerce, which represents more than 100 businesses and traders in the area, said: 'In principle we would be against it because it would seriously affect the high street.
'They sell everything that everyone does in Lewes and traders will go to the wall because they can't compete.'
'Everyone goes there because it's all under one roof and has free parking, and there is also the possibility of a Lidl opening in the same area.
'Once they have the space they will start stocking cds and electrical items and take trade away from the High Street.
'There should be a stand against the supermarkets because they get it all their own way.
'If nothing is done the high street in Lewes will be eroded, as it has been in other places.'
Question.What does David Quinn actually do as a Chamber of Commerce member? Does he have a say in the applications of the shops?
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:07pm Mystic Mog wrote:
You listed some of them already, ie those in the precinct. Next time I walk up the hill I will note them down. I should be working!!
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:15pm Mystic Mog wrote:
The C of C will respond to planning application just like the rest of us can. However it is the job of LDC to approve or not each application. TheC of C has some influence just like the Town Council, Friends of Lewes, residents associations etc have.
I suggest that you isit LDC or LTC and have look at the plans and make your own mind up rather than relying of the Sx Exp or the C of C.
Tesco's first application was refused by LDC, the second they withdrew and we are now looking at the third. However we have 3 large vacant sites Woolies, car parts place by Waitrose and Mackays on School Hill that would be great for inexpensive clothes etc. The centre of Lewes should be a vibrant diverse place for all shopping needs. If Tesco go ahead then the centre will possibly have less normal shops and that will affect all trade.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:16pm FA wrote:
I believe his voice is "well heard" when it comes to dishing out planning applications etc.
This bloke really winds me up....he has his own interests at heart because he owns Barbican carpets on the high street so he's going to want people there. I can see no other motive than to protect his own interests.
He doesn't give two stuffs about what anyone else wants....personally, and i can vouch for many people too, i want everything under one roof, i want free parking and i want to buy goods that i don't need to take a second mortgage out for.
When are these bloody dinosaurs going to wake up and smell the [expensive] coffee, unless the high street shapes up and offers people like myself something to go there for, there won't be a high street in 10 years.
Now where's that list again from Mystic mog ????????
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:18pm FA wrote:
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:21pm FA wrote:
We need a market....a saturday market that has a proper butchers (yes...just like the one in riverside...it could even be the same one), a decent fruit and veg shop that sells stuff that's comparable to Tesco prices...not Bills and maybe a few stalls that sell clothes.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:28pm Mystic Mog wrote:
As I said you have already mentioned the majority why should I bother repeating what you have already stated so well. Also I said that when I next go up the blinking high street I will make a note of others, like the record shop, Monsoon etc. Comprendez. I have read your posts please read mine fully.
OK lets discuss how to improve the centre of Lewes
So how about this:
Primark to take over Woolies
Sainsburys local to take over the Mackay's shop on school hill
Mothercare where the car parts place near Waitrose was.
FA your constructive comments
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:29pm Mystic Mog wrote:
Gosh FA I totally agree with you. Ham lane depot would be a good spot.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:37pm FA wrote:
But this is about getting people into the high street FFS.....you have just contradicted everything you seem to stand for but saying we should have a market....A MILE OUT OF TOWN. If you're going to do that, why not have one next to Tecos
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:40pm Mystic Mog wrote:
Sorry I meant Pinwell lane, Harvey's old depot. Gosh you do overreact. Of course you are perfect and never make mistakes. Plonker
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:45pm Defender of the Realm wrote:
How about using one of these premises as a concessions shop for those sellers that use the facilities of the Cliffe Farmers Market, or have products to sell but can't afford their own premises? A bit like (if my facts are correct) the original idea behind the Co-Op. Each seller buys space to stock their products, they can either man it themselves or it can be done by staff.
Now I don't know how much you'd have to pay to acquire a site like Woolies but with a monthly revenue stream from what in effect would be market stall rent and a percentage of takings it could be a goer for someone who wants to stick their neck out.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:47pm Defender of the Realm wrote:
Calm down everyone, I've sorted the problem - see my other post.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:47pm FA wrote:
So...we have enough of the following
Coffee shops
Health food shops
Estate agents
Arty-farty Wickle esque shops that crap
Fast food eateries
Any other eaterie
Charity shops
We need
A decent fruit and veg shop
A primarks or Peacocks
A proper "greasy spoon" cafe
A decent toy shop
A small grocery store where you can get tins of beans, squash etc (although i think Waitrose caters for that
What about an internet cafe ?
