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Received: Response to parking petition

On 27 Mar 2013 at 10:04pm Deelite wrote:
BY EMAIL direct al 01273 484999
my ref LWOSP/Petition
your ref
date 28th March 2013
Dear Petitioner,
East Sussex County Council (Lewes District) (Off-Street Parking Places) Traffic Regulation Order 2013
Thank you for your formal objection in relation to the proposed Traffic Order amendments quoted above in connection with the proposed increase in off-street parking charges. The proposals relate to only those car parks which are owned and operated by Lewes District Council.
We understand that people are concerned about parking charges and would like to make the following points:
? Parking charges have not increased since 2004. In that time, the cumulative effect of RPI would have meant a 28% increase in parking charges and LDC believes that a 10% rise is a more measured approach.
? For the short stay car parks (up to 2 hours), 30 minute parking will increase from £0.40 to £0.50; one hour parking will be unchanged at £0.70; and two hour parking will increase from £1.50 to £1.60.
? Previously, people who parked in long stay (10 hour) car parks for a proportion of the day, were charged the full day rate. We believe that by altering the tariffs to include parking for up to 4 hours in the long stay car parks, this offers more flexibility and choice for motorists and better value for money.
? The review undertaken in July 2012 highlighted that it was also possible to reduce some charges and give residents and visitors more choice. For car parks which are further away from Lewes town centre, the 1 hour tariff will reduce from £0.70 to £0.60 and the 2 hour tariff will also reduce from £1.40 to £1.30.
? Long stay (10 hour) parking will also be standardised. Currently, there are 3 tariffs for all day parking, £2.00; £3.50 or £5.00. The proposal is a flat rate of £3.70 all day.
? The parking tariffs in Newhaven and Seaford will also be simplified and most people will see a reduction in the cost of parking.
We also note the concern about the effect on businesses in the town and would like to assure you we have given this a lot of consideration. A successful parking scheme encourages turnover of spaces to maximise benefit to local traders as well as offering a range of choices to motorists.
? We have studied the parking patterns in the town and propose to re-designate the time limit on some car parks as advertised in the Notice so that the short stay (2 hour) spaces are clustered very close to the shops and that there is more provision of medium term (4 hour) spaces.
? LDC is also proposing to reduce the chargeable hours in the car parks from 0800-1800 to 0900-1700 and to make all off-street parking free on Public Holidays.
Taking into account the proposed increases, LDC??s off-street parking will remain the cheapest option for parking within Lewes town compared to both on-street and privately operated car parks.
Please confirm in writing by 5pm on Tuesday 17th April quoting LWOSP/Petition whether or not you wish to withdraw your objection. The address to write to is:
Customer Services
Southover House
Southover Road
Or you can send an email to: customer.services@lewes.gov.uk
Yours faithfully,
Bee Lewis
Contracts and Facilities Manager
On 27 Mar 2013 at 10:23pm Angry Lewes Worker wrote:
Pinwell is long stay (and only long stay). It costs £3.00. It is omitted from this plan.
Charges in Lewes are *only* being increased by 10%!?

Charges in Lewes appear to be being increased by 10% whilst charges in Newhaven and Seaford are reduced.
As times are hard (and getting rapidly harder) charges in Lewes should be reduced, not increased. Increases will harm Lewes further, affecting both businesses and those that work in the town. How can East Sussex County Council justify increasing charges for Lewes whilst decreasing them for Seaford and Newhaven?

Or have I misunderstood this letter?
On 28 Mar 2013 at 3:28am Fairmeadow wrote:
You have NOT misunderstood the letter.
You are being ripped off again, especially if you are a FT employee.
On 28 Mar 2013 at 9:51am Angry Lewes Worker wrote:
Pinwell Road car park is being reduced to 4 hours max *and* the cost increasing!

I'm not one for conspiracy theories but it's hard to believe that Tory controlled East Sussex County Council do not have something against Lib Dem voting Lewes. How else can the rise in parking costs in Lewes be explained when costs at Seaford and Newhaven remain static?

