Blacking up

On Sat at 12:35pm Think outside the box wrote:
Were the Borough Zulus blacking up last night?

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield

On Fri at 07:03pm Phfellow wrote:
She must vote for the Brexit Deal in Westminster on Saturday..

step up landport

On Fri at 05:38pm morten wrote:
awful bags, take long, handsdown some of the worst dealers in this town. Its like they dont care at all!

Extinction rebellion need to stop!!!!!

On Thu at 06:31pm Astrid wrote:
I dont see the point of XR they need to stop this illegal and polluting action and go get a day job and a bath!!
Jumping on top of a train is moronic and dangerous and protesting the least polluting way to travel equally moronic and makes me not for the first time question their reason behind there actions which probably have little to do with the climate crisis
On Thu at 09:16pm Sleeveless wrote:
Same old faces, different places.
On Thu at 09:52pm Local99 wrote:
And further ER hypocrisy in the Pells this week, with a two-car household demanding that ESCC stop funding climate change.
You couldn't make it up.
On Fri at 11:53am Green Sleeves wrote:
They are getting attention, thats a victory in itself, and whether you find their methods outrageous, it's got people more engaged with the enormous challenges of tackling climate change. Of course if you think that climate change is a hoax or psuedo-science, then whatever climate activists do will irk you.

Let's not forget that this is a non-violent and peaceful movement and the activists, and there are many of them, are generally well educated and well meaning, and trying to make a positive change. Even if it risks arrest and a little bit of disruption. For the "Greta" good. :)
On Fri at 12:09pm Astrid wrote:
Green sleeves they are not well meaning at all they aggravate the public by stopping honest hard working people getting to work. They have stretched the police force at a time when knife crime is at its highest and ALL they have achieved is being arrested and people are talking about how hypocritical these people are not about climate change. Which by the way I feel is a huge issue! XR are taking away from the real issue not getting people to talk about it it is Completly counter productive.
On Fri at 12:45pm Hyena wrote:
The bloke on the roof of the train at Canning Town wasn’t non violent , have a look at the footage.
On Fri at 02:02pm Green Sleeves wrote:
"honest and hardworking people" is such a Daily Mail-esque slur. It's generally meant to demean the activists, and portray them as wasters and against the rest of the population. I'd urge them to see how and who XR formed in the first place before they cast lazy judgements. Always try to be better than Piers Morgan....if the likes of him are criticising any movement, it's usually means they are probably on the right side of history.
On Fri at 03:09pm Sussex Gammon wrote:
"Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse."

The fact this thread exists is proof what they are doing is working.

Conversations are happening that wouldn't have had a guy not stood on a train and annoyed a bunch of people
On Fri at 04:40pm Astrid wrote:
Sussex gammon are these conversations about the climate crisis???
NO they are centred around some self righteous idiot that stood ontop of a train a highly stupid, thoughtless and dangerous act. So if that's what you wanted to happen then you have succeeded?!!
I assumed XR was about climate change though...I must have got that wrong?

Also they arnt non violent they incite violence it was all recorded by multiple people on the platform on the underground....that's why they have a ban!!
They are morons who want to go down in history nothing more. Its selfish just because they arnt bothered if they have a job or not or have a mass inheritance to fall back on like one of the protesters who climbed on the trains there are people who do want to get to work!!
On Fri at 04:43pm webbo wrote:
After so many peeaceful protests how predictable is it that people blow one dodgey incident totally out of proportion to further reinforce their predjudices
On Fri at 04:57pm Hyena wrote:
Who’s prejudiced?
On Fri at 05:14pm Nevillman wrote:
The 'leaders' of XR have I believe gone on record as saying that they did not approve of the train protest and tried to stop it.
On Fri at 05:29pm Sussex Gammon wrote:
Astrid... Green Sleeves just suggested in this conversation that people "try to be better than Piers Morgan"... if people read that, and take it on board, even a little bit, then yes, the conversation born of an idiot standing on a train was a success.
On Fri at 05:37pm Astrid wrote:
Sussex gammon sorry its Friday evening so maybe I'm being slow but can I just ask is XR successful because people are talking about an idiot who sat on top of a train? Im confused
I thought they would be successful if they got people discussing climate change? Which they are not!!! that is why they are counter productive In my opinion
On Fri at 06:37pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Astrid, climate change has gone right up the agenda over recent months, and I don't believe it's just pure coincidence. Yes, not all XR "stunts" are universally well received but it's clear people are taking notice, even if it's irritating certain types of personalities who tend to overuse phrases such as "social justice warriors" and "do-gooders". I think it's been quite effective overall.

I'd be mortified if I were in my 70s or 80s now and felt disdain towards those activists fighting for equality over issues such as race, sexuality or gender from generations ago or thought of them as some sort of nuisance and inconvenience. Be on the right side of history - climate change is an existential crisis that requires drastic change and action.
On Fri at 07:15pm Astrid wrote:
Most of what you said was drivel but I agree that there is a climate crisis what I dont agree is the method XR adopting which is to create more pollution and close lines of communication by illegal and dangerous meaningless action upsetting ordniary ppl and putting lives in danger in the ridiculous hope that someone remembers your stupid XR sign.
What you have just written speaks volumes.....that you are happy if XR get noticed and talked about ......NOT if there are serious discussions or educating people just as long as ppl are talking about XR its laughable considering XR stands for illegal inaction and inciting violence, dancing half naked whilst.high on drugs and getting arrested while calling yourself mr broccoli it is all pointless!!! Dont kid yourselves that you are like the suffragettes either at least they had a clear message you just want to cause disruption for the sake if it
On Fri at 07:30pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Protest movements and activists since time immemorial, have had people like you, Astrid, cynically disapprove of them, and pompous sneering. You've fallen into that generational trap, perhaps, or you're just reading too much tabloid nonsense.

It's easy to pick on activists, it's a cheap sport for tabloids and the piers Morgan's and Donald trump's of this world. Who will you start nodding in agreement with next on this, Jezza Clarkson and Aaron Banks?

Open your eyes, wake up. If you're getting distracted by Mr Brocolli and negative alt-righr memes of Greta Thunberg, then it says more about you and the kinds of media that appeals to you, rather than the vast majority of a positive and progressive movement.