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Scammers in Tesco

On 12 Oct 2017 at 2:27pm Fairmeadow wrote:
At the Tesco checkout at lunchtime today, noticed the cashier distracted by two guys fiddling with their phones in the aisle past the checkout..
She had worked out they were photographing cards going into the card machine and then recording the Pins. They walked out when the store manager's attention was drawn to them, and just kept walking fast when he tried to stop them. Two swarthy young European guys with very broken and heavily accented English. They departed on foot in the direction of the other supermarkets.
On 12 Oct 2017 at 2:30pm lewes man wrote:
good post thanks
On 12 Oct 2017 at 2:59pm Sunrise wrote:
Weird. What the heck were they trying to do? What could they achieve by photographing a card? Sounds suspicious but I don't understand what they were trying to do.
On 12 Oct 2017 at 3:13pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
Last time I reported a handbag theft on this forum, I made the mistake of describing the thief as looking like a Roma Gypsy (e.g. like the Big Issue sellers) and got shot down in flames for being racist, even though the police later confirmed that that's exactly what they were. Next time, I'll stick to 'swarthy'.
On 12 Oct 2017 at 3:24pm Guy Spencer wrote:
@Sunrise, they could mug the people, steal their cards and know their PIN numbers, no?
On 12 Oct 2017 at 3:26pm Sunrise wrote:
That's outrageous but I still don't understand the photographing angle.....
On 12 Oct 2017 at 3:31pm robp wrote:
maybe they blow up the pics and read the numbers, like photographers in Downing Street. Or maybe they aim to nick a card when they get an opportunity.
On 12 Oct 2017 at 3:33pm lateral thinker wrote:
Or they might be trying to use card number and PIN for on-line purchases, or to clone the cards etc. And don't forget, the front of the card also shows customers name too...
Of course, without the three digit security code from the card's signature strip they are still missing a vital piece of info to use cards on line or over the phone, but they well have been "capturing" that info too.
Shame they weren't rugby tackled tot he ground so that plods could look at their phones... still, at least we all know what to watch out for.
On 12 Oct 2017 at 3:34pm Precis wrote:
Videoing people putting in their pin perhaps. It's possible.
On 12 Oct 2017 at 10:03pm Watcher wrote:
Oh, these terrible criminals - once they were Irish, then they were East European Jewish, then they were from the Caribbean, then they were Asian... and now they're East European again. It does make us feel good, doesn't it?
On 13 Oct 2017 at 6:54am Earl of Lewess wrote:
That's what I got last time - someone seizing the opportunity to be sanctimonious.
On 13 Oct 2017 at 9:11am Pitchfork wielder wrote:
It doesn't matter where they are from. A criminal is a criminal and it is deeply offensive to try to use the actions of any criminal to characterise other people of the same ethnic origin as being the same.
Funny how white British people who commit crimes are never said to be typical examples of their race huh?
On 13 Oct 2017 at 10:52am Guy Spencer wrote:
@Sunrise, what phone do you have - an old Nokia? They can use a smartphone camera to zoom all of the way in...

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