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Housing shortage

On 5 Mar 2013 at 1:08pm Frustrated wrote:
Is this because people object to new housing being built in the town?
On 5 Mar 2013 at 1:15pm toshak wrote:
Is their evidence that we have a house shortage in lewes, or is it the fact that all the houses we do have are given away!! This country gives more housing to broken familie! s than the whole of europe!
On 5 Mar 2013 at 1:22pm Townie wrote:
If there wasn't a shortage, you wouldn't have people keep asking for flats or houses on here. The prices for renting a one bed flat for youngsters is disgusting, especially for those who are born and bred in the town. Council housing is even worse.
The problem i have with the vocal minority...the NIMBY's of Lewes, is that they have the opinion of "im alright Jack, sod everyone else" and therefore end up opposing every new build that gets mentioned whilst sitting in their cosy victorian lounge in their 4 bed town house.
Yep, you know exactly who you are
On 5 Mar 2013 at 1:33pm toshak wrote:
I can count 5 young couples who were born and bred in lewes who have been forced out. Im not sure what the answer is!!
On 5 Mar 2013 at 1:42pm Major Malling wrote:
The rise of Lewes as a commuter town has pushed up house prices. Unless it becomes more difficult to commute to London we will see a time soon when very few people are left who live in Lewes who also have local jobs.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 2:46pm Lon Don wrote:
Lewesians should move out to the sticks and make more room for DFLs
On 5 Mar 2013 at 3:02pm captain cod nuts wrote:
Build new homes everywhere, make lewes a city!
On 5 Mar 2013 at 3:04pm Frustrated wrote:
But from what I read on here and elsewhere, train commuting IS more and more difficult. Unreliable, expensive, crowded, etc, etc. But people still do it in droves...
On 5 Mar 2013 at 4:19pm bastian wrote:
from what I have been reading on here there seems to be a few anomolies. Only a few girls who are left with children by irresponsible men end up with a flat from the very short council stock to raise their children in and they are presonimantly local girls, good that they are being able to stay in the town they were born in. However, there is a shortage of housing, especially council housing, but the plans that everyone objects to are objected to on the grounds that not enough of them are for localpeople, or are not council/housing co-op or what is laughingly called afforable housing. Most of the housing is for sale at a price that no one here can afford.....the number of lone parents in council is nominal. Don't forget it takes two to make a baby, mysogony is the last foul intolerance to be tackled in the country and it has got worse over the last few years mostly thanks to the internet and the porn industry. let's not forget that everytime a woman is left holding the baby then there is suddenly a need for two houses during the break up not one, that is a rarely spoken about subject, divorce puts pressure on housing to.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 5:16pm bastian wrote:
and by the way "Lewes Legend", what part of nonconsumer and left wing don't you understand. It is right and middle who want wickle and shops like that, no left winger would be seen dead buying sented candles and tat like that.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 5:20pm flying muff ball wrote:
Wickle sucks!!
On 5 Mar 2013 at 5:36pm lewes legend wrote:
On 5 Mar 2013 at 8:04pm Lewes 30 wrote:
As a lewes person, and from many generations of lewesians who have all worked in the town and owed small businesses over the years, I myself also work in the town as a self employed sole trader, and no I don't own an over priced independent shop!!! I would love to continue living in this town but simply cannot afford to, I'm forced to continue living with my parents in my childhood home into my thirties, I am on the council housing list and have been informed that I have at least an 8 year wait, and that I will only be entitled to a bedsit.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 8:09pm nigel wrote:
If you have a child lewes30 you will be housed the next morning.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 8:21pm Compass wrote:
Hi Nigel, what sort of housing are you in?
On 5 Mar 2013 at 8:44pm nigel wrote:
Own a 2 bedroom with my gorlfriend compass.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 8:56pm Compass wrote:
Thanks for answering that question, could you answer this one aswell . On what statistical evidence do you base your view that single mothers receive all the social housing in Lewes?
On 5 Mar 2013 at 9:07pm nigel wrote:
I never said all the housing, its a fact as published in 2012 in the daily mail that 76per cent of council housing in england is given out to single mothers, more than any other country in europe
On 5 Mar 2013 at 9:13pm Lewes30 wrote:
Hi Nigel, you are right, when my sister got married she and her husband were told that the only way the council would house them is if they were to have a child, this was 6 years ago, they now rent a house in unckfield as its cheaper and her husband works in the town, although my sister still works in lewes and therefore has to commute everyday, I myself have made the desition to not have children so am stuck where I am for the foreseeable future.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 9:15pm Compass wrote:
I think you will find a more accurate percentage is 25, I also think your up to a little mischief!
On 5 Mar 2013 at 9:19pm nigel wrote:
I know i am right lewes30, to many people cant see the light on here!! Unfotunately for youthe way this country works gives people like you no support.
On 5 Mar 2013 at 9:54pm Expat Two wrote:
nigel said
" its a fact as published in 2012 in the daily mail that 76per cent of council housing in england is given out to single mothers, more than any other country in europe"

