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Covid truth

On 25 Sep 2020 at 7:30am dave wrote:
A friend of mine has just sent this to his local MP. Caroline Ansell in Eastbourne.
It’s well worth a read.

Dear Caroline,
There is a lot of misinformation flying about from all corners in regards to the ‘covid’ issue. For anyone with an open mind, it is not simple to differentiate from what is true, false, deliberately misinterpreted or naively misinterpreted. I have been down many rabbit holes with this whole thing, exploring and researching many of the theories of, where it comes from, how virulent it is etc.

I used to train Primary care staff, GP’s and nurses so I know quite a few as friends from all around the UK and also worked a consultant for Social Services in several London Boroughs. I have spoken with various health and social care practitioners including two GP’s, five nurses, one consultant, one A&E consultant, a covid ward nurse, three care home managers and a manager at a Sussex Hospital. All of whom I have no reason to mistrust.
So my research, although it has been widespread across the net including WHO, ONS, .gov and various other sites, what I lay out here is anecdotal evidence from many of the above and friends & family…. All of whom I trust and have ‘no axe to grind’.
Some of this you can go and research yourself if you choose to, some you will have to trust I am telling the truth… you will have to decide that when you read it. On the request of the individuals, I have anonymised this data, through fear of reprisal as we are now regularly seeing against anyone who is not agreeing with the Government narrative. Below you will find some bullet-pointed data for your consideration.
• A friend of mine died last week from a massive brain haemorrhage. Her husband was told that if they put covid on the death certificate, they could release the body straight away without the need for a post mortem.
• The husband of my mums’ hairdresser died six weeks ago of a sudden heart attack. His wife (my mums’ hairdresser) was not allowed in the ambulance. She followed up in the car, and by the time she got there, he was dead and had covid down as the cause of death on certificate.
• The covid test is not accurate and only tests for a protein in your system that suggests you may be or have had one of many ‘coronaviruses’ – not just Covid.
• A patient at a Sussex hospital was tested seven times in two days, and results came back four positive and three negatives.
• The daughter of a family friend was kicked in the head by her horse a few weeks ago and died. She had covid put on her death certificate.
• A relative who works at Kings in London told me that Doctors have been directed to put covid on as many death certificates as possible regardless of NOT testing. If the patient has had one of any of the many symptoms before death, the covid claim can be justified.
• The father-in-law of a dog walker we see every day died of stage 4 cancer and had covid put on his death certificate.
• If you have had any coronavirus including covid and recovered the ‘test’ will show you up as ‘positive’.
• A nurse (of 25 years training to be a consultant nurse) told me that they had been told that putting covid on any death cert saves the NHS time and money as no post-mortem is required.
• Two residents from a friends EMI care home died within 24 hours of each other. Both very ill and were ‘ready to go’ as he put it. The hospital put covid on both death certs, and subsequently, they locked down the home, sent all staff home to self-isolate for 14 days. All residents locked in their rooms and temp staff bought in which nearly screwed the whole thing.
• A friend who is the area manager for four care homes was told that anyone with signs of covid must be locked down and an automatic DNR imposed. He was told that no-one from the homes should be brought to hospital. This was across the board in England.
• The number of cases relates to ‘positive’ tests. (we already know that these are inaccurate at best) Cases are rising because more and more people are being tested—most with no symptoms at all.
• The world health organisation (Maria Van Kerkhove) stood up and clearly stated that an individual that is Asymptomatic is NOT infectious.
• ONS stated that it believes that 20% of deaths attributed to covid are actually not. (Based on what I have heard first hand, I believe this is a huge understatement)
• They government doubled the test rate to meet targets overnight by claiming that 1 test was 2. The one up your nose was one, and the one down your throat was 2.
• The Government are currently complaining that they are oversubscribed with people wanting tests and not meeting target as people without symptoms and school kids and travellers are taking the test…. Just think about that logic for a minute?? They are doing the maximum number of tests, but not getting as many positives as they would like is what they mean! If people without symptoms are supposedly infectious, then surely it matters not who gets tested as we are all potentially infected?
