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Anyone & Everyone Go on Strike!

On 12 Jan 2016 at 1:26pm Enough is Enough wrote:
Not only in support of our NHS & Doctors but to put a stop to this Unjust 'Tory Corporate Led' Austerity!
On 12 Jan 2016 at 2:14pm leaf wrote:
I'm right there with you, can you imagine mass mass strikes the government would poo their pants
On 12 Jan 2016 at 2:18pm Border Control wrote:
Wasn't it the last LABOUR Government that left a note saying there was no money left ?
Now you're complaining !
On 12 Jan 2016 at 2:31pm Enough is Enough wrote:
BC, Every Government leaves the same note!
On 12 Jan 2016 at 5:25pm 50 shades wrote:
Enough is never enough.
On 12 Jan 2016 at 7:12pm Sussex Jim wrote:
"Austerity" is something that has to be inflicted on us every time we have suffered the prolific sqandering of our money by a previous Labour government.
The NHS is a public service, just like the Army or the utilities. People become ill during evenings and weekends. Therefore, the NHS must be run on a 24hr. shift system. There should be no "enhanced payments" for working nights or weekends.
On 12 Jan 2016 at 8:32pm leaf wrote:
Sussex jim please tell me a hospital that doesn't run a 24 hr service I have worked in NHS for years and trust me I've worked long days nights and weekends always. My husband also works for the Emergency Services and I literally have not seen him at home over a weekend in 6 months. Enhancements for very unsocial hours make up for the absolutely pitiful pay many receive.
On 12 Jan 2016 at 8:35pm NotThatFar wrote:
They wouldn't forget a mass suicide, just putting that out there, I'm well up for us all meeting at the white Hart area, and just drinking bleach all together?
On 12 Jan 2016 at 10:48pm lewesman wrote:
I am not a specialist in the contract field, but from what I have researched (which seems to be more than most people here); the Doctors (they are not just Jr. doctors)...
Man, there is so much spin I can't make a complete sentence.
Look, so Hunt says Doctors must work weekends.
Doctors say, but we ARE Already working weekends,
Hunts says, "oh!... but we need MORE doctors on weekends!"
Hosps Admin said, "But that will increase our overtime rates by 20%!"
Hunt said, "well let's change the contract so that we get them to work for a bit on the weekend, but if they have to stay on we don't have to pay them overtime."
Hosp Admin, "But of course they will have to stay on, as we don't hire enough consultants on the weekends."
Hunt, "Exactly!"

Basically, I support the Doctors not just because they are right but because Hunt is WRONG. And he screwed the teachers, now he is trying the doctors, and next it will be you and me. He needs to be reminded that he works for US, not the other way around.
On 13 Jan 2016 at 6:40am SHS wrote:
Here's the solution:
1. Cut the numbers and pay of top and middle management.
2. Cut the red tape, monitoring & reporting that doesn't help patients.
3. Cut out HS2 and spend all the money on the NHS.
By the way, remember when our National Insurance payments were all given to the NHS and our state pension pot? That worked until it was stopped.
On 13 Jan 2016 at 8:51am mike 2 wrote:
Hunt is working for the USA not US. The relentless drive to sell off the 'brand' NHS - remember when it actually was the National Health Service continues. I think those young doctors are very brave. It would be interesting to follow the careers of the more prominent in the future.....I'm sick of the concerted attempts by our government and their puppet press to cast the doctor's actions as 'left wing'. For goodness sake, when was standing up for your rights by striking a vilified action?

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