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Government only for the chosen ones and potholes

On 18 Mar 2016 at 9:26am cam wrote:
Osborne said in the budget that there will be more money for housing in the South West because "it's proof when the South West votes blue their voice is heard loud and clear'. If all of Lewes votes Conservative might we get the potholes on Southover High Street repaired?
On 18 Mar 2016 at 12:43pm The Bleedin' Obvious wrote:
So ... we are told that Tories give handouts to their friends.
Be honest ... are you expecting people to vote for a politician who DOESN'T reward his chums?
On 18 Mar 2016 at 1:23pm cam wrote:
Yes I was surprised that Osborne openly stated in the March budget that young familes in the SW will get help on the housing ladder because they voted blue. Not that handouts to chums occurs but that they gave that message loud and clear to the entire nation.
On 18 Mar 2016 at 4:10pm belt wrote:
Do 'ee mean Cornwall ? my lovely.
On 18 Mar 2016 at 6:13pm The Old Mayor wrote:
Lewes hasn't ever voted Tory for so long, so you've never missed what you've never had !! And there is no chance of any other party taking over in sight ! Might be worth a try next time. Whatever happened to the grey vote ?
On 18 Mar 2016 at 7:40pm Sussex Jim wrote:
Most of the grey people voted Tory years ago. As a result they could buy their own homes, which they now own outright and can use as equity to fund their retirement.
On 18 Mar 2016 at 8:20pm The Old Mayor wrote:
Glad you agree with me Jim, maybe people could take note of that.
On 19 Mar 2016 at 6:35am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
The grey vote now includes people like me who grew up in the 60s and 70s, when there was a lot of radical political stuff going on.
We can also remember the heady days of near full employment, council housing that wasn't a pipe dream, benefits that were enough to live and a bright kid from any background could get a university education without being shackled by debt for years on end.
We can remember how much we have lost and I think (hope?) we won't all have lost our lefty principles just because we have got houses worth a small shedload of money and are comfortably off.
On 19 Mar 2016 at 6:29pm A Person wrote:
I'm one of the greys. I didn't vote Tory, ever. I did manage to buy my own home though, without buying one at a huge discount from the council either. I managed that all on my own, through my own hard work. Imagine: the free market at work, not accepting a Tory bribe and a sell-off of public assets.

We have a phenomenally stupid attitude to housing in the country. It is so expensive that Jim's children can't afford to buy, unless he sells up and gives them a swathe of his - let's face it - unearned property millions. If you do manage to get a mortgage you face paying a huge proportion of your income in repayments, so we don't invest or save in this country. The population isn't mobile either because to move you have to sell and that takes months.

And on top of that, the only group this government hasn't touched are the pensioners, who as Jim demonstrates nicely probably aren't a poor old lady shivering in a garrett. What utter hypocrisy.
On 19 Mar 2016 at 6:39pm Christian Grey wrote:
Couldn't agree more with A C T and A person. I do remember that in the 70's I thought buying a house would be very hard, but in the 80's Wealden Council came to my (newly married) rescue with a proper Shared Ownership scheme they ran. Nothing to do with the subsequent half arsed government schemes that have been and gone.
On 19 Mar 2016 at 6:59pm Sussex Dim wrote:
The most important thing is to be a smug, self-satisfied person lucky enough to be born at the right time - when there was full employment in a proper job, reasonable prices for housing, public sector homes - and then imagine it is all your own doing. Sussex Jim is, of course, a Tory.
On 20 Mar 2016 at 9:39am Sussex Jim wrote:
A Person- your assumptions are wrong. To put the record straight, all my children are buying their homes by way of deposits and mortgages they have funded from their employment; and will own their homes outright before retirement.
John Major (remember him?) once said that he would like to see wealth cascading down through the generations. I think that is a sensible approach to life.
On 20 Mar 2016 at 11:37am A Person wrote:
I should have been clearer. Most of the increase in home ownership in the 1980s was driven by the sell-off of council housing. I have no idea whether Jim was a beneficiary of that scheme, but many were and we are now reaping the "rewards" of it, as many private landowners have established very profitable businesses by acquiring large portfolios and letting these at high rents. Not, I think, what Thatcher's home-owning democracy intended. Those people who benefited then from an ideologically driven give-away would now struggle to find anywhere even to rent; for them buying is a pipe-dream and there is no chance of their finding affordable social housing because it's all been sold off or is under huge pressure due to lack of supply.

Jim, I'd be willing to bet that your children are older than the group nicknamed the Millennials, who are unable to buy their own homes in many parts of the country because of the utterly crazy housing market. You are often teased for sounding smug, but can you really not see why a housing market which only allows those who command six figure salaries even to contemplate buying a home in London or the South East? Numbers of home owners as a proportion of the population are starting to fall rapidly now.

This isn't about working hard and building up a invested retirement fund; it's about cashing in unearned profits as a result of an unsustainable housing boom. It's also why investment in industry is so poor, because no-one has any spare cash after paying a huge mortgage. It is a crazy way to run an economy, and actually no-one really benefits because everyone needs a place to live.
On 20 Mar 2016 at 11:57am A Person wrote:
Here are the figures to which I was referring.

Check it out here »
On 21 Mar 2016 at 12:47pm Ghost of Maggie wrote:
Just rejoice and be thankful for Sussex Jim, a foil to the loon PN.
On 21 Mar 2016 at 6:03pm A Tory wrote:
@ A Person. It seems that both yourself and Sussex Jim have worked hard and become members of the property owning democracy we enjoy as a result of Conservative governments. However; whereas SJ has probably always voted for us, you have not.
I have to say that you are like the worker who will not join the Union, yet reap the benefits of the pay and conditions they have fought for.
On 21 Mar 2016 at 6:36pm A Person wrote:
Hahaha! Nope. I am who and what I am because I was born when there was an NHS to treat me for appendicitis, and grants to allow me to attend university without family funding. That wasn't thanks to any Tory government. I grew up in a period when the attempts by the Tories to stop reform of the divorce act, equality legislation, abortion, equal pay for equal work, gay liberation all foundered, thankfully.

I am incredibly lucky to own my own home. Its absurd increase in value is nothing I've earned though. Even more tellingly, many ordinary people will never have a settled home at all because of this "property owning democracy", because this is a huge blip, an unsustainable bubble gifted to people over 50 by their unfortunate children who are spending most of their income in rent, probably to the likes of Ian Gow's son, with his 40 ex-council property portfolio worth millions at OUR expense. One third of ex-council homes are now owned by private landlords: that's shocking.

Does it become less of a democracy for you to crow about as the numbers of individuals owning their own homes crash? I hope by the same analogy that you will eschew treatment in the NHS and refuse your SERPS pension when it comes.

Check it out here »

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