ESCC appear to penalise Lewes in any way they can, starving it of funds and directing them to Tory held towns.
On 28 Mar 2013 at 10:22am John Stockdale wrote:
Bee Lewis is just explaining the policy that Tory-controlled Lewes District Council have adopted. The problem is that they see Lewes Town car parking as a profit centre for the whole District rather than a facility that allows Lewes to function as a market town for the area. The reduction in hours is good and so is the free parking on bank holidays. The increase in charges may be reasonable in relation to inflation, but the whole scheme was flawed in the first place: it's much too complicated and it penalises Lewes vs the other towns in the area. It is particularly unfortunate that parking charges are going up just when the High Street is being hit by the Recession and a nationwide shift in retail to the Internet. The 10% increase might have been more palatable if it had been accompanied by a free 30-60 mins to allow our shops to compete with Uckfield.
On 28 Mar 2013 at 10:58am empty space wrote:
which is why it is also embarrassing and infuriating that for 9 years the Lib Dems have failed to unite the considerable opposition to this awful scheme, and do something about the mess. And what on earth has happened to the new HS Zone we are supposed to have? We have been waiting years.
ALW. I don't think there is anything conspiratorial at all. It is a business, not a scheme to enable the best parking options. Lewes has been identified as being somewhere that more can be charged, so more is being charged.
On 28 Mar 2013 at 11:35am Visitor wrote:
Just make sure you don't vote in the Greens. See Brighton if you want to feel ripped off.
On 28 Mar 2013 at 6:52pm Fairmeadow wrote:
Visitor is quite right. But then no one has to go to Brighton.
On 29 Mar 2013 at 1:14pm oldbutintouch wrote:
Sorry, John - you cannot simply blame the nasty Tories for our awful parking scheme. At its conception, the Lib Dem District Council joined with the Lib Dem Town Council to unite with the Tory County Council to launch the scheme. There was not a single objection from any Lib Dem councillor. Similarly, in the early years of the scheme, with NCP rampaging out of control, both local councils rermained as deaf to complaints from residents and traders as the County Council. All those in office at the time share a collective guilt, and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
On 29 Mar 2013 at 1:46pm I don't live in lewes... wrote:
Having gone to the initial consultation meetings when the scheme was presented to the great unwashed albeit it many moons ago it was sold as bringing resolve to Lewes's parking problems.
I'm certain that if at the time it was sold as being a nice little earner, as a way of making life harder for traders and an unpleasant shopping experience for visitors I amongst others would have remembered.
There has been no lack of protest and ample time to ditch the present scheme but it lives on.
A sad reflection both on ESCC and councillors who clearly don't give a jot about the great unwashed ... until election time.
Fortunately the www and out of town sites give alternatives for those such as I who take exception to being watched by a beady eyed warden ready to pounce if ever I should falter.
ps. Seaford should pay much less because a) I live there and b) Lewes folk are far wealthier.
On 30 Mar 2013 at 8:19pm Vic wrote:
Just don't vote for either the Lib Dems or Tories on May 2nd in the County Elections. Its that simple. Both partys are joined at the hip and besides the Lib Dems are woeful as an opposition party in Lewes. Some local councillors do work very hard in Lewes though, and some don't. The parking in Lewes is dreadful and people would be less pained paying the charges if it was directly spent on local transport or something tangible. But its not.
On 31 Mar 2013 at 11:30am Serendipity wrote:
It was supposed to have been. That was part of the promise when the scheme was proposed. However it is impossible to find out where the money goes. As Tory East Sussex County Council are intent upon directing all funding away from Lewes it is a certainty that any money the scheme generates is not spent for the good of Lewes but instead spent on Tory voting towns such as Seaford, Newhaven and Polegate.

Perhaps Lewes District Council's 'strong leader' James Page should be asking where the money is going.... oh, but I forgot, he's a Peacehaven Tory.
On 31 Mar 2013 at 12:28pm Newhaven Voter wrote:
@serendipty, since when did newhaven vote Tory? I think you'll find polgate is in Wealden district and I think you'll find he's a Telscombe councillor. Why don't you try and get your fact right before you comment? It might be worth listening to you then!
On 31 Mar 2013 at 4:55pm Serendipity wrote:
Polgate is in East Sussex council region. Peacehaven parish is combined with the neighbouring Telscombe parish forming the Peacehaven & Telscombe Towns, so whether Page represents Telscombe or Peacehaven is not significant. Newhaven, Tory or not.... I might concede if the parish council web site listed the affiliation if its councillors, but it doesn't.

Whether right or wrong none of this detracts from the fact that the profits from the Lewes parking scheme were supposed to be fed back into Lewes but aren't.
On 31 Mar 2013 at 5:55pm Withit Not wrote:
Serendapity, this is the problem with you wafflers, Telscombe and Peacehaven are towns, that are linked linked by some Parish notion, parishes sit below towns my dear little ill informed person. Regardless of whether the web site lists details, which it does, you claim to speak with authority and if you knew anything, you would know Newhaven has been lib dem for nearly 20 years. Furthermore the District council has a remit to serve the district as a whole, not the Town and therefore uses its revenue to the benefit of the district not the town in isolation. Hopefully this will help you work it out, Town does Town, District does District, hope that's not too tricky for you. Parking in the town by its very nature benefits the Town, by providing the parking, people from the wider district come to the town and spend money!
On 31 Mar 2013 at 6:49pm Serendipity wrote:
There was parking in the town before the scheme was brought in. It's generally accepted that the Lewes parking scheme discourages people from coming into the town.

Polegate is within the aegis of East Sussex County Council, as I originally stated.
On 31 Mar 2013 at 7:41pm Within Not wrote:
You still seem confused. On street parking is county. Off street is district, the car parks belong to district not town, so regardless of what you think about the scheme, as I pointed out the district is helping the town. Retail figures shown spend is not generated only from townies. Your first post chalanges the leader to find out about district spend, district spend doesn't go out of the district so your Polgate point is errant. Ask county to find out about thier spend and as pointed out earlier, try and establish the facts before you wang on! It is indeed serendipitous that district looks after the town despite being maligned by ill informed whiners like you.

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