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No Carrots!

On 16 Jun 2016 at 6:57pm SHS wrote:
Why has the EU only threatened and beaten us with sticks instead of offering a carrot or two? No word on the benefits, no proposals or promises to make life better, more democratic or lower the costs. This is an echo of what Chentel and others have said in the 'negative remain' thread (which risks dropping off then first page). Yes we are a nation in debt but that means it's time to stand on our own feet, earning our own living by producing what we and other nations need. It's certainly not a time to depend more and more on hand-outs, loans, favours or the mirage of shelters and protection some say the EU offers. The EU offers nothing. Let's get out and make our own path in life, to suit ourselves, to lead and prosper.
On 16 Jun 2016 at 7:15pm Dragon wrote:
Well put. I agree entirely with your synopsis.
On 16 Jun 2016 at 10:05pm Jerry wrote:
Nice idea, Fran, although sadly we don't make enough of what the world wants - hence our dire balance of payments deficit. We're the EU's great spenders and consumers and how do you change the habits of a lifetime. Become more like the Germans? The negativity is coming from Downing Street, by the way, and not from the EU
On 16 Jun 2016 at 11:15pm Historian wrote:
Why don't we make the stuff we need anymore ? We had coal mines, steel works, brickworks, cement factories, quarries etc etc. All sacrificed to other countries. We could build our own trains even, if we were allowed to give ourselves the contract, but we're not under EU rules, so the jobs go elsewhere and eventually the factory closes. It's the same with everything and now we have had forty years of that ethos.
On 17 Jun 2016 at 8:48am PRIORY wrote:
Coal mining has almost ceased in the UK because it wasn't viably cost effective anymore and it became cheaper to import. Coal fired power stations are closing, before you say it, yes, partly because of an EU clean air directive, but also, how can you sustain a non profit business, it's just not possible. Its like having a shop, buying stock at full price, selling at half price, until eventually you have no profit with which to re-stock, forcing the shop with no alternative but to close.
An alternative to coal fired power stations is wind power or nuclear, but lets face it, we are all nimbys, and nuclear power just scares everyone. Every time a proposal is forwarded for turbines somewhere in this county, even anywhere in the UK, everyone is up in arms over it. You only need to see what happening when the frackers came to Sussex. Yet those of you who holiday in 'enemy' territories like France or Spain will see that the scenery is still beautiful, even with wind turbines visible in the distance. And when France & Spain have self sufficient energy supplies from wind, nuclear and gas from fracking, what will we do in the UK ? Import from abroad at extortionate cost no doubt.
The trains, we are the only country in Europe where a timetable is a pointless piece of information, its pot luck when & if a train arrives on time here. But will nationalising the railways solve all the problems. Will you take a tax hike to pay for it ? British Rail wasn't the nation's favourite flavour back in the day, how quickly we forget.
What we as a country also forget, is that we are but an island, a little island at that, in the northern hemisphere, approx one third the size of France or Spain. Our size limits our agricultural production so we need to top up with imports. Our climate is not condusive to growing exotic fruit such as grapes or items of produce like citrus, we are limited to cider apples or pears, unless we build vast glass covered nurseries, covering massive swathes of our landscape, which the nimbys will say ruin their views, a blot on our green & pleasant land. So we need those imports from Europe & beyond.
I don't profess to know the answer, merely my thoughts, but I am interested to see how much bleating there is on these forum pages when prices rocket, on food, fuel, fares and everything else if we leave the EU.
On 17 Jun 2016 at 9:56am Belladonna wrote:
I'm voting to stay in despite my reservations about the bureaucracy of the EU because the OUT campaign hasn't convinced me it will make this country more fair and prosperous or democratic if we leave. And many of the complaints that the LEAVE supporters have are because of long term UK government policies, not EU. (Eg privatisation, casualisation, austerity, tax cuts etc)

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