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Living in a bus?

On 11 Jul 2012 at 12:48pm Living in a house wrote:
How is it possible for the countless vehicles over the river from Tesco to actually live there legally?
There seems to be a great deal of converted vans and busses parked up there pretty much permanently.
Even more of them at the weekend and its been getting worse every time I walk to Tesco.
Is this a new official crusty site?
If so, its an absolute eyesore!
On 11 Jul 2012 at 12:51pm Living in a box wrote:
From this side of the river, Tesco is an absolute eyesore.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 1:12pm My house has a puncture wrote:
Well if you don't like it, pi55 off to Bridies Tan
On 11 Jul 2012 at 1:15pm Living ina cardboard Box wrote:
Who are they?
What are they doing there?
On 11 Jul 2012 at 1:22pm rates payer wrote:
They are squatters. Cops can't shift them. Landlord doesn't give a toss. Place looks like a complete dump. Even the empty units are squats.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 1:47pm brixtonbelle wrote:
Aren't they connected with the ZU studios and cafe des artists who are renting units down on the industrial estate - and running lots of community events ?
On 11 Jul 2012 at 1:54pm I pay my bills wrote:
Brixton, does that give them the right to live there then?
The police should have the power to chuck them out even if the landlord is taking a backhander, as they are ruining the area.
God only knows what they are polluting the river with!
On 11 Jul 2012 at 2:07pm Anon wrote:
cany we just "have a small accident" with petrol and matches?
On 11 Jul 2012 at 2:24pm I pay my bills too wrote:
Yeah, that industrial estate's really spoilt by having kids playing on the riverbank, eh? And Anon, maybe you should have been in the North St car park on Sunday with your bigoted fellow vermin.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 3:14pm caveman wrote:
i agree with anon
On 11 Jul 2012 at 3:20pm PARTY PIRATE wrote:
Don't they have a disco every Saturday night?
On 11 Jul 2012 at 3:28pm A.Bigot wrote:
On a more positive note, the "amazing" weather we are having at the moment might solve the issues for us and flood them all.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 3:45pm brixtonbelle wrote:
These vans may not look particularly nice but they are not harming anyone or suggesting/ promoting violence against anyone (unlike anon's veiled threat). Until they are deemed a public health or safety hazard, why not let them live and let live. Or maybe you want them turning up on the social housing lists ?
On 11 Jul 2012 at 4:02pm Colin wrote:
Brixtonbelle, i actually have to totally agree with you, and i can see the "humour" in Anon's very flippant and slightly inappropriate comment, are there not more important issues at hand than the "great un-washed" who have chosen to reside in a carpark next to a super-market? So what.
Live and let live indeed.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 4:39pm caveman wrote:
pipe down
On 11 Jul 2012 at 4:53pm Fred wrote:
Caveman, explain yourself please.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 4:53pm jo wrote:
i would like to know how clean they are. .i.e no toilets ect more and more turn up each week . living council tax free
On 11 Jul 2012 at 4:59pm Fred wrote:
They probabably all smell of poo and wee.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 5:25pm rates payer wrote:
They are squatting in the car park - meaning that people who work on the estate have no parking facilities. Live and let live? How naive! It would be a totally different attitude if they took residence in your front garden in their untaxed rickety old vehicles.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 5:50pm someone else wrote:
What a wonderful society we live in, where the educationally subnormal can, under anonymous identities, post abusive comments about people they don't know.

It is no wonder that the majority of the population of Lewes regard the Lewes forum as flypaper for freaks.
On 11 Jul 2012 at 6:04pm A Random Chap wrote:
I agree- what IS the benefit of this forum? One comment is about hoping the weather continues, then its the personal hygeine of the residents in question that is being questioned!
So what if they all smell. As long as they are in the same place, i will know where they are.
Anyway i need my drive tar-macing so every cloud and all that!