Please add to the list
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:50pm FA wrote:
Of course im perfect....c**t You f**k up and blame someone else. Makes you a double c**t in my books.
Good luck with your high street mystic c**t
On 13 Jan 2009 at 4:52pm Defender of the Realm wrote:
I bet Mystic Mog didn't see that one coming.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:05pm Lewes Laugher wrote:
I agree with all that FA says we need in Lewes.
Funny how the Lewes Chamber of Commerce are against Teso expanding but were all in favour of the Phoenix development on the flood plain (which I understand Angel have now given up any hope of putting in an application for).
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:17pm harold wrote:
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:24pm FA wrote:
Did you like that ? ;-)
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:27pm Defender of the Realm wrote:
Do we need Iceland? Tesco do cheap frozen food.
There was a toy shop "Toy Master" on the high street but it closed down as all kids want these days is Sonic the Hedgehog (this is a damning and completely unfounded sweeping generalisation).
Greasy Spoon - Doorstops in Cliffe could pass as this although it's been a while since I ate there.
Small grocery stores & fruit and veg shops, I assume you mean in the ilk of the traditional corner shop - wouldn't survive in the High Street.
Wilkinson's - Don't they make razors?
Internet Cafe - try the Library and take a Thermos with you?
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:28pm Defender of the Realm wrote:
.............or are you dyslexic?
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:32pm FA wrote:
No...i have Tourettes though !!!
On 13 Jan 2009 at 5:42pm FA wrote:
So what would you like to see that's going to benifit everyone Defender ?
On 13 Jan 2009 at 8:17pm Mystic Mog wrote:
OK lets discuss how to improve the centre of Lewes
So how about this:
Primark to take over Woolies
Sainsburys local to take over the Mackay's shop on school hill
Mothercare where the car parts place near Waitrose was.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 8:19pm Mystic Mog wrote:
Dipstick. I have cartourettes. BTW I blamed myself something you are uncapable of.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 8:47pm FA wrote:
And that's it ?...we that's going to get people flocking in ...LMFAO. You are David Quinn and i claim my £5 !!!!
On 13 Jan 2009 at 8:50pm FA wrote:
Oh....im bored with your bollox now mystic....i was replying to Defender of the parish above your last post.
On 13 Jan 2009 at 11:39pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Oi! Don't take (part of) my name in vain!
On 14 Jan 2009 at 9:45am Defender of the Realm wrote:
Qiute - So what would you like to see that's going to benefit everyone Defender ?
And there lies a problem, you can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time...........blah blah blah.
There is never going to be a solution to keep everyone happy so my suggestion would be a Victorian Style Freak Show in the precinct, we all like to gaze in amazement at bearded ladies and Siamese twins in formaldehyde.
On 14 Jan 2009 at 9:55am sashimi wrote:
Mystic Mog, uncharacteristic lapse of grammar there. Self-criticism goes down well in Communist China.
On 14 Jan 2009 at 10:04am sashimi wrote:
Why not M & S in Woollies - or even a cinema? I would have thought the age profile of Lewes warranted a deaf aid and zimmer shop rather than Mothercare.
On 14 Jan 2009 at 11:06am Enoch wrote:
No one has mentioned the high rents charged for premises on the High Street - the old MacIllroys shop in the high street wanted £50k per annum which does not include the large business rates are charged by the council.
On 14 Jan 2009 at 5:07pm sashimi wrote:
Enoch, the huge business rates are collected by the Council but go to the government. I think you'll find rents are dropping like a stone at present.
On 14 Jan 2009 at 8:55pm Lewes Neighbour wrote:
I dont understand why so many people of lewes are against the tesco expantion tesco paid toward the cost of the wall along the river bank which is the flood defence and it was built on there land. i think thats pritty generous for a business which people says gives nothing back to the communtiy. I dont think any health food shop or moorys paid any? but lewes seems to love them?? from what i can see from the planning application they want to open on non food and clothing. that a breath of fresh air for the woolworths staff that are experts in that field and looking for jobs at the moment!! the local traiders are worried that they will take there business away - i dont think they will sell antiques or charity clothing. ALL THE BEST TO THEM!! David Quinn seems to be the Sx Express' little "muppet" he gives a quote on being against something every week! I have looked at the planning application and have seen that part of the reason they got rejected was the 90 letters against the expantion. so i for 1 have just added my comment in support on the planning website. you never know we might be able to push through something this town ACTUALL WANTS yet!!