• My friends’ mother died of stage 4 cancer three weeks ago, and covid was put down as the cause…. (note .. so far every death I have been made aware of in recent weeks has had covid put down as the cause… that is not 20% as the ONS state but 100%... and that is just the ones I have heard of.
• Billions of healthy people across the globe are being forced to wear face masks.
• Hundreds of thousands if not millions of healthy people may be placed under 14-day house arrest with the threat of £10k fine, due to the Track & Test system being rolled out.
• Fear destroys the immune system making the individual more susceptible to any disease.
• Being in a state of ‘Alert’ also put you in a ‘fight or flight’ state and destroys the immune system.
• Suicides have soared over the last three months.
• The manager at a Sussex Hospital took a sample from her cat’s mouth and sent it off for testing, and it came back ‘positive’.
• Domestic violence has soared exponentially over the last five months.
• Thousands of profitable businesses and the livelihoods of millions of people have been destroyed… This is going to get much much worse in the next two months when the furlough reduces more and stops.
• Every client I have seen in the last two months bar one says they are going to make at least 20% of staff redundant. Many of them said it would be up to 50%.
• Mental health, depression, anxiety and re-trauma has gone through the roof, and this will boom even more in coming months as people become unemployed and many evicted due to inability to pay their mortgages and rents.
• Corona Viruses come at the end of flu season every year.
• If you have had a flu jab more than three years running, you are over 30% more likely to catch coronavirus.
• 2019-2020 flu season over 16,000 people died from flu in the UK.
• Over 90% of those above had been vaccinated against it.
• Reports of child abuse cases are down 75% in the last six months - this is because the majority of abuse cases are picked up at school by teachers and reported to social services and Police.
• Of those reported to have died from covid over 97% had a morbidity count of 2.5 or more.
I could rattle on here Caroline and have so much more I could say but won’t.
I am NOT anti-vax... I am PRO Safe Vaccine. I am NOT anti-mask but PRO appropriate Mask (for those that really need them). I am not anti-Government but PRO Honest Government. I am not a conspiracy theorist but someone looking for the TRUTH amongst the barrage of BS being spread by everyone.
I get very frustrated by the power of the mainstream media that continually pours fear into millions of naïve people’s minds who turn on the TV, read the papers and believe everything they see and hear. They have turned families and friends against each other, and now we are seeing people going back to work with very different views, and it is not healthy.
The MSM is the power and the mouthpiece of what is controlling the Government.
Think back to March April 2018... Theresa May was struggling, and Brexit was the ‘Fear’ topic of the day. I walked into a new client at 9am and said ‘You never guess what?... Theresa May has fallen on her sword, and Boris is now acting Prime Minister’ The sound of shock, horror & disbelief could be heard two blocks up. ‘No way ‘….. ‘that idiot’….. ‘that lying axxxhole ‘…… ‘that buffoon ‘….. ‘How the hell could that happen ‘……. were just some of the comments. I let it run for a while then reminded them of the date… 1st April…. They all laughed, and we chatted for a while saying how absolutely surreal it would be if that ‘fool’ ended up running the country!!
Fast forward a few months and the media had convinced the UK Government and then the UK public that Boris was the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable person out of everyone in the UK to run it!!
I don’t pretend to understand what is really going on and why….. but what I do know is that based on the above, the masses are being misled at best. Maybe for their own good…. Who knows?? Everything above is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I will stand in a court of law to defend it.
I am, therefore writing to express my most profound concern about the Coronavirus Act renewal motion. In particular, I urge you to support the amendment to repeal Schedule 21 on Wednesday 30th September, to protect rights and justice in the UK.
The Coronavirus Act represents the most significant expansion of executive power in a generation. Some of the powers in the Act are extreme, unexplained and simply unjustified — but, nodded through on the premise of urgency, the Act suffered from a lack of parliamentary scrutiny. It is vital that this motion to review the Act is not a rubber-stamping exercise but a genuine review and repeal of the Act’s unnecessary and dangerous powers. The most dangerous and excessive of these powers in Schedule 21 of the Act.
