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On 6 Feb 2012 at 4:24pm Patient wrote:
I was in Boots earlier and heard someone complaining to the manager about the prescription service. I think it's abysmal but I heard the manager say that they get good customer feedback in surveys. I can't believe that's true but what do people think?
On 7 Feb 2012 at 12:03am Sceptic wrote:
I work for Boots and I want to hear your views because people are talking crap behind our back instead or getting a view from the real customers !
On 7 Feb 2012 at 1:21am 17Xs wrote:
I must admit I do not personally use Boots for prescriptions but I have 'heard' alot of bad things. In fact there was a post on here a couple of months ago and wasnt good at all.
Frankly Sceptic if that the general attitide of the staff..... well 'nuff' said!
On 7 Feb 2012 at 1:22am IMEYOU wrote:
I'm a real customer and I have sussed out the best method of getting a prescription made up in a reasonable amount of time once I have caught the attention of one of up to six vacant looking assistants ! . . They will ask you if you are waiting or if you are to pick up later ? . . I will reply " I will wait " . . I will go back to work then go back a couple of hours later in my tea break and hey presto . . Its not ready ! . . FFS the prescription is only often Ventolin and already in a box on a carousel and only needs to be checked, labelled and bagged up, Asthma can kill in three minutes . . Boots get your act together.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 8:30am Dr Placebo wrote:
They are pretty useless.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 8:47am lewes resident wrote:
AWFUL experience with boots,my son suffers from asthma, he was given a new steriod which was fine until i put in repeat prescription only to notice after he had been taking it that he was an adult dose!!!! this was a few years ago, i would never get any prescription in there again, and it does'nt sound like it has improved!!!
On 7 Feb 2012 at 8:56am Observer wrote:
What a load of whiners. I have been getting my tablets from Boots for years and yes occasionally there are problems but not enough to warrant the moaning in this thread. I find if you phone up first to check if your prescription is ready you will find the staff more than helpful. And no I don't work in Boots. If you are not satisfied then go somewhere else.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 9:10am Sick note wrote:
I go to Western Road. Never a queue and you can park outside for free.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 9:36am Chillie123 wrote:
I live near Boots. However, I now meander up the hill to Bakers Pharmacy. My experience of Boots is ineficiency, they often loose my prescription, when I put the prescription in and go back some days later to collect it, they cannot find it, sometimes I have had to go back to the doctors and get another one, then wait yet again. They have given me another person's medication in with my own. Often there is a long queue, flustered staff, it is a nightmare place to go to and not a good Customer experience at all. I have never been asked to partake in a customer survey, so I dont know where they are getting their stats from.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 9:45am observer wrote:
Sick note & Chillie, If you both go to other chemists why on earth are you whinging on about Boots. It would pay all you whingers to live in the third world where medication is just a dream. Now get a life and move on.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 10:24am stig of the dump wrote:
You too mate
On 7 Feb 2012 at 10:27am Observer wrote:
I am on my way.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 10:58am RodsTiger wrote:
I have been picking up a repeat prescription every month for the past three years, sometimes with a slight variation if I am starting to stockpile, and never had a problem; I turn up on the specified day and there it is.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 12:49pm Mr Pharmacist wrote:
If you have a problem don't moan at the staff or about them, write to the manager!
It is nothing to do with the staff, the management refuse to employ enough people to work there. My friend works there and she is under unbelievable pressure-I'm surprised she is never seriously ill, but even if she was she doesn't get paid for it. If you could see how hard they work and how stressed they are you would not say that they are "vacant looking", probably just knackered!!! The reason why Bakers and St Anne's are so efficient is that they do not get the amount of customers that Boots does.
By the way, I do not work there, use the pharmacy very rarely, but whenever I do the service is excellent. They stayed open way past their closing time once to give me medication for my little boy.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 1:55pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
I suspect that they get "good customer feedback" because most of the dissatisfied ones have voted with their feet, like I have, and therefore don't get asked for feedback.
St Anne's in Western Road gets my vote every time.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 2:30pm Emphasymarite. wrote:
I used to use Boots and had my jamboree bag of puffers,steroids and antibiotics delivered as I find it impossible in this weather to pick it up as I don't drive.
Never once was my prescription correct.
I rang the chemist and gave them details of all my needs and when they arrived there were things missing and old prescriptions lurking in the bottom of the bag.
So I changed to St Anes.
St Annes just delivered 10 minutes ago and it was all correct.
If you aren't happy with your pharmacy go elsewhere.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 4:21pm Decent Citizen wrote:
24th of November,page 6 shows what is thought of Boots!
