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New street lamps

On 21 Feb 2018 at 11:08am Hypocritical wrote:
I saw on my walk home last night that the Council have installed new street lamps on St John's Terrace. Horrid cold light, compared to St John's Hill which still has the old ones.
Then this morning I see that they're horrid bare metal and a modern style. But I expect the Council are still insisting on approving what colour people paint their front doors and deny them the right to install energy efficient double-glazing.
How very very hypocritical.
On 21 Feb 2018 at 2:49pm MG wrote:
As a St Johns Terrace resident I think they are a great improvement. Clear white light directed downwards so there's minimal light pollution in our "dark skies" area, LED bulbs that last for ages cost very little to runm and posts that occupy minimal space, The installers told me the post are temporary, but as far as I am concerned the sooner all street lights are replaced by kit along these lines, the better.
On 21 Feb 2018 at 3:07pm Lamplighter wrote:
Gas ones would give me a job
On 21 Feb 2018 at 4:03pm @MG wrote:
I think you totally missed the point being made, it is a "conservation area", if you live in it you need planning permission to change anything (colour of your door even) and yet the street lamps have been changed with no apparent planning permission.
Planning is a pain in a conservation area, as Hypocritical has said they often say "no" to upgrades like double glazing because they want to preserve the look of the area.
I suggest everyone complains, but make a point of highlighting you have no issues with the posts (otherwise they'll change them and council tax will go up by even more), just that planning seems to have been breached and that retrospective planning should be applied for.
On 21 Feb 2018 at 4:24pm st johns resident wrote:
No, you do not need permission to change the colour of your door. Even for a listed building unless it significantly changes the character and appearance - which is difficult with a simple change of door colour.
Double glazing looks hideous on a period house. If you want double glazing (of the nasty Everest type) do not buy a listed house or one in a conservation area. Given these areas were created many years ago, as almost all statutory listing, it is surely a matter of choice and you cant have it both ways. There are many good alternatives, including simple secondary glazing. Most of us are delighted that Lewes maintains this approach.
Finally, the local authority do not need planning permission to install new lighting.
On 21 Feb 2018 at 5:23pm @MG wrote:
Yes you would think so wouldn't you St John's Resident, but sadly they do refuse permission for new windows and doors in a house, if they don't like it, you will have to change it.
Since 1995 under article 4 directions local authorities can basically decided want they will and won't allow.
It's free to apply, for ANY changes I would recommend you apply, including changing your door colour as ultimately they can tell you to change it back.
But none of that changes the point, this is not a like for like replacement, planning should have been sought in a conservation area, it wasn't that I can see.
On 21 Feb 2018 at 10:32pm Hypocritical wrote:
It beggars belief that even our wasteful Councils would go to the expense of installing temporary streetlight posts, surely?
I've nothing against well-directed LED lighting, but why go backwards in terms of the light colour (or colour temperature, for the technical amongst us) when LED technology now allows warmer, friendlier and more human colours that don't make our streets feel like alien places? I walk along this rod twice a day often in the dark and feel on edge in such horrid cold light.
Will the money saved through the LED technology be directed towards keeping them on a few hours later than 12.30am? It feels incredibly dark and eerie when I'm on a late walk home.
I've stopped and read planning notices in the last year or so that include change of door colour, so I'd suggest MG takes care next time they re-decorate. And enforcement action was taken against (an admittedly nasty) re-painting job a few years ago. Although how they approved that revolting pink door is beyond me!
A friend of mine was told, in no uncertain terms, by the council that she wouldn't get planning permission for inserting discreet slim double-glazed units into her timber sash windows.
It's decisions like that which are unacceptable when councils like with the new road surfacing in Market Street take cheap and nasty decisions that they wouldn't tolerate from house-owners.
If they are going to be strict, they should clamp down on the tasteless individuals who stick revolting venetian blinds up at their front windows to block any semblance of normal period house appearances.
On 21 Feb 2018 at 11:04pm Archie wrote:
Hypocritical - find a tory voter and shout at them. They're the ones starving local authorities.

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