The mystery of the magically appearing poop bags

On Fri at 09:18am Sketcher27ple wrote:
Why is it necessary for people to pick up their dogs poop in a green, pink or black poop bag and then place the filled bag where the poop originally lay? Sometimes they hang it on gates, fences or trees? Do these people think a team of magical poop fairies are going to come out at night and collect it? Surely the poop would degrade quicker if was just left alone, rather than placing it in a bag to degrade a lot slower! I think it would be a good idea to maybe add a few more bins around the south downs national park or perhaps bigger signs to educate people how to pick their dogs poop up and dispose of it correctly. Sorry to go on about this just after 09.00am in the morning but it really gets on my nerves seeing black, pink and green poop bags littering the fields, trees and fences around the south downs national park, landport bottom and black cap.

On Fri at 09:44am Amber wrote:
But please feel free to bag it up when your dog poops on my front lawn.
Leaving it nicely packed up in a bag is infinitely better than scraping it up.
Many thanks.
On Fri at 10:14am Sketcher27ple wrote:
Amber I agree to picking up the poop but surely picking it up and putting in a bin is environmentally more friendly than just leaving plastic bags laying around, although biodegradable it is still not right for someone else to do their dirty work. You own the dog you should know how to clean up correctly after it. It is disgusting that people allow their dogs to poop on someone elses garden and they should be ashamed of themselves.
On Fri at 11:51pm IDM wrote:
Amber, I would guess that an owner allowing a dog to poop on someone else's land might be trespass. If you catch them, shout "I'll sue you". They might only move to your next door neighbour's garden though.
On Sat at 08:51am Amber wrote:
I have a double barrelled Nerf water gun and my camera poised and I can shout LOUDLY, if only I could catch them.
Different poops so different dogs.
Some have gut problems unfortunately.
Can they at least bag it up?
I have to dispose of this disgusting muck. :(
On Sat at 11:57pm Tom Pain wrote:
Ah but if they came on your land the owners would be trespassing. Cats are the worst offenders and seagulls, do they aim at cars?

Tom Pain

On Thu at 07:21pm Nevillman wrote:
I bet Tom responds to this and turns it into one of his usual brainwave ideas. Why doesn't he ever start a topic?
On Fri at 03:12pm Tom Pain wrote:
I've got a few brewing but gardening is wearing me out. Perhaps Bozka Fracket can fill in for the time being or one of the other snipers.
On Fri at 08:52pm Basil wrote:
All these neo-liberal EU superstate posts really get me down.
On Fri at 11:53pm IDM wrote:
TP does not have time to open a thread because (s)he puts so much into commenting on existing ones
On Fri at 11:56pm IDM wrote:
Just noticed. TP started "Quote of the Moment", although it's hard to understand what it's for.
On Sat at 11:46pm Tom Pain wrote:
Your powers of observation are definitely improving, though those of perception are obviously lagging behind.
On Mon at 11:36pm Tom Pain wrote:
Great to hear that corporate stooge starmer was kicked out of a pub for not standing up against the global communitarian coup that's going on. Cameron's Big Society is taking over while everyone has their gas masks on, hiding in their virus fall out shelters. Not with a bang but a whimper the world ends.

Styles field

On Thu at 05:37pm Bobbyg wrote:
Does anyone know anything about this relatively new housing development in the centre of Lewes? It seems to want to bill itself as luxury but is really a scandal consisting entirely of extremely shoddy building work. I have only been tempted to write something on here after seeing a property for sale there for a £1 million. The houses and flats are in a dire state and the quality of work done on them would be laughable if it wasnít for the fact people have been completely conned out of a lot of money by those responsible for these properties. Just wondering what others on here might know about it and whether any justice is going to be served to those who are behind it.
On Thu at 11:59pm TheGardener wrote:
I sneaked in one night during construction phase.
Wanted to inspect building quality. I saw enough first fix work to put me off taking it any further.
On Fri at 03:15pm Tom Pain wrote:
Is that off Friars Walk?
On Fri at 03:29pm Bobbyg wrote:
Yes, thatís the one.

There are numerous issues with first fix work.
On Mon at 05:42pm Bobbyg wrote:
....I just find it shocking that companies can get away with what they have done. I didnít know if others had heard similar accounts of the place.
On Mon at 06:59pm Nevillman wrote:
Only leasehold as well so you may have to buy a lease as well. Plus maintenance.
On Mon at 11:24pm Local99 wrote:
So did you buy one, bobby? :)