On 7 Feb 2012 at 4:46pm bastian wrote:
I went in and asked at the dispensery if they sold surgical bleach ( which is for cleaning my beer kegs out) and the person behind the counter looked me up and down and said" what do you want it for, bleaching your hair?"..I was aghast, me, bleach my hair..what rot.I think she took me to be a respectable terrorist.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 4:51pm Rookie wrote:
The only problem I ever had with Boots was the queues. So now it's St Annes Pharmacy every time. Good proper old fashioned friendly customer service and never a long queue.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 5:15pm Trotsky wrote:
Shouln't use Boots. They are tax avoiders.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 5:44pm Patient wrote:
Mr Pharmacist - I started this off by saying someone in Boots was complaining to the manager. I agree with you that it isn't the staff's fault. From what I've seen it's the usual case of a big business trying to keep its profits up at the expense of both the staff and the customers. And, don't forget, Boots also does everything possible to avoid UK tax.
Observer - very clever of you to say we should accept Third World standards. You may have noticed we pay Boots First World prices.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 5:50pm Clifford wrote:
Decent Citizen. Just took a look at the thread you suggested. I see what you mean.

Check it out here »
On 7 Feb 2012 at 5:59pm impatient wrote:
seriously clifford you post on here like you've just seen it for the first time, you wrote on the original back in nov
On 7 Feb 2012 at 6:52pm Clifford wrote:
Impatient: Yes but I had a good Christmas and had forgotten! I must admit I was surprised to see myself there.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 9:53pm confused wrote:
Sceptic - i am a regular and happy boots customer, the young ladies and gents that serve me are always polite and happy to help, you how ever have claimed in previous threads to be an elderly grandparent. So this comes across to me that you have added this comment to provoke people, myself included, into arguing about the staff and their capabilities. This could be very upsetting to people who do actually work there.
Trotsky and Decent Citizen - why is the fact that they dont pay tax such an issue for you? if everybody avoided big companies that dont pay tax then surely this would be even more damaging to the economy by putting good hard working people out of the job having to live on benefits, which i can not imagine how hard it would be.
and as for Clifford - why are you "surprised" to see yourself there when you seem to have on awful opinion and everyone and everything.
sorry but it had to be said.
when i was first told about this forum and how great it was, i was dissapointed to see how horrible and hurtful people in this "pretty little town" actually are, especially now i've looked at previous threads as well. as far as in concerned the is an "ugly little town!"
On 7 Feb 2012 at 10:42pm Decent Citizen wrote:
Be interested to know why you mention me alongside tax etc. No mention of it by me ,you are mistaken. My comments are to do with the poorly run pharmacy!
On 7 Feb 2012 at 11:08pm confused wrote:
well Decent Citizen many apologies, i wrongly assumed you were referring to the thread as a whole, of which the majority are moaning about tax. i now see which post you meant.
On 7 Feb 2012 at 11:47pm IMEYOU wrote:
The post has nothing to do with tax only the Boots system or lack of !
On 8 Feb 2012 at 9:12am observer wrote:
Well done confused, my thoughts exactly. If the people who come on here moaning about the staff and the poor service they are getting were to stop wasting their time sitting in front of their computers and get out in the fresh air and go for walks etc. then maybe they wouldnt need all the tablets their doctor prescribes for them. This would not only be beneficial to them but it would also save a lot of tax payers money. This is not aimed at the genuine ones.
On 8 Feb 2012 at 10:19am Dr Placebo wrote:
Observer, that was a very silly, stupid comment. I only hope you don't get cancer, MS, etc or get old and need regular prescriptions.
On 8 Feb 2012 at 10:51am observer wrote:
Dr Placebo you are either blind supid or both. I said my comments were not aimed at the genuine, but like most trolls you dont bother reading it all. By the way I am old and do need regular prescriptions and I still think Boots are ok! I certainly touched a nerve which makes me think you are one of these whiners.
On 8 Feb 2012 at 11:13am Dr Placebo wrote:
Are you medically qualified to say who has 'genuine' prescription requirements or not??? No I thought not....and you seem to spend plenty of time in front of the PC yourself...pot kettle black methinks.
On 8 Feb 2012 at 11:37am Clifford wrote:
Fascinating to see on here how many people suffer from the world famous British disease - don't complain and just take what you're given.
On 8 Feb 2012 at 3:45pm observer wrote:
Placedo, Placedo, Placedo, you have done it again. Shouting your mouth off before carefully reading the thread. I never said I was medically qualified to say who was genuine and who was not, then you say " I thought not" before I had chance to respond. And Clifford I agree with you about the British disease of not complaining and just taking what they are given. But the worst thing is complaining to the wrong people ie. the forum. Personally like I said earlier I have had no problem with Boots and if I do I shall certainly take it up with them and not the forum.
On 12 Feb 2012 at 7:17pm Cleopatra wrote:
Very rarely do I need a prescription but when I do & Boots is the one open late I try to be positive & give them another chance. To the member of staff who posted earlier I say ' The system is crap & who ever invented it needs to be collecting their P45' You wait ages & if your lucky it arrives, normally someone comes out & tells you they've lost it, I've been a victim of this & witnessed it on more than one occasion. Vote with your feet, it seems many are.
On 31 Aug 2015 at 4:39pm aslk wrote:

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