How the world works.

On Tue at 12:57pm Nanook of the North wrote:
One for your kids.

Hi Gang

On Tue at 12:55am IDM wrote:
Good to see the same favourites still having a go at each other. I've been getting on with stuff a bit more creative. We're setting up an old fogies' club (not just social but raising issues for the elderly as well). The working title is Lewes and Villages' Seniors. We haven't got a website or e-mail address yet, but I'll hope to put some contact stuff on here later (assuming any more of us are over 65!).
On Tue at 07:06pm Eighties Boy wrote:
That sounds like a good community project - look forward to hearing your plans.


On Sat at 07:29am knight temlar wrote:
is it me or is it more expensive in the south then the north ,go on ebay or any thing u fancy buying, and the southern people are so greedy .the rich and poor divide .its like i wanted to buy a a motorhome but here they take the pixx but further north the cheaper they get .i swear they think we all got money in the south even thou the south is a wealthy place to live.

Redhill motors

On Wed at 10:11am wrote:
Hi mm name is Mike Nicholls and my Grandfather Bill Puckett worked in the store when I was a young boy....he use to give me a cloth and I'd be allowed to polish the motor bikes in the showroom....probably early 60s
On Thu at 09:42am BN26 wrote:
I bought my first motorbike from Redhill Motors in 1958
I think the shop was in East Street - remember the showroom - red paint
Bike was James 197, Villers engine - had windshield - not fast but did many
miles until I got Ariel Leader then 1965 bought Austin Mini

travel documents solution

On Thu at 09:57pm lebronpacks wrote:
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Incredible Monkey Fox Jabs

On Thu at 10:02am Tom Pain wrote:
Yes zoonotic plague has jumped from monkeys to foxes to humans. Contact your MP and tell them that the government must order 50 million vax doses or you'll never vote for them again. Just because I'm a secret agent for Big Oil doesn't mean I would do the same for Big Pharma. Even I have some principles, just about. Insist on a lockdown and public masking, keep ugly faces off the street. You know it makes sense.
On Thu at 12:41pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Perhaps you should respond to Pedants last post (before the thread maxed out) regarding the Maldives, and also about CO2 density.

I appreciate you're already on to the next conspiracy theory after yet another debunking, but it would be nice to actually recognise it instead of just ranting about the next "scam" you want to be outraged about. It may save you from further embarrassment later if you're humble enough to listen and learn.
On Thu at 07:46pm Tom Pain wrote:
Oh my sleevie, my humility level is high enough to cause galactic warming. CO2 is heavier than air! How many more times do you require me to say it. I know it's a constituent of the air but I have this theory which, if you weren't so anally fixated on me, you'd find is generally shared among your gods of science,is that it exists on it's own, it's a distinct gas which is heavier than air. Can you get that? Are you one of the Asov battalion, as your small minded, malicious attitude suggests? The pedant, like you, is only in it to parade his patronising smirk in the mirror of his own self image; as is well evinced by his supercilious comments.
On Thu at 07:58pm Tom Pain wrote:
P.S. My post was actually a reply to another of those advertising posts which I had a theory was conspiring to sell something, that has now disappeared. So there you have it- that's my new one, you can chew on that for a good few snide comments.
On Thu at 10:39pm Green Sleeves wrote:
You seem rattled TP. Hardly a sign of humility, but i'm not surprised.

As for the Azov Batallion - a group of about 2,500 far-right wing nutters, a small regiment of a Ukrainian military of quarter of a million, all on the same side now, fighting against Russian occupation. Putin has done their credibility the world of good, although has probably killed many of them, and lost many of his own in the process. I'm sure Ukraine is well and truly de-nazified now, but perhaps they should use a few nukes just to make sure?