Schedule 21 contains some of the most extreme detention powers in modern British legal history. It gives unprecedented, almost arbitrary powers to the Police, immigration officers and public health officials to detain “potentially infectious” members of the public, including children, potentially indefinitely and in unspecified locations. In a pandemic, that could mean anyone.
So far, Schedule 21 detention powers have been used for 121 prosecutions — every single one of which was found unlawful by the CPS on review. This 100% unlawful prosecution rate, which has continued over six months, is unprecedented and unacceptable. There have been several cases of innocent and healthy individuals, not only being arrested and fined but even held in police cells unlawfully under these draconian powers.
I believe that renewing Schedule 21 in the Coronavirus Act would be dangerous and indefensible. Significant powers in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 already allow for the forced detention and testing of potentially infectious people with the authorisation of a magistrate, which is a vital safeguard. Furthermore, the Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel) Regulations 2020 require individuals returning from countries on the quarantine list to self-isolate and give Police the power to forcibly return an individual to an isolation place.
Will you support an amendment to the Coronavirus Act renewal motion to repeal Schedule 21?

I respectfully request that you do not send me back a ‘Stock head office’ written reply. I want to hear Caroline Ansell’s true feelings on this very serious and life changing matter and not the ‘Party-Line’.

Yours sincerely
On 25 Sep 2020 at 9:46am Cliffe Hanger wrote:
She'll do well to get through that lot.
"If you have had any coronavirus including covid and recovered the ‘test’ will show you up as ‘positive’".
That is utter rubbish. The test is specific to COVID, though it is sensitive and will pick up COVID infections that occurred several weeks before. Pretty much everyone has been infected by a coronavirus in the past. If your mate's point were correct, the positive rate would be about 100%.
On 25 Sep 2020 at 3:04pm Dreamer wrote:
Indeed it is, Cliff Hanger. Most of that is utter rubbish, proven wrong many times, and supported by no data at all.
My current favourite is the hog wash being spread about false positive rates. For one, people using that argument are trying to do Bayesian statistics without understanding that they are applying the wrong prior. To add to that, the false positive rate has been proven to be much lower than some folks claim - countries that test at sufficiently high rates see positivity rates that are much lower than the claimed false positive rate.
But people like Dave and TP will believe, or claim to believe it, for whatever reason. They will not accept evidence to the contrary, intentionally conflate terms (e.g. comorbidity and preexisting condition), and play insulted when called out on it.
I recommend installing a simple Raspberry Pi based proxy server (such as Pi Hole) and using it to filter their posts here. They have the right to express their opinion, no matter how scientifically wrong it is, and we have a right to not need to put up with it. And the forum becomes more useful once the trolls are invisible. ;-)
On 25 Sep 2020 at 3:48pm Ferret wrote:
@dave What a load of unverifiable claptrap from an unidentified "friend of mine"! If you and your friend are so sure of the truth of any of this, name the friend. This reads like a regurgitation of comments from Mail Online pandemic deniers. For heaven's sake, this recent surge in infections is a direct result of people like you undermining the policies of the slightly less extreme right wing libertarian government we are so unfortunately cursed with, as well as trashing the health professionals who have been putting their own lives at risk dealing with the consequences of this virus.
On 25 Sep 2020 at 7:07pm Tom Pain wrote:
Well said Dave. If you say anything on this forum slightly out of line with the official propaganda the knives come out immediately. Because they're all so virtuous anyone who disagrees with them has to be utterly evil which gives them the right to be as unpleasant as they like,(and probably are). I hope you post some more.
On 25 Sep 2020 at 7:18pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Can someone rational please advise me if it's worth bothering reading the lead post in this thread? I'm thinking not....although I did quickly do a word search in the post for "Bill Gates", and that yielded maybe it won't be quite so nutty.
