children's choir lewes

On Thu at 08:22am musiclessonslewes wrote:
Join this small and friendly children's choir (7+) singing pop songs and songs from musicals, with fun warm up games! Starting back on Thursday 11th January at the Malling Community Centre, you'll need to book a place. All details in link below, Sophie :-)

Moving to the area

On Thu at 09:39pm Louise g wrote:
Hi folk,
We're moving to the area from Worthing and would like some opinions on Ringmer - general and any bits to avoid and also the South Malling part of lewes. We're moving with our toddler as we want him to go to the Annan school up the road towards Uckfield. Also any other opinion on surrounding villages. Haven't got the largest house budget in the world though
Thanks all
On Mon at 06:01pm Nevillman wrote:
You're more likely to get a response to this on the Facebook site Lewes present.
On Sat at 10:16am Frank wrote:
Yes, I'm afraid this forum is mainly restricted to two people arguing with a conspiracy theorist.
On Sat at 04:45pm Nevillman wrote:
Nothing to stop you making any point you wish to make or respond to any post Frank. I don't think you should call green a conspiracy theorist.
On Sat at 06:18pm Frank wrote:
On Sun at 12:43pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I enjoy a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, so long as that next guy isn't Tom Pain or David Icke. They tend to indulge in the loony tunes ones, where as I tend to be interested in the ones based in reality and possibility. Actual "Fifty/fiftys"......not billion to one fantasies :)
On Sun at 02:20pm Nevillman wrote:
What 'conspiracy theories' do you think might be true?
On Sun at 03:57pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Nothing wild. For example, I suspected Ukraine to be involved with the nordstream pipeline sabotage, and still do. Not a particularly controversial take, but no one has owned up to it and the likelihood appears to point to Ukraine in this case.

I also lean towards believing the Vaticans extreme wealth was hoarded from/after the demise of the Roman Empire, and that we all exist in a simulation. If you are reading this message, this is your red pill moment.
On Sun at 07:55pm Nevillman wrote:
Just looked up the nordstream pipeline and Wikipedia said that Ukraine may well have been to blame so I don't think it's a conspiracy theory. A proper conspiracy theory has to have a more rational explanation that is ignored in favour of a theory requiring a conspiracy.
I'm prepared to believe that Tom is a simulation and his brain lives in a glass jar but I don't think I am but then I would.
On Mon at 03:14pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I also think modern vaccines include 5g microchips which relay data and information to the world government, based in Davros Switzerland.

I don't believe the world is flat, but I do believe the universe is. I think this one might actually be true.
On Tue at 06:21pm Nevillman wrote:
I totally agree about the COVID vaccine. COVID itself was made in a laboratory to enable this or it might have been a plot to reduce the population. I can't remember now.
Elvis is alive and was involved in the plot to kill Diana.
I'm sure you're right about the universe. Why are the scientists withholding the truth from us?

I think Tom knows more than he lets on.

Removal company recommendations please!

On Tue at 02:44pm ringmerman wrote:
Hi everyone, I am moving from sunny Ringmer up to the Midlands and would like recommendations for removal people, please? Thanks all
On Sun at 10:41pm Horseman7 wrote:
Just Williams.

Brexit benefits

On Fri at 08:00pm Nevillman wrote:
I don't want to make a point about brexit. I am trying to accept we are out of the EU but can only see negatives. It would help me if someone who is happy with it or even just aspects of it would tell me what they are for them or in their opinion.
On Fri at 08:44pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I had at least hoped it would make Nigel Farage finally go silent. Sadly not to be. That guy will forever be in the spotlight. Wouldn't surprise me if he became a tory MP and challenged to become PM one day.
On Sat at 09:53pm Tom Pain wrote:
As we are still following the same general international policies that Europe and most of the world are, I'd say that it's impossible to answer your question. The West is being deindustrialised and impoverished with net zero regimes so there's not much difference between anyone's chances.
On Mon at 04:30pm Nevillman wrote:
I'm disappointed that no-one has been able to slightly cheer me up or make it easier for me to accept our leaving the EU. There really must be someone who voted leave who is at least slightly happy with it.

Of all the ridiculous and wrong reasons given for voting leave it sounds like yours was the craziest of all Tom as you voted leave so that we could have more lax environmental policies. I don't recall even the most rabid brexiteer promising that Tom so it sounds like you voted leave for something that wasn't even promised. How do you feel about it all now anyway Tom?
On Mon at 05:08pm Tom Pain wrote:
My reasons for wanting to leave were on here at the time, I presume you completely misinterpreted them as successfully as this effort.
On Mon at 07:19pm Nevillman wrote:
Why did you bring it up then in relation to a question about the benefits of brexit?