Maria Caulfields and Palestine

On Wed at 07:31pm webbo wrote:
Find out where she stands on the Palestine issue
On Sat at 10:15am Green Sleeves wrote:
So basically, Caulfield is another Israeli boot-licker happy to endorse the slaughter of women and children? I was THIS close as well to giving her my vote as well, shame LOL
On Mon at 10:27pm Tom Pain wrote:
Just like Keir Smarmer and anyone else trying to get elected to Westminster Kindergarten.
On Tue at 08:26am Green Sleeves wrote:
Yes, most of Westminster are afraid to speak out against Israel in fear of being labelled an anti-semite, for pointing out genocidal actions of an ultra-nationalist far right-wing Israeli government. Any criticism levelled at Israel is denounced as anti-semitic by default. They conflate anti-zionism with anti-semitism for cynical means. Jeremy Corbyn is one of many victims of this propaganda and many credulous people fell for this and jumped on the bandwagon attacking him.
On Fri at 10:31am The Old Mayor wrote:
Back in the day when we were being attacked by the Irish IRA, did we bomb the buggery out of Ireland to find them ? No of course not ! Its absolutely unreasonable and they need to be brought to account. Just my take on it.
On Fri at 07:12pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@Old Mayor - you know its bad when even the British seem compassionate as occupiers compared with Israel. But yea, i can't recall Britain levelling Belfast and killing over 20k women and children in a few months as a retaliation. I get the feeling that Britain never would have gotten away with it (for obvious reasons), and also even they didn't basically see the civilians in their occupied land as vermin. Israel however, have used such language when it comes to Palestinians and essentially want them all gone/out/dead, hence the obvious genocide and ethnic cleansing.
On Sun at 11:18pm Tom Pain wrote:
Just think what would happen if Israel was part of the Russian Federation.

Election News

On Tue at 12:45pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
Pleased to see that our LD candidate is "determined" to get new facilities for local GPs.

After all, we've only been waiting the best part of 20 years for the new health centre we were promised as part of the redevelopment of North Street.

If anyone meets him while he's out campaigning, perhaps they'd like to ask him how he proposes to get it built.
On Mon at 05:56pm SHS-2 wrote:
It's more GPs, and access to them, that we need more than facilities. I drive me mad that we get pushed to do everything online, talk to chatbots, download apps or get told rubbish by automated emails. The new best-practice for forward-thinking organisations? Employ more receptionists, open the doors and ditch the expensive automated call systems and fancy websites.
On Mon at 10:53pm Tom Pain wrote:
That's what they call progress shs2 and there's a lot more to come.
On Tue at 08:32am Green Sleeves wrote:
Erm, not all use of technology is a reason for panic or dismay. But certainly an over-reliance on it, to paper over the lack of funding and staffing the NHS is screaming out for, is plain wrong. Use technology and trained staff efficiently and wisely together.
On Fri at 10:49am The Old Mayor wrote:
Haven't the council got a 5m office block asset currently for sale in the centre of town ? There doesn't seem to be any kind of clear plan, surely that asset could be very useful rather than fritter away the cash. They have had 10m from central government for ages for a medical hub anyway, but never 'found' a site ! Bouncing around the phoenix area for years and years, and we're still waiting !! Same with Southover House useful asset frittered away. Look at County Hall too ! The list goes on... Incompetence I call it !!!
On Sun at 11:27pm Tom Pain wrote:
Perhaps it's for the best - we've got a climate hub and look what weather they're coming up with. Still, cold is the new warm if you believe what the met office say about April and May.

Unable to add event or contact anyone on this web

On Wed at 02:28pm HilltopSessionsLewes wrote:
Hi, I would like to add an event but the system won't let me.
Please help!
Maia Eden

How I handled a mouse issue in my shop

On Mon at 09:03pm daniel greep wrote:
I recently ran into a bit of a dilemma at my shop and thought my experience might be helpful for anyone in a similar situation. We all know that maintaining a clean, inviting storefront is crucial for business, but what do you do when unwelcome guests decide to make an appearance? Yep, I'm talking about mice.

A few weeks ago, while closing up for the night, I heard rustling in the back storage room. Initially, I brushed it off as nothing, but then I found some droppings near the boxes of inventory. Not exactly the extra 'stock' I wanted to deal with! It was clear we had a mouse problem, and I needed to act fast to ensure it didn't affect the cleanliness of the shop or, heaven forbid, become noticeable to customers.

Using traditional traps or poison was out of the question for me. Safety for my customers and staff is a top priority, and I didn't want any accidents. Plus, with food products in our inventory, I needed to ensure whatever method I used was safe and non-toxic.

After some research, I decided to try a natural mouse repellent spray that uses essential oils like peppermint and cinnamon. It was advertised as safe for use in places with both people and food products, which sounded perfect for my needs. I sprayed it around potential entry points, along the walls of the storage room, and behind shelves.

To my relief, it worked better than I expected. The activity stopped, and there have been no signs of mice since then. The shop smells faintly of peppermint, which actually adds a nice, clean scent to the air.

If you're dealing with pests in your store, a natural repellent might be a route to consider. It's effective and avoids the risks associated with more traditional methods. Plus, it can be discreetly managed without disrupting your business operations or customer experience.

Has anyone else dealt with similar issues? What solutions have you found effective for keeping your business spaces pest-free without compromising on safety or aesthetics?
On Wed at 12:48pm Eighties Boy wrote:
Get a cat?

Mass exodus ?

On Sun at 11:34am The Old Mayor wrote:
Can't help thinking that there has been some hospitalisations, prison sentence's, gag orders, even bereavements maybe, or just a bus full of usual suspects deported maybe ! Fresh blood need methinks,
On Mon at 03:26pm Frank wrote:
Why the apostrophe in 'sentences' when you don't put one in your other plurals? Intrigued.
On Mon at 04:34pm Nevillman wrote:
I'm still here waiting for someone to say something interesting to respond to. Comments on people's use of apostrophes doesn't count Frank and like me I suspect the old mayor just leaves it up to the computer to decide where to put them, happy that what they said is intelligible whatever.
It may be that forums have had their day. There isn't even any debate on Lewes present anymore. It's a bit of a shame in my opinion as I have enjoyed taking part and it helps me get clear in my mind what I think at times. I suspect that anonymous is webbo himself trying to stimulate debate but failing.
Before you say anything Frank I am aware that the plural of forum is fora and I just don't care if you think my apostrophe's are in the wrong place.
On Tue at 08:09am The Old Mayor wrote:
Just to continue in true forum style hey Frank - Youre a pedantic pedant !