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Mossy Christian & Megan Wisdom, Lewes Saturday Folk Club

Megan (East Anglia) & Mossy (Lincolnshire) are young performers who sing & play traditional & newer music, blending freshness & vigour with a deep understanding of their roots. Mossy plays fiddle, Anglo concertina & one-row melodeon. Megan plays table harmonium.
Megan & Mossy will give us two 45-minute spots and the rest of the evening is filled by members of the audience doing a song or tune if they wish.
Everyone is welcome, especially if you'd like to sing or play. There will be plenty of opportunities for floor singers as well as the main performance. We mostly sing and play traditional music from the British Isles, but we enjoy other styles as well. We always start off with some English dance tunes for anyone with an instrument to join in.
We have a loyalty card. Six visits earn you 5 off an evening when admission is 5 or more. It's 7 tonight (cash please).

The Elephant and Castle @ 8:00pm
20:00 - 23:00
7 cash

White Hill
Lewes BN7 2DJ 01273 473797 w:

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