Residents of Lewes Priory

On Sat at 04:54pm Intrigued Tory wrote:
Good afternoon,

I am standing within the Priory ward as a candidate for the Conservative Party for the upcoming local elections. Why I put myself before Lewes Forum exclaiming this fact, some may ask, however, I want to gauge the opinions of fellow Lewes residents. It is too easy to stand behind a manifesto without acknowledging the concerns and queries that we all have.

By no means is this a canvasing post on behalf of the party - they have enough of a PR situation as it is. This is more of an opportunity to gauge solutions and propose an agenda that isn't merely slandering one party or another.

Kind regards,

An intrigued Tory candidate
On Sat at 05:14pm Bert wrote:
Well, we've been inundated with the independent candidates, even a labour flier cautiously through the door, but the conservative contingency have been noticeably absent. Plus if the council is merging with Eastbourne, why do we need the further expense and interference from more councillors at the trough ? I need convincing of the reason why our current crop of councillors cant operate a council properly and why we should re-elect them.
On Sat at 09:24pm Sussex Jim wrote:
An election poster in a widow up Schooll Hill has the names "Baah" and "Lamb" on it. Presumably the sheep (most of the electorate) will vote for them...
On Sat at 11:03pm Basil wrote:
'I am standing within the Priory ward...'

No, you're standing 'in'. Within isn't a posh way of say in even though many people seem to think it is.
On Sun at 09:09am Nevillman wrote:
To be honest intrigued Tory, I would prefer to vote for someone whose post I could understand.
On Sun at 02:18pm Ferret wrote:
I've only come across one Tory councillor who truly cared about local people, and even he told me that the only reason he joined the Conservatives was to help his business. Naming no names of course.
On Mon at 10:47am The Old Mayor wrote:
I've read that Tory candidates have been warned not to mention Mrs May's name on the doorstep and to expect abuse when calling. I wonder why ?? Please understand irony before commenting further.
On Mon at 01:52pm Mark wrote:
Oh dear... I've read it twice and still don't get it. There's a run on sentence in the first paragraph that's quite remarkable.
On Mon at 06:18pm A Person wrote:
It's interesting. All the other candidates are really local people; they either live in the ward they're standing in or they're in a neighbouring one. They know us and we know them, on the whole.

The Conservative Party candidates for Priory Ward come from Hassocks, Westmeston and - nearly local but no cigar - Ringmer. Was there really no-one willing to stand up for the Tories??? It does explain why "Intrigued Tory" is intrigued though: he hasn't a clue about what Lewes residents care about and he's hoping to find out!
On Mon at 10:54pm Local99 wrote:
Lewes residents care mainly about their own opinions, convictions and interests. All of which are seemingly always right. And very, very important.
On Mon at 11:50pm Sensible wrote:
Considering that the majority of the British people have expressed a sincerely held wish to leave the Common Market (and later opinion polls confirm this, as a number of people in authority have rightly asserted in public media interviews in recent weeks), it is a matter for profound regret that the UK Independence Party, which is the only political force addressing the issues that matter to the man in the street, is not fielding candidates here. We would be far better prepared for the changes we will enjoy in our refreshed Britain if UKIP patriots ran our councils. We must all therefore vote for the Conservative Party candidates for now.

Extinction rebellion

On Fri at 06:18pm webbo wrote:
Is there anything more important than this?
On Fri at 07:46pm Tom Pain wrote:
Apart from the fact that the movement is sponsored by the same corporations that got us into the mess In the first place - not a lot. In stead of tackling the actual problem they demonize the gas that feeds all vegetable life, carbon dioxide and monetize it to feed their insatiable greed.
On Fri at 07:54pm Webbo wrote:
So you think they are sponsored by the oil companies?
On Fri at 08:54pm Bert wrote:
The elephant in the room being over population !! Abolish child benefit and credit childless couples ? Horrendous you shout !! China tried it.
On Fri at 09:22pm Hyena wrote:
I thought it was the endless struggle between cyclists and motorists on Cliffe High Street
On Sat at 08:05am Sussex Jim wrote:
I watched David Attenborough's programme. But what I really want to know, from an unbiased source, is what percentage of global warming is caused by man; compared to natural climate change? Other sources say that we are still coming out of the last ice age.
How much does a natural event like Krakatoa or Mount St.Helens erupting contribute to warming, compared to the puny efforts of industrialisation?
On Sat at 08:57am Spartacus wrote:
Sussex Jim, Volcanic emissions range from 0.1 to about 0.4 Gigatons (Billion tons) per year while Human activity releases about 35 Gigatons per year. The largest single volcanic event of the 20th century was The Pinatubo eruption in Peru during the 70s, though not as massive as Krakatoa is was larger than Mt St. Helens and released an estimated 20 million tons of CO2.

All figures from the US Geological Survey. Sadly the efforts of industrialisation are far from puny.
On Sat at 01:29pm Mark wrote:
It certainly puts the fiasco that is Brexit into perspective. A storm in a teacup.
On Sat at 03:34pm Sensible wrote:
The Global Warming Policy Forum is the best source of unbiased peer-reviewed scientific study and level-headed fact. Unlike violent unemployable extremists attacking the forces of security in central London this week, the GWPF has properly qualified men behind its comprehensive research. And it is high time that authority everywhere swept away the stench of pointless dissent.