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Messy tree removal - Raceourse motor roads

On Sun 24 Feb at 1:40pm Hag wrote:
If all their actions are so justified, why did they decline to co-operate and take advice from SDNP or the rangers when it was offered, or have an Environmental Impact Assessment of the land before commencing the destruction. If people choose to live in an isolated place, they should know the year round issues with access, why should stoats, adders and lizards, pay the price?
On Mon 25 Feb at 9:01am numberjack wrote:
So, Mr Eraut claims that the scrub clearance is predominantly to increase visibility & stop ice on the road? If this is the case, what is the excuse for ripping out loads of scrub at the other end of the gallops near the top of spittle road / rear of prison. There are no roads to be dangerous and icy there!
On Thu 28 Feb at 8:15am grivelvis wrote:
Bats are a well-protected species and it is an offence to change or remove bat's foraging areas. Bats used to feed in the hedgerows along the road up to the old racecourse. Most of that habitat has now been destroyed.
On Sun 3 Mar at 8:22am LynWonder wrote:
Sounds like a lot of townies playing at being country folk, or may be just boys wanting to play with some toys and get a big digger. The arguments Mr Eraut puts forward for this vandalism are spurious to say the least.
There are only a few houses at the top of the road so vehicle movemets are at a minimum and the chances of two cars meeting at that point are very small. Even so, as the residents know that is a sharp bend and there is a path crossing at the top, we would assume they would take care rounding the bend. There are speed bumbs on the road people and other people who use the road, or pedestrians who cross it, do take care - as they would on any other country road. Perhaps the LORMC can tell us just how many accidents have there been in the past 10 years or why this "considerable risk" has not been addressed before if it's such a danger? There are any number of small country roads with sharp bends, and responsible landowners do not rip out hundreds of metres of bushes to form a "sight line" they cut back the hedges so two cars can pass comfortably on the road without scratching their bodywork.
As for the snow, again if you live up a hill in the countryside then this is a fact of life. If you decide to live in an isolated spot get a 4x4 or carry a spade in your car in winter. And rather than spend "significant sums" destroying the vegetation with your big boys' digger get a salt bin like regular country folk and help you elderly neighbours by spreading a bit of grit, on the 1 or 2 times a year Lewes gets a couple of inches of snow. You can get a grit bin from Screwfix for £90. Think of the savings.
Next you'll be complaining that farm animals are making a noise in the morning and disturbing your sleep.
On Sun 3 Mar at 9:54am bruinwoody wrote:
How sad it is that so many people have nothing better to do than dig (sic) at the Racecourse. I do not live in a 'God Forsaken Place' - I live in one of the most beautiful spots in England, and am very proud to do so - and have enjoyed living up here for 30 years.
We have repeatedly requested the local highways people to run a gritter up and down the motor road when we have significant snow - and they have refused, saying its a private road. The answer is the same when we have offered to pay for the service (we all pay significant local rates as well). Regrettably the area either side of the corner does become extremely dangerous after snow, when the side has settled and become slippy - and it is simply impossible to clear the ice without the help of Mother Nature Sun.
This was an area of scrub, with no environmental value, and little wildlife. The work was done very quickly, to a very high standard, using - sorry - appropriate equipment, to make sure it was done before nesting time. When the grass returns, it will become an extremely attractive piece of land with magnificent views, surrounded by rabbits, birds, wide mouth frogs et al - no doubt a natterjack toad or two!!
Their is absolutely no chance of applying for permission to build on the land even if we wanted to.
Please have another look when its grassed over and then take a view.
On Sun 3 Mar at 2:24pm numberjack wrote:
Still no explanation as to why you have ripped out scrub and bushes behind the prison / spital road end of the gallops ?
I guess, because you canít justify it!
Why should the council grit your private road?
As per earlier posts, you live on the top of a hill off of the public highway, if the toad gets too dangerous to drive on, leave your car at the bottom and walk.
To say there was little wildlife, but now you have destroyed the habitat there will be plenty of rabbits and birds etc., shows your ignorance.

On Sun 10 Mar at 11:44am concerned wrote:
Utterly pathetic move, considering that you built an illegal road behind the properties, in turn decimating hedgerows and all manner of wild habitat just months ago without council approval. As soon as you are told to sort out that mess you do this, wow congrats you've really showed us this time...

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