Free Drawing Group Lewes

On Wed at 12:18pm Teddy Zyvis wrote:
I am a trained artist but haven't done any art for years due to life pressures and personal stuff. I want to bring people together to draw or paint still life such as insects FREE OF CHARGE AND WITHOUT AND CRITICISM/TEACHING GOING ON and simply because drawing is really therapeutic. My flat is far too small to have a group of people and I have no furniture. Please get back to me if you have a room with a big table and chairs and would be willing to accomodate say up to seven of us - first come first served basis all people interestred to reply here please. No tea making pullava, just all meet and get on with it for just one hour. No pressure on host if they need to cancel, and no rush to organise this. Cheers, Tommy is my real name I'm now a Lewes resident.
On Wed at 06:26pm IDM wrote:
There are a few places where you might find a bit of space - even free for a bit of advertising. All Saints, the Turkish Baths, Grange Gardens art gallery. Also a pub reception room, if your students bought a few pints. Royal Oak, White Hart patio (subject to weather!), Snowdrop. Try general pub gardens - Juggs Kingston, Black Horse, Rights of Man. The Volley is very quiet (dead!) until the evening; that might be a good one. Best of luck.

Royal Mail Issues Lewes Latest

On Wed at 12:10pm Teddy Zyvis wrote:
The postman hasn't been for two days now
This is busy blocks of flats there is no way all of us didn't get post. I am expecting lots of stuff overdue
Anyone else having issues?
On Wed at 07:42pm Horseman7 wrote:
Mine's been arriving as usual in Old Malling Way.
On Wed at 07:45pm I Say Ding Dong wrote:
I run a business and people who send me letter by first class mail get upset when I don't respond to them by mid afternoon the day they expect me to have received their communication. Over the past few months my only delivery of the day has been as late as 17:30. No use to man nor beast. It appears that they don't give a flying F***. They are just a bunch of Cockwombles slowly killing off businesses through their mismanagement and laziness.
On Wed at 08:56pm Nick wrote:
I know someone who, years ago as a student, got a temporary job in a sorting office. After his first week, he was taken to one side by management and told that he was working too quickly.
On Wed at 09:46pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
Mine's been fine. Not that it would matter if it wasn't, it's nearly all junk mail.
On Thu at 06:14pm Chartist wrote:
The pandemic and pingdemic are undoubtedly making the delivery process very difficult. Give them a break. Be kind.
On Fri at 01:38pm Cedric wrote:
Ringmer postal deliveries have been deteriorating for some while now. Some days it is mid afternoon and sometimes, especially weekends, there have been no deliveries at all.

Footpath Maintenance

On Tue at 06:55pm I Say Ding Dong wrote:
Has anyone seen the Prince Edwards Road Sign, the one on the Nevil Road Junction that should be visible as you turn into PER once you've passed the hospital. I'm sure it in there somewhere but the Council can't be bothered to carry out their obligations.
Likewise has anyone walked along the Brighton Road pavement between Montacute Road and Hope in the Valley. The pavement is now about 8 inches wide.
As for the path between Hill Road and Landport Road and the step opposite, the path was hacked back a bit but all the offcuts left to rot and turn slippery underfoot.
The Pells is loosing easy access due to encroaching vegitation the footpath after Willeys Bridge up to old malling way is getting narrower by the day, Nevill road's paths opposite the Hospital up to the brow of the hill are fast disappearing.
We all pay for these paths to be maintained. We should have adequate width for a pedestrian to pass a pushchair without either getting soaked, scratched or stung. ESCC are failing in the legal duty to maintain these rights of way. Can I please ask you to report all issues however large or small to the Highways department, Twitter users please Tweet them @esccroads the message will go to them but be readable by anyone anywhere so make it embarrassing for them. You can also of course email them via their website but that is private and doesn't show their incompetence to the wider world. Any emails should be copied to the Chair of the Highways ctte.
We pay for the service I believe we should receive the service.

On Tue at 09:57pm Tom Pain wrote:
I expect they've been too busy clearing the streets of the plague victims.
On Wed at 09:45pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
There are parts of the Nevill where householders have allowed their hedges to reduce the width of the pavement to less than the width of the average pushchair.

The other day, I saw someone having to step into the road with a child in a buggy around the junction of Hawkenbury Way/South Way. Pretty dangerous imo.

The state of the roads and pavements are getting beyond a joke. There are some recurring potholes that get patched up time after time, only to break up again as soon as there's heavy rain. And there's a dreadful hump in the tarmac just south of Landport Fork. It's covered in scrapes where people have grounded their cars on it.

Still, I suppose this is what happens when local authorities are starved of funds. They've got no choice but to fund things like schools and adult social care, so everything has to be cut to the bone.

It's what people voted for.
On Wed at 11:58pm Tom Pain wrote:
Even if all the greatest labour figures of the last hundred years in a fantasy politician team were in government, nothing would change. Because government has no money, it's just a team of executives. They could create money based on the initiative and creative power of the population but that has been usurped by the international banking monopoly. Without the power to create the means of exchange, government has no power.
On Thu at 11:00pm IDM wrote:
Those interested in this thread should try Lewes Living Streets. From problems picked up by members, they choose (at a meeting) which ones to take up.

Lost parrot

On Tue at 03:33pm IDM wrote:
Usually house-bound parrot escaped into the open air from Walwers Lane. If seen, try to wrap in a towel to calm her with strangers. Even if not caught, please phone owner on 07591 271 660 to say where seen.
On Tue at 10:33pm Tom Pain wrote:
There's a colony in Newhaven, I'm told. At night they search the county for their kind, calling them to break free from their bondage. The Parrots Liberation Front are recognisable by their signature black berets and the Rights of Parrots pamphlets they carry beneath their wings. Interestingly enough their founder Tom Parrot used to live in Lewes until he escaped from his cage and flew to Denton Island, then a nest of blood thirsty pirates and parrots crying "pieces of eight, whose a naughty boy" and other scurrilous things I would blush to repeat. Members of the public are advised to be cautious, unlike blackbirds they don't stop at pecking off noses but will attack any projecting parts of the human anatomy. They take a dim view of informers and it is rumoured that they have spies amongst the native species hiding in every tree and hedgerow. You have been warned.
On Thu at 07:32pm IDM wrote:
Found at Needlemakers! Thanks for looking out.
On Fri at 01:42pm Cedric wrote:
We’re there another 8 parrots there?

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ so they say.

School pick up

On Mon at 07:19am Smiler77 wrote:
Does anyone know any registered childminders who can do school pick ups in September from a Lewes Primary school please?

Missing Laptop

On Sun at 10:26am fjc2004 wrote:
Yesterday evening me and my friend found an apple laptop on the floor in the neville area which was concealed in a carry case. If it might belong to you or anyone you know please reply and hopefully we can get it back to its owner!! (ID with name matching account name will be required)