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Disabled Car Parking Abuse

On 11 Aug 2009 at 1:29pm Lets Do Lunch! wrote:
Why are many people issued with disabled badges when the only thing that appears wrong with them is their personality?
On 11 Aug 2009 at 3:07pm Toque wrote:
If they're not disabled enough for a disabled badge, then they're too able-bodied to not be in the dole queue.
Government statistics, my dear boy!
On 11 Aug 2009 at 10:22pm Grizzler wrote:
Is it compulsory to be overweight?
On 12 Aug 2009 at 7:51am Taff wrote:
Its the bloody able drivers that cannot park where I live in Lewes.
2 small cars in a space that will take 4 small cars. Damn inconsiderate, they deserve to get a ticket if you cannot use a parking space efficiently.
Sorry to take it a little off topic!
On 12 Aug 2009 at 1:08pm The Major wrote:
Why are all the disabled badges in huge SUV's, surely an awkwardly high car for the truely disabled to enter?
On 12 Aug 2009 at 1:41pm Ed Can Do wrote:
Because people who have the cash to buy cars like that often have the cash to buy a dodgy disabled badge too?
Even if people have one legitimately because of disabled relatives or whatever, you're only supposed to use it when said disabled person is in the car. We get a load of "Disabled" drivers parking outside our office all day every day, despite there being a two hour limit on the spaces even for actual disabled people. We make a point of going outside and telling the traffic wardens they've been there all day whenever one walks past. I guess one of the disabled types is pretty wealthy as he must get a couple of tickets a week. Even in Brighton paying for a multi-story would work out cheaper in the long run.
On 12 Aug 2009 at 3:05pm Interested. wrote:
My Mum is nearly blind and qualifies for a disabled badge.Her carer drives her around.I notice when we park sometimes some people get quite snotty with her as she doesn't look 'disabled'.Disablement takes many forms...
She also hates leaving her disabled badge on display when she parks as people do break into cars to get their hands on the badges.
To be able to park outside her house at night,the badge has to be on display.It is only a question of time before this happens due to where she lives.There should be a way to display a duplicate maybe,and the original to be kept on your person. These badges are not given out lightly you know...
On 12 Aug 2009 at 5:00pm Ed Can Do wrote:
One would think that in these days of ANPR cameras and the like, the details of people with disabled badges and the number plates of cars they are associated with would be stored somewhere centrally to be checked as and when remotely by parking wardens. That way you'd just need the clock face bit to show when you arrived and people wouldn't be able to steal them and sell them on.
On 12 Aug 2009 at 6:42pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Not all disabilities are visible. My friend's son gets higher rate mobility allowance and a blue badge because he's autistic.
On 12 Aug 2009 at 9:12pm Chuck wrote:
Does that prevent him from walking?
On 12 Aug 2009 at 9:19pm council bod wrote:
hello one and all again the topic of disabled badges has risen again, we now have disable badge readers so we can tell if the badge is stolen who its issued to, if the person is still alive, and lots more info, the fine is £1000 for misuse already caught 27 people it also tells use if the badge is a copy or fake 22 people caught in one day alone I think you will all agree this is a good tool ....................dodgers beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 12 Aug 2009 at 9:28pm Squidward wrote:
No, it doesn't! I know someone who has a very mild form of multiple sclerosis and she has a disabled badge. Really and truly she is totally fit and able to park in a normal parking bay. Obviously should her condition deteriorate then she has a case, but she has had this badge for years.
On 13 Aug 2009 at 12:29am Shadesof Green wrote:
the colour of envy?
the colour of grasses?
Shallow bunch of whingers - glad that Blue Bagdes can now be verified on the spot - but lets not detract from the fact that if any one of you found thta you had a legitimate reason to apply for one - however slim - then you would jump at the chance
On 13 Aug 2009 at 8:17am The Major wrote:
Autistic? Does that mean there handy with a paint brush?!
On 13 Aug 2009 at 8:20am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
He used to run off, and had no concept of danger, so had to go in a wheelchair anywhere there was traffic.
On 13 Aug 2009 at 8:37am The Major wrote:
Bit like children then? Does that mean there suitable for blue badges? This is wooly, liberal minded, PC Britain at it's most annoying! Everyone should just pull themselves together and carry on regardless of handouts from the nanny state!
On 13 Aug 2009 at 1:44pm Oh dear wrote:
Major, you are a right idiot making fun of someones illness, just hope nothing creeps up and makes you have to apply for a badge some day in your sad little life. These badges are not handed out willy nilly, you have to have a full medical and all your medical records have to be available for the people who decide if your eligible for one. I myself have had a badge for nearly 10 years due to some idiot jumping into oncoming traffic and smashing into my car, damaging my spine so badly that im still having surgery to this day. I can walk but with severe pain all the time, i dont have a sticker on my face saying i am in pain so does that make me not eligible for a badge. Some days im in so much pain that i cant even get out of bed and on morphine to make things easier. So please dont judge and think of others before you judge and make fun. I have a good friend with an Autistic child and it is hard work as you have to have eyes in your backside. Having a badge when out with him makes it easier for the carer to get to the shops with a short distance to return to their car which means less chance of him injuring himself.