On 14 Jan 2009 at 8:59pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
As well as the caff in the Cliffe, there are 2 other greasy spoons - the one in the bottle neck and the excellent Eddies in Nevill Road.
Imo useful shops are a bit thin on the ground, but I'd include Bunces, Sussex Stationers, the shoe mender/key cutter in North Court, the pet shop in Cliffe High Street, the proper cobbler in Market Street, Potts, the luggage shop, Percys (which sells much more than just fishing tackle!), Octave - quite a few, now I've given it some thought.
If Tescos stopped trying to sell pots, pans, books, china, DVDs, lawn food, underwear and now televisions, and concentrated on food, they might find they had enough room and didn't need to extend.
I'd really like to see a good independent bookshop in Lewes again. I miss the Cliffe bookshop terribly.
On 14 Jan 2009 at 10:22pm In my opinion wrote:
I'm all for Tesco's expanding, you will find a lot of people from Lewes shop out of town at large stores like Asda and Tesco at the Holmbush etc. (I have done myself to get more choice under one roof). Who needs to go trailing around loads of shops, that's what the Internet is for. I believe if it expands it may actually bring more people into Lewes to do their shopping and they might even want to visit our 'quaint ' little town with the 'quirky' shops.
On 15 Jan 2009 at 10:29am sashimi wrote:
Lewes Neighbour, I'm not sure where your info comes from. The flood wall around Tesco was built and paid for by the Environment with public funding. It protects all of Malling and not just Tesco. I don't think Tesco contributed anything, though I am sure they cooperated with the construction. Mooreys and the health food shops are in Cliffe and still at risk of flooding till the Cliffe defences are built this year (we hope) - also with public money. The only contribution I am aware of Tesco making is a promise of £5,000 towards next year's Christmas lights - made just as their planning application went in. The two matters are entirely unconnected I understand.
On 15 Jan 2009 at 12:20pm exiledfromLewes wrote:
Your correct about the flood defences that is paid by the enviroment agency.
Not sure where your going with this though.
"the only contribution I am aware Tesco making is a promise of £5,000 towards next year's Christmas lights - made just as their planning application went in. The two matters are entirely unconnected I believe".
1. If Tescos do make that donation it would still be a fraction to what Waitrose has donnated.
2. Christmas lights are the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce with some assistance from the Town Council. I'm not sure why the planning department (which is LDC and would include cllrs from Newhaven, Seaford and elsewhere) would be that impressed by some small baubles on a shop.
On 15 Jan 2009 at 2:13pm sashimi wrote:
exiledfromLewes, I am sure the planners would not be influenced in any way by Tesco's generous and altruistic contribution.
On 16 Jan 2009 at 9:01am lewes neighbour wrote:
I get my information from the planning dept at southover house that Tesco paid a large part towards it. Also tesco has a charity of the year 2008 was marie curie cancer and 2007 was st peter hospice (a local charity!) I think we give Tesco too much stick just because there not as good as waitrose as bragging about what they have given! Notice they did not let the local community know about the Xmas lights that was Norman baker bragging about what he "got out" of Tesco!! If Tesco was to leave town I think someone like Norman baker or David Quinn would brag about what a success it is and how they played there part but we need to start seeing sence NOONE would come to lewes without Tesco and the high street would be boarded up and even more boring than now! I know we were ok before Tesco was here but with Brighton and eastbourne just down the road which have moved with the times (and both have Tesco extra) they won't stop here! Mabie the high street traders should start looking at Tesco business model and create there own order online websites and mabie they will take some money and stop blameing Tesco
On 22 Jan 2009 at 1:56pm Mystic Mog wrote:
So the details of the funding towards the malling flood defences is in the environment agencies application from a few years ago and mentions Tesco?? If not where does it mention that Tesco paid toward the defences?

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