On 11 Jul 2012 at 8:24pm Boris wrote:
On 12 Jul 2012 at 12:58am expat two wrote:
Simple indeed.
Slightly more complex would be "How do these people get their money?"
On 12 Jul 2012 at 10:36am Cheeky Monkey wrote:
They are, in fact, all government agents so they will receive a lump sum and a gilt edged, final salary pension after 25 years service to the crown.
Why else would one choose to live like that? It cant be a "lifestyle choice" surely, can it ?
On 12 Jul 2012 at 10:37am ExPat Butcher wrote:
Oh the joys of the Lewes Forum.
Being forced to correct the grammar of other peoples post's and not discussing the actual thread, quality!
Get those dirty crusties out!
On 12 Jul 2012 at 10:39am Frank! wrote:
Anyone for tennis?
On 12 Jul 2012 at 10:41am padster wrote:
Does nobody here feel shocked by the disgusting comment meade by the suitably named Anon, and seconded by caveman, arson = people killed.
the legality of these people and where they live is a matter for the authorities, report to the authorities if you feel strongly but to suggest and i quote:
"cany we just "have a small accident" with petrol and matches?" ANON
is really quite disgraceful and alarming.
On 12 Jul 2012 at 10:44am GhostBike wrote:
Dear oh dear. The narrow-minded assumptions of some people on this forum. Good jobt hat they are not reflective of the town generally.
The people in question have been entrepreneurial and hard-working. They have throught their own labour turned a crumbling industrial unit into a venue that many people in Lewes use for events, and run it very well, safely and efficiently (and for the benefit of many). Not many people on this forum could have achieved that. Moreover, as far as I understand it, they make a living by producing things with their own hands that they sell to a wide range of clients. As far I can see, what they do should be praised rather than knocked - particularly by people who have probably not tried to do anything remotely as entrepreneurial or challenging.
I very much doubt they rely much on the state to support them. I believe they have to pay rates to the council, incidentally. My only barbed commetn would be that if they do get any support, it's from Daddy's trust fund. But generally I think they are a credit to Lewes.
On 12 Jul 2012 at 10:52am Southover Queen wrote:
Not shocked, no, padster, because like you I'm a regular here and used to the ill-educated narrow-minded selfish Daily Mail/Express fuelled nonsense. Those opinions sound very like the kind of defence the four yobs who attacked the poor man earlier on in the week would offer, yet the morons who post this bigoted rubbish would be scandalised if they were attacked. The double standards are simply staggering.

They'll justify it all by saying that it was just a joke and we're all po-faced liberals. Well, listen up folks: it's not funny and it's definitely not clever. The sad thing is that you can't see that.
On 12 Jul 2012 at 11:01am Anon wrote:
I feel that a heartfelt appollogy is in order regarding my previous comment--I did and do not mean a word of it and i am so so sorry to cause any offence. It was actually meant to make light of the situation. I am sorry and will think very long and hard before making any more silly remarks on this forum about what is quite clearly a very passionate subject.
On 12 Jul 2012 at 11:07am Southover Queen wrote:
Thank you, Anon, sincerely.
On 12 Jul 2012 at 11:22am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Let's face it, the North Street area is hardly Grange Gardens and I can't really see how the presence of a few buses makes it more of an eyesore.
There seems to be such a huge amount of prejudice against people who opt not to live in bricks and mortar that I sometimes suspect that there's an element of envy involved.
On 12 Jul 2012 at 11:57am Kite wrote:
They also have some excellent s**t which keeps me off the streets at night I tell thee!
On 12 Jul 2012 at 12:03pm rates payer wrote:
Maybe then we should all live in rickety old untaxed vehicles, and take up residence in our works' car parks. Seems ok to do that if one is a crustie!
Just get them out of the car park, and free it up for the workers on the estate!
On 12 Jul 2012 at 12:46pm A Crustie. wrote:
would anyone like to buy a "slightly used" caravan?
On 12 Jul 2012 at 1:36pm Crustie-errrr wrote:
Actually, I do have a top of the range, converted transit van for sale. Slighty rusty,with all the latest mod cons.
Lovely wood burning fire place with fork included for cooking your marshmallows or burning up your crack, built in bucket for when you get caught short and louvre windows for when you need to air it out.
No tax or MOT and a couple of flat tyres as she has been sat in a local car park for quite some time.
Pop over to the squat just off North street and ask for Crustie if you are interested
On 12 Jul 2012 at 1:46pm A Crustie. wrote:
Will i get e free dog?

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