On 25 Sep 2020 at 8:13pm Dreamer wrote:
@Green Sleeves: It is not. Save your time.
The summary:
A few made up "I know some one who" stories, and a few repeatedly disproven statements about test accuracy.
So basically the usual "I kNow it'S alL a HuGe LiE".
On 25 Sep 2020 at 9:00pm Dreamer wrote:
Let me be a more more precise, so it doesn't seem I am dismissing this out of hand.
Dave claims that "the Covid test" tests for a protein.
While it is true that there are tests that test for a protein, those are the antibody tests (antibodies are large proteins). These tests are the ones that test if someone has had Covid. They indicate that 6.2% of the UK population have antibodies against Covid (data from today's ONS surveillance bulletin).
But the tests Dave appears to mean are the swab tests being performed by the NHS and Serco. These are so-called PCR tests, thst test against a nucleic acid (about as different from a protein as a rock is from a tree). These tests amplify a specific stretch of RNA that is *only* found in SARS-CoV2. Not any other Corona viruses. This is known because it is explicitly tested for when such a test is designed. Even before that, the stretch of RNA that is tested for (the template) is selected by aligning the genetic sequences of known Corona viruses, determine the region that is most variable between different viruses and picking a highly characteristic subsequence in that stretch. This so-called primer design is not black magic, but something that many molecular biologists do day in day out. Complete standard. Highly error proof.
The silliness regarding masks is hardly worth discussing. There is a wealth of evidence on this. Claiming that basic masks do not work in containing the virus by limiting its spread at the source, is about as scientific as claiming the Earth is indeed flat: it's a nice isea, but has been disproven so many times by so many different means, that discussing it is a bit "out there".
On 25 Sep 2020 at 11:34pm Tom Pain wrote:
I would definitely suggest that Pancetta not bother to read it, the writer is not your type at all. Just vape another and float off to the conceptual world of your mind, a kinder world of safe hands running the human butchery far away and you can pontificate on the folly of lesser mortals. Transition into austerity as the economy tanks in the sure knowledge that your dreams are edible and only the gammon will suffer.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 1:09am dave wrote:
I don’t claim anything

I merely posted what a friend of mine wrote to his mp.

I made no indication that I disbelieve or believe any of the content.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 7:35am Hyena wrote:
dave. After reading the first few paragraphs the only thought I had was that your friend knows or knows of a lot of unfortunate people.
Personally I wouldn’t go anywhere near him , he sounds like the kids of death.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 8:17am Green Sleeves wrote:
Skimming through, It does come across as the kind of nonsense you'd see that douchebag "friend" everyone has in their Facebook network post up. They might put in bold letters "WAKE UP" as if they have taken the red pill and the rest are mind slaves to everything.

The MP will never read this attention seeking crap, basically. Just as most others won't. It appeals to a certain arrogant type of person who assumes they're just more intellectually curious than others....the reality is they are simply more susceptible to being duped and defrauded. Had the government ignored covid entirely and done absolutely nothing during this pandemic, these same folks would be wearing masks right now and telling the rest of us we are doomed as we aren't taking the virus seriously. It's just the way some people set their lives out. Quite perverse really.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 9:31am Ferret wrote:
@dave So what motivated you to post that rubbish? Was it a desire to convince people of the need to follow all the pandemic mitigation measures diligently, and to praise the professional integrity of those who work for the NHS? Or was it simply out of frustration that the relaxation of more severe lockdown measures, and Johnson's constant u-turns, have resulted in a huge increase in cases in cities and large towns? Thankfully not in Lewes area so far.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 1:12pm Basil wrote:
'There is a lot of misinformation flying about from all corners in regards...' I stopped reading at 'in regards', a construction that is usually the sign of limited intelligence.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 1:28pm Ferret wrote:
@Basil Sorry Basil, but you are mistaken. There is absolutely nothing wrong with 'in regards', and its use doesn't signify limited intelligence. The fact that this unidentified person thinks that a string of unlikely anecdotes and distorted half-truths will impress his or her MP says a lot about the sender and his or her opinion of the MP's intelligence.