On 13 Aug 2009 at 2:13pm Footy Mum wrote:
Well put Oh dear. My daughter has a blue badge and she is 7 she has a life limiting condition for which at present there is no cure.
I have numerous hospital/doctor appts for her and try as i might you cannot park at the RSCH / Alex.
You would not know to look at my child that there is anything wrong with her disability is not always visable.
On 13 Aug 2009 at 4:10pm Sick of this PC world wrote:
Why do disabled people get to jump queues? Are they less impatient than able people? Surely they should be made to wait like everyone else. If I was disabled, I would want to wait in a queue like everyone else instead of being wheeled up to the front, making everyone have to move aside, drawing attention to myself so the rest of the queue can look on and mutter under their breath what they really think. It's so ....dare I say it....arrogant!
On 13 Aug 2009 at 5:18pm wanderer wrote:
ref sick of this pc world & The Major !! Why dont you sick twats go and do something usefull with life if you had a member of you family with the above disability you would FULLY UNDERSTAND the reason why theme parks offer this priv to the person with the disability .. If you dont undertand dont mock!..
Its just something to make the day a happier one ... and its not que jump as you still cant jump on next ride you are still bound by a time limit ie que time 90mins you cannot rejoin another ride until time has passed !!
On 13 Aug 2009 at 6:39pm Sick of this PC world wrote:
Wanderer.....When I see a disabled person in a wheelchair, I don't judge UNLESS they have managed to get themselves out of their nice 4x4, unload their wheelchair and get in it all by themselves! When I see a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair, again, I don't judge but when I see a morbidly obese person in a wheelchair, I can't help feeling a bit bewildered. What I'm trying to say I suppose, is that there are so many undeserving cases of 'disability' nowadays and the system is busting at the seems with fraudsters leaving little room for the genuinely disabled person. And for your info, my mother was (genuinely) severely disabled for 3 years before she died and she felt embarrassed to queue jump as she wanted to feel 'normal' and fit in with the crowd, despite being in a wheelchair. So before you accuse me of being a sick twat, read my post again and you will see the sincerity of what I'm trying to say.
On 13 Aug 2009 at 7:08pm missing the point wrote:
its cars like the one that parks all day at the rear of the dorset arms, (a 4x4) have seen someone walk to and from antiques shop and load it, theres a car park a few yards away im just doubtfull the driver is the badge holder, think thats what upsets most of us
On 13 Aug 2009 at 8:07pm No Pot Pourri wrote:
I think the Dorset Arms person works there. I know of some people who scam the system and don't really deserve priority or free parking. Also, lots of people who are genuinely less able use their badges for their helpers, who may use the car / badge whenever they like. Final gripe - if you are disabled and get DLA, why do you also get to park free when others pay?
On 13 Aug 2009 at 10:16pm Squidward wrote:
Just to refer back to the original post on this subject re badge holders and their personalities- obviously correct and all surrounding them judging by the nasty comments on here!!
On 14 Aug 2009 at 8:22am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Sick of this PC world wrote:
Wanderer.....When I see a disabled person in a wheelchair, I don't judge UNLESS they have managed to get themselves out of their nice 4x4, unload their wheelchair and get in it all by themselves!
Many paraplegics can manage to transfer themselves from their car to their chair unaided. If you watch, you'll see that they mostly do it by lifting themselves with their arms, and only use their legs momentarily, for support. I think it's bloody clever - I certainly couldn't manage it, and many wheelchair users never learn how to do it either.
The ability to stand for a few moments doens't mena you cna walk, either, or even that you can stand safely. Spinal injury often causes neural damage that leads to muscle spasms, ansd they can standing one minute and on the floor in a messy heap the next when their legs "go".
Seems to me there's an awful lot of ill-informed prejudice about disability on here. What would you prefer - getting free parking or being fit and well?
On 14 Aug 2009 at 8:44am Sick of this PC world wrote:
ACT wrote "Seems to me there's an awful lot of ill-informed prejudice about disability on here."
What do you expect, in this world of cheats and scum bags pretending to be disabled? I may not know the ins and outs of disabilities as you so clearly do but I have the right to 'prejudge' those who are clearly ripping off the system AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TAX PAYER! It's comforting to know that my taxes help to line the pockets of these lazy wasters.
On 15 Aug 2009 at 11:09am Keeley wrote:
Quite right, I have known of people in the past who hold legitimate blue badges and just give them to their friends and family to use when going out shopping etc, so they don't have to park or can clutter up the yellow lines. I can't believe the sheer selfishness of people like that. Its not fair, its not right, and it gives REAL disabled people a bad name.
