Boris Johnson

On Tue at 11:18am Hugh Janus wrote:
Boris is going to be our supreme leader so suck it up buttercups.
On Tue at 11:37am nancy wrote:
If Corbyn gets in then we're all doomed.
On Tue at 12:02pm dave wrote:
If Johnson stays in we’re all doomed apart from all the billionaires of course who will freely be able to feed off our misery
On Tue at 01:58pm Sleeveless wrote:
Corbyn’s not the problem. It’s John McDonnell who scares the pants off me.
On Tue at 02:02pm Local99 wrote:
I agree. He is clearly itching to let loose a lifetime of leftie ideals on a generally-unsuspecting UK public. Fingers crossed he won't be given the opportunity to do so, or I'll be off.
On Tue at 06:40pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I think McDonnell would have made a better PM than Corbyn. He perhaps is not quite as passionate as Jezza, but he's certainly brighter and more credible. He is more confident and re-assuring than Corbyn, but then again not everyone wants to be team-leader, as rarely any Prime Minister in history walks away in better standing than when they started, so I don't blame him.

What "leftie ideals" do you have in mind? Free healthcare and tuition? Those total monsters.......and daring to suggest they'd invest in both by increasing taxes to broadly 2010 levels! Outrageous. You two truly are gullible Daily Mailers.
On Tue at 07:21pm nancy wrote:
Do you think Labour should pay the going rate for nationalising industries and bankrupt the country or pay under the odds and watch pensions crash and burn?

Is Waitrose flooded?

On Tue at 11:12am dave wrote:
Mrs Dave just overheard someone saying that.
On Tue at 02:05pm Local99 wrote:
Refer to the Kings Head thread; phone them.
On Tue at 02:44pm Malling resident wrote:
Yes it is closed for today
On Tue at 06:39pm Marco wrote:
Local99 doesn’t really get local forums where folk talk and ask questions. He seems to revel in “smart” comments. Such a shame.
Parents: don’t let your children be like Local99.

Boris Johnson...

On Tue at 10:16am webbo wrote: the Messiah?
On Tue at 03:01pm Sleeveless wrote:
Strange sense of humour

Lib dems

On Mon at 09:19am Nevillman wrote:
The libdems often seem to be held responsible for the ills of the coalition government and some say they would not vote for them under any circumstances. Ironically, not voting for the libdems in this constituency is the single best thing you can do for the conservatives who have a far larger share of responsibility for the policies of the coalition and most importantly will make us all poorer by taking us out of the EU.
On Mon at 10:33am Green Sleeves wrote:
I despair when I see bickering between progressive parties such as lib Dems and labour. I resent it when I see lib dems peddle the antisemitism charges against Corbyn, even if they haven't quite weaponised it as much as the hypocritical and deeply dishonest Tories have. I wish they would all unite properly against the right wing, but appreciate they are ultimately trying to appeal to (at least in the same ballpark) similar voters, so have to try and win them over...i just wish it could be done by their policies and attacking the current government instead of jumping on the media bandwagon against Corbyn.

Still, that all said, the priority must be to remove the Tories, so I will be voting lib Dems and hope Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid Cymru and SNP get more seats than the Conservatives across the UK (and any other vile right wing party they might work with).
On Tue at 02:04pm Local99 wrote:
How on earth can Labour's 1970's commie policies possibly be regarded as 'progressive'?
On Tue at 06:33pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@local99 - name such policies that you deem "commie", and why they are so problematic for you? I guess the NHS after the war was a bit "commie". We really should just get rid of it and get the kind of healthcare system those lucky americans have in Trumpland.

Kings Head

On Sat at 03:18pm dave wrote:
Is there a pool table in the Kings Head now?
On Sat at 10:45pm Local99 wrote:
Maybe phone them?
On Mon at 06:07pm Tarquin wrote:
Hi Dave,
I am afraid there is no pool table there. But they have an egg chair and a big night armour!