On 6 Mar 2013 at 1:48pm Just Me! wrote:
I grew up in Lewes and lived with my parents until the age of 27! Rental costs were extremely high and forget trying to buy a house! In the end I moved up to Loughborough, I now rent a nice three bedroom house in a nice area of town with a large garden, driveway and garage. It costs me £525 a month in rent and there is half a chance that I could afford to enter the housing market if I wanted in the future! The situation in the South and Lewes is absurd for young people if they want to remain in the area. My best friend still lives in Sussex and lives with his parents at the age of 33, this is rapidly being seen as normal in the area!
As for the Nimby's of Lewes in respect of housing, they are one of the reasons I left it made me so angry! Remember the Phoenix quarter development all those years ago, I went to the public presentation of the plans and the following public meetings! The arrogance of the nimby brigade made my blood boil! The developers had actually put together a really good plan: Underground multi-story parking (something the town is screaming for), flood defences (something the town has been screaming for), shops that would of provided work to local young people, offices to attract small to medium businesses again providing work for local young people and finally the housing the real kicker! With the housing the developer recognised the priority need for the area...small one and two bedroom apartments for young professionals! Perfect! Ideally meeting our local housing needs! I sat through hours of one NIMBY after the next complaining about the development and housing planned! It was too big or got in their view (something you are not entitled to) or the wrong type of development! They would of been happy either leaving as is or if there was to be a development of a small cul-de-sac of ten twee four bedroom Victorian style town houses! Which they might love but is useless for the towns housing needs! Some were even there with their children complaining and in reality condemning their own offspring to the current housing problem! Some even lied about the obstruction of their view! I actually walked and checked to see if their complaint was valid and you couldn't even see the site of the development!
Sorry for the rant but there is a reason that everybody over the age of 25 leaves the town now!
On 6 Mar 2013 at 3:08pm Nixon Scraypes wrote:
I believe one reason for the demise of the Phoenix Quarter was information that a previous development by Mr Styles in south London ended up very different from the plans he had submitted.One of the reasons people can't afford to buy houses is the huge cost of interest you have to pay on a mortgage.Not satisfied with the interest on the loan of the money we borrowed to bail them out with,they lend it out again with interest to us.Actually it's even more insane than that.They don't actually lend out their deposits,but create the loan out of nothing on our promising to pay it back.If we can't pay and are foreclosed all they lose is all that lovely interest.
On 6 Mar 2013 at 3:56pm nigel slater wrote:
Well said 'just me'. It seems that half the people on here live with their head firmley in the sand, i repeat young persons who would like to do things the r!ight way do not get any help in this town
On 6 Mar 2013 at 4:26pm bastian wrote:
I've been fighting your corner all the way on my own kids behalf. After Angel callapsed in the markets crisis, the new developement leaves even less room for afforble housing and that is what is being fought for now; not loss of views but loss housing co-op houses. LDC seem to think a super store is more use, one large shop will not employ anything like the number of units over there does at the moment.
On 6 Mar 2013 at 9:44pm Ed Can Do wrote:
I'm 34, lived with my parents till I was 24, rented in Lewes for many years and finally bought a place last year. Yes it was pretty expensive and I could have got a much bigger house in Eastbourne or uckfield for the same money but I made a concious decision to stay in Lewes because I want to live here. The thought of apllying for a council house has never actually occured to me, I always assumed they were for people on benefits and I've always worked for a living.

Living in Lewes is expensive but I manage it and most of my mates from Priory have managed it and not by commuting to London. I would question who the housing shortage is actually hurting at the moment because the vast majority of my generation from Priory live either in town or no further away than Hailsham. It's not like everyone is being forced to move up north or anything.
On 7 Mar 2013 at 8:06am Sussex Jim wrote:
Getting on the property ladder is not a new problem, it has never been easy.
The best advice is to get a job when leaving school, live with your parents and save up for a house deposit. Marry a partner who has done similar, and you should be able to get and maintain a mortgage if you live sensibly. You will probably move up to a bigger house as live progresses and your family increases, and finally retire owning outright a house you can sell on to provide a smaller home and spare cash to enjoy in your retirement. And eventually pass on to your children.
This does not apply to everyone, but it is the best option to those about to start out in life.
On 8 Mar 2013 at 2:41pm brixtonbelle wrote:
This is a national problem and not one unique to Lewes. Young people all over the country (including London) cannot afford to buy in the areas they were brought up in. However the expectation of being able to buy at an early age - ie in your 20's is a ridiculous one and has never been available to most people anyway. I rented for a good five years after college and it was only once I'd met my husband and decided to settle down that we bought a flat together aged 30. It was in one of the cheapest and least desirable areas of London because that was what we could afford, and like many people we were able to trade up as our finances became more secure. We had to save for a couple of years for a deposit and were given a strict mortgage of 3 x salary. For my parents and grandparents generation renting was more normal, in fact my granparents never owned their own home. I think there are some unreal expectations about what society should and shouldn't provide, and it's a good discipline to temper expectations, save money for a few years for a deposit and live in cheaper areas than you would like - very few people are able to buy an all mod cons house. I've no doubt my kids will, if they stay in the area, probably buy in cheaper locations than Lewes.
There is a real problem with inflated rents, and landlords being subsidised by benefits , because of the sale of council housing and the lack of decent affordable homes and this will take a complete shift in the political mindset and long term investment to rectify. Unfortunately politics now is based on short-termism, servicing the markets and maximising profits and not the living conditions of ordinary folk and I don;t see any of the current bunch of charlatans - both left and right, coming up with any innovative or long term solutions.

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