On 15 Aug 2009 at 11:11am Keeley wrote:
I meant to say "so they don't have to pay to park".
On 16 Aug 2009 at 10:37am Bob.T.Builder wrote:
The trouble is, these badges are easily abused and this makes them desirable to thieves. If the badges were strictly controlled with photos of holders and annual renewal (and a database as mentioned by others) then maybe they'd get more respect. I did report a dodgy user - no obvious limp, twitch or missing limb and was told in no uncertain terms that users have good and bad days. It gladdened my heart to see his car rear-ended recently as I'm certain his use was borderline abuse!
Viz Top tip: Supermarkets, put disabled bays at the far end of the car park so that they don't get used by able-bodied drivers! ;-)
On 16 Aug 2009 at 12:08pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
My friend's son and my SiL both have blue badges and both of them carry a photo of the cardholder.
On 16 Aug 2009 at 4:11pm Sherry wrote:
They have a photo of the holder on one side and the expiry date on the other side, and they are meant to display it with expiry date facing upwards so can be verified, but loads of people forget and think it should be displayed photo-side-up, which is why they are fined.
On 16 Aug 2009 at 4:49pm cant_be_too_difficult? wrote:
Well thought out system - Vote tory next time and see the photo and the expiry date on the same side!
On 16 Aug 2009 at 9:14pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
I think the trouble lies with the registering authority for disability - SOCIAL SERVICES.
The official figures for disability in East Sussex are 1:6
It would appear that the eligibility criteria used by social services (if indeed any is actually used) is incredibly lax
On 17 Aug 2009 at 12:52am Hay Nonnie Mouse wrote:
I'm completely confused by one thing. A disabled person is entitled to park on double yellow lines. Now, the reason why we have double yellows is usually on safety grounds, otherwise why would we have it? For instance, in St Nicholas Lane. Now, if this is the case then why is it okay for a disabled person to park there? Is it suddenly safe? Will that person be able to move that car in a hurry if access is urgently required such as ambulance etc? I think not, so how can this law be right? (I won't open that can of worms)
Frequently I see people park on the double yellows and then merrily skip into town. How can that be right? This needs looking at.
On 17 Aug 2009 at 4:08am Mo-Bill-ity wrote:
Nobody is allowed to park on double yellow lines, and the term "nobody" includes disabled people. When it comes to NCP, the situation is not enforced and/or policed (probably as they are not qualified to deal with such matters) and therefore the disabled abuse the situation.
Another reason to get rid of NCP
On 17 Aug 2009 at 11:33pm Get a life wrote:
Get a life you saddo's, people are screwing the system every day, not just disabled badges, young girls having babies so as to get council flats and not do a hard days work in their little lives,then spiiting out a couple more as to be upgraded to a bigger place also people committing crimes and ending up in jail and it's the hard working class paying for all of this from your taxed salary. These badges are not easy to get and you have to have your photo on them also they have to be renewed every 3 years, and with medicals, so lay off and talk about something you really know the facts about !!!!! Also would like to add that a disabled badge states that you are allowed to park on double and single yellow lines upto 3 hours, only loading bay marks are not included.
On 18 Aug 2009 at 7:09am Great Crested Newt wrote:
Get a life...So glad you came along to put us all straight and clear up this mess. Just answer one thing though seeing as you such an expert? Why are disabled badge holders allowed to park on double yellows for up to 3 hours? Are their cars less prone to causing inconveniences to other road users or something? Or even worse, a collision? Because lets face it....isn't that the main purpose for double yellow lines? If you can give one good reason why this rule is justifiable, then I will eat my words but somehow, I don't think you can in this case.
On 18 Aug 2009 at 7:37am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
They are allowed to park on double yellow lines because they can't walk far, or walk safely. They need to be able to get within a safe, accessible distance of their destination.
Anyone can park on double yellow lines if they are loading, so the disabled person's car is no more of a risk than that. Where a section of road is dangerous to park on, loading is not permitted either. Where loading is not allowed, blue badgeholders are not allowed to park there either.
On 18 Aug 2009 at 8:29am Saddo wrote:
It looks as if the above posts have touched a nerve with some (eg Get a life)
On 18 Aug 2009 at 12:43pm Get a life wrote:
Well said Annette Curtain -Twitcher :-))) And as for you saddo, GET A LIFE!!!!
On 19 Aug 2009 at 5:38pm Berry wrote:
Sorry Mo-Billi-ity but you have no idea what you're talking about. Disabled people with blue badges can park for 3 hours on doubel or single yellows provided no obstruction is caused and there isn't a loading ban. Plus anyone can park on them if they are loading/unloading the vehicle, its quite widely allowed and common knowledge. So kindly check your facts.
On 19 Aug 2009 at 7:17pm Get a life wrote:
Well said Berry :-) :-)) :-)))

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