This small far-right wing group is being used as a propaganda tool by Putin to justify his illegal, psychotic and costly invasion of a country that doesn't want the Russian military there. He's created fake sob-stories that only half-wits and useful idiots believe. Ukraine had just ONE far-right member of parliament at the time Russia waged this "de-nazification" war on them, and the President is a liberal jew who lost relatives to the Nazis in WW2! The fact the far-right have been part of the Ukrainian resistance will be quite a PR win for them, and probably gain more support when the dust settles.
On Fri at 11:30pm Tom Pain wrote:
Neat one sleevie. One problem- The Nazis were the muscle for the Maidan coup some time back and Zelenskiyyy had to arrange a quid pro quo. A far right extremist ghoul got the job of defence minister or similar, anyway with a lot of military power. He threatened that if MrZ negotiated with Vlad the Horrible about the breakaway republics that he, Mr Z, would end up hanging from a lamp post in Kiev High St. They ain't in parliament but they have influence on the street. They're not Maria C type right wingers.
On Sat at 11:22am Green Sleeves wrote:
Another problem, Zelenskyy was just an actor and comic at the time of the revolution in 2014. The fact is that Yanukovych was a Putin stooge and he was unpopular, denying Ukraine of potential prosperity of more collaboration with the EU. While he may have had some genuine support at the time in some regions of the country (more likely just afraid of change, same as in many countries like here, who keep voting Tory as they buy into fear of the alternative), I doubt those same people would be crying out for his return though and praising Putin for obliterating their cities in a clearly fake "de-nazification" campaign. Its mostly propaganda, and smearing opponents as "nazis" is the easiest and most effective thing to do, even if its untrue or at best a massive exaggeration of reality. You label your opponents as nazis there, just as parties here label political opponents as communists. Look at the way parts of the british media labeled former Labour leaders as dangerous communists and jew-haters. Its textbook stuff, and sadly works quite effectively.

The fact is that Putin, has made these "Nazis" essentially useful. You tend to embolden tough-guy nationalists when another country starts claiming that Ukraine isn't a real country, and just an extension of Russia/USSR, meanwhile annexing huge territories like Crimea.
On Sat at 11:36pm Tom Pain wrote:
What are you going on about? Perhaps I was wrong about you being a troll, you just appear to be completely psychotic. Have you heard about the referendum in Crimea? The building the nice progressives torched and burned lots of people alive in Odessa? I'm not taking sides, I want nothing to do with Putin or Zelenskyyy. I just dislike seeing the people of Ukraine slaughtered to make a profit for a bunch of arms manufacturers and their financiers, if there's a difference, in Russia or NATO land. That's it. Go to Ukraine if you're so involved and find out the facts. You could really show Putin what you think of him too and kill people in the break away republics for being his stooges and wanting change.
On Sat at 11:46pm Tom Pain wrote:
PS, I hereby invoke Nevill's Charter and demand a return to the monkey fox bird swine flu pox pestilence, a nice healthy subject. Also, I'd like to see it in the medical section, not the political, because it isn't.
On Mon at 11:12pm Tom Pain wrote:
On Tue at 09:33am Tom Pain wrote:
Meanwhile back at the surgery- I hear that Spanish newspapers are investigating fake jabs given to those who wanted a covey passport and could afford one. It's interesting to speculate why the president of a large pharmaceutical concern involved in the jibjabs would want one. I seem to remember the pres. of Pfizer refused his own medicine as well. It makes me wonder where else these fake jabs were there?
On Tue at 10:17am Green Sleeves wrote:
Yes Tom, and perhaps Ronald McDonald doesnt eat the new signature McPlant Burger....should we all avoid it as it sounds like a good conspiracy?

The words fruit and loop must mean something to you, beyond a breakfast cereal. Stop indulging in likely obvious nonsense gossip. Which spanish rag was it? Lets check their credibility before we fall too easily down another incel dork rabbit hole.
On Sat at 12:42pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Sorry TP....i was being mean to you again. Please come back! Anyways, lets calmly discuss your claims as they roll in. This is the Pfizer one in the link, does the claim hold up? Seems not. This might be the issue of taking Facebook sources seriously...