On 26 Sep 2020 at 8:08pm Dreamer wrote:
The fact that this unidentified person thinks that a string of unlikely anecdotes, distorted half-truths *and full blown lies.*
I fixed that for you Ferret ;-).
We need to call bs when we see it and vast parts of Dave's post (no matter how much he tries to distance himself from it) are just that. Parroting of disproven conspiracy theories.
On 27 Sep 2020 at 10:49am Tom Pain wrote:
Nice cop out Dave Strawman. Bravura performance by the Parrot Chorus of the Keyboard Lockstep has the audience in raptures. Meanwhile,behind the scenery, the wealth transfer to the corporate sector continues unabated. Shush, don't wake them, the show must go on. Viva Pandemicus Maximus.
On 27 Sep 2020 at 10:26pm dave wrote:
It’s a little narcissistic to assume I care what you think.

Check it out here »
On 27 Sep 2020 at 11:40pm The Old Mayor wrote:
It's tyranny whatever why you look at it. What we need is common sense.
On 28 Sep 2020 at 1:08pm Green Sleeves wrote:
You have no common sense TOM, you just fear change.
On 28 Sep 2020 at 6:37pm Local99 wrote:
Someone dared to criticise my yawning a while back.
What other response is appropriate to this thread, I ask you!
On 28 Sep 2020 at 7:20pm Nevillman wrote:
I would suggest just ignoring it local. You don't have to demonstrate your ignorance in every thread.
On 28 Sep 2020 at 9:58pm Tom Pain wrote:
Well PANCETTA, I changed my shirt this morning without having a nervous breakdown and I changed my mind about a couple of ideas I had for the garden, is that an improvement? I also reviewed my thoughts about the 1% false positive covid test results. Would you believe it, I had been giving the government the benefit of the doubt!!! Foolish Tom thought that 1%of the positives was neither here nor there! But then I realised~ it was 1% of ALL the tests that ,statistically were suspect, big mistake. It follows that if 1,000 were tested and 11came up positive, only 1 was statistically sound. That, I'm sure you'll admit puts a totally different completion on the CASE figures. Actually I get the feeling that you would never admit it, not even to yourself! No worry, change might even happen to you!!!
On 29 Sep 2020 at 7:30am Green Sleeves wrote:
Why "pancetta"? You are obviously keen to get this off the ground so I will grant you your right of explanation. Have you been called gammon so much of late by liberals that you feel you should retaliate with something less amusing and accurate?
On 29 Sep 2020 at 10:53am Ferret wrote:
@Tom Pain You've really excelled yourself this time. Trying to suggest that the vast majority of positive cases were false positives. So there's no pandemic at all, and all those excess deaths were down to something quite mysterious, or perhaps they didn't happen at all. I must tell the person I know that their father who died suddenly (apparently of Covid-19 related complications) in April probably isn't dead at all, of if he is, the positive test (that he had when admitted to hospital) was wrong. You really are bonkers, Tom.
On 29 Sep 2020 at 1:40pm Tom Pain wrote:
See the Dr Mike Yeadon video ferret. Unfortunately, no one has called me a gammon, I could do with a good laugh Pancetta,but I see that you don't need an explanation.
On 29 Sep 2020 at 9:52pm Dreamer wrote:
Ferret, has TP honestly jumped onto the false positive nonsense? I should consider removing the filter on his posts.
I had thought he would be more original than jumping onto something as disproven as that. One would think the fact that many countries have lower positivity rates than the false positive rate claimed by the loonies would be sufficient.
Ah well...
On 29 Sep 2020 at 11:58pm dave wrote:
There is none so blind as will not see.
On 30 Sep 2020 at 11:52am Tom Pain wrote:
I wish I had the energy to jump around as much as you imagine dreamer. Listen to what the government is saying through Hancock about false positives (about1% or more for the pcr )Then work it out yourself like the good doctor. He's not me,you don't have to jump down his throat every time he opens his mouth.
On 1 Oct 2020 at 5:54pm Tom Pain wrote:
Former chief scientific advisor to Pfiser pharmaceuticals for 15 years Dr Mike Yeadon wonders what qualification Dreamer has to rubbish his professional opinion.Dreamer seems a very appropriate name for someone whose overweening conceit is only exceeded by his monumental ignorance and mendacious desire to infect all and sundry with it's results,it would seem.
On 1 Oct 2020 at 7:12pm Nevillman wrote:
I don't see how anyone can claim to have any real idea of the number of cases or deaths. It could be higher due to unrecorded cases and deaths or lower due to false positives and as suggested from the original post, inaccurate death certificates. I resent that anyone who questions the figures is assumed to be a mask refuser or covid denier by some on here. Arguing about the numbers when none of us can even visualise huge numbers like this strikes me as a bit futile. I would emulate local and just yawn but that is even more pointless. Keep safe everyone who needs to and wants to. Help keep everyone else safe even if you aren't bothered yourself.
On 1 Oct 2020 at 9:50pm Tom Pain wrote:
Have you seen the video Nev? All becomes much clearer if you do
On 1 Oct 2020 at 11:14pm Ferret wrote:
Beware Tom, Nevillman and all others who question the severity of the pandemic. The number of positive cases in Lewes district have increased by 300% in a week. from 5 to 15. Lets hope the new rules prevent a further tripling in the next week.
On 2 Oct 2020 at 8:38am Nevillman wrote:
I'm not disputing this is a severe pandemic ferret. I'm just saying that I don't trust any figures. How was the figure of 15 new cases in Lewes District arrived at? If that is cases the NHS definitely know about, it is highly likely to be less than the true figure. I'm not sufficiently interested to watch your video Tom. I'm not hung up on the figures. I do think that any people who know the risks and are prepared to accept them are entitled to go about their business and mingle with like minded people as long as they don't put vulnerable people at any additional risk. With schools and workplaces back I expect covid to become much more prevalent anyway. Hopefully it will not affect vulnerable people like myself. It is my responsibility to ensure I don't get it. Not anyone else's.
On 2 Oct 2020 at 3:26pm Tom Pain wrote:
I'm surprised you haven't got 5minutes to see how the figures are arrived at,Nev. I doubt you'd be interested in seeing the inventor of the p.c.r. test saying that ,if you do it well enough, you can find almost anything in anybody, either then. It's also a great surprise to see the folk of Sussex whose motto is we wun't be druv being herded like sheep with their eyes firmly shut, their ears blocked and their minds closed. They probably don't know what it means.
On 2 Oct 2020 at 4:18pm Nevillman wrote:
There are many things wrong with the figures Tom and I'm not interested in them or your one specific reason why you think they are inaccurate. It's starting to sound a bit like your obsession with money supply and Werner as the main cause of economic problems. If you think being prepared to wear a mask in some public places is an example of being herded like sheep then I disagree with you on that as well. I think it is important for people like you to continue to question the official line and I suspect we won't know the truth for years but I do accept there is a dangerous virus out there that vulnerable people like you and I would do well to avoid. Unlike you, I am not surprised at the stupidity of many people but don't regard wearing a mask as being a sign of it.
On 2 Oct 2020 at 7:47pm Ferret wrote:
I doubt that there are many people who trust the government or PHE to produce accurate data. After all, they tried to pull the wool over our eyes by not including test results done by private companies for months until forced to by being shamed. But the data on the PHE dashboard is all we've got to judge the seriousness of the local situation by. And I don't agree that it is only your responsibility to avoid catching it. It is all of our responsibility, given that each of us could be contagious without knowing it. It makes me very angry to see anyone (staff or customer) in a shop without a mask covering nose and mouth as I did today (staff and customer) in Ringmer. There really is no excuse except utter contempt for the rest of us. And that "medical reasons" for not wearing a mask of some sort is utter eyewash.

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