Insurance premiums

On Sun at 06:45pm Nevillman wrote:
A couple of times recently I've received insurance renewal letters and the premium has gone up by quite a bit. Each time I then found it cheaper than the original premium. Has anyone else has similar or might it be I've hit an age that they think I'm less likely to check? Comparison sites vary.
On Sun at 09:12pm David Stanley wrote:
Yes we basically have to cancel everything every year now to get a good deal. Just did it with broadband car insurance and AA.


On Sun at 02:21pm IDM wrote:
Hope you all find me.
On Sun at 02:51pm IDM wrote:
BSP 3 Jan 16-56 and 17-47: Oh my God TP, that is not how to use statistics! You have sailed into new waters without a chart.

Percentages work on proportion, division, multiplication. Suppose you have 100 socks in a drawer (no, this not about making a pair!). One week you lose one (which might be accounted misfortune) and the following week another two (which might be termed carelessness). One to two is a 100% increase in the sock loss rate. In the same way, the reduction claimed by Pfizer is correct - about a 95% change in the infection rate.

Of course, you might feel that a sock loss rate of 1% or 2% is not worth worrying about; and you might feel that changes in very low infection rates are not worth worrying about either. So change everything to linear, addition, subtraction. You present your change in sock loss rate to "one percentage POINT". You can also present the change in infection rate in the same way, leading to the small difference you highlight. But this is a percentage POINT difference, not a percentage. If you don't believe me, look at a basic arithmetic (not statistics) book, or take a lead from the slideshows on the media or from No 10.
On Sun at 09:47pm Tom Pain wrote:
Do you mean TP as in your anally retentive dreamer persona?

Re: Caufield on far-right social media

On Sun at 09:28am Father Hackett wrote:
Nothing would surprise me with her.
On Sun at 09:22pm David Stanley wrote:
Haha....apparently this "secure network" required people to give their drivers license details in order to validate. Its like a political version of the Ashley Madison scandal. Perfect as an IQ test....mostly boomer bible bashers who signed up.
On Sun at 10:35pm Tom Pain wrote:
I don't even know what Parler is/was but the guardian has changed so much from when I read it that it is barely recognisable as the same newspaper. Maybe it's those who now sponsor it - the likes of the government and Bill Gates, I don't know. It's small wonder that it can't support itself though. I was going to say that Ms (very guardian eh?) Caulfield must be not far enough to the left of Mao to please them but it's not a matter of left or right anymore. The guardian is in a strange limbo, an apolitical Neverland. Perhaps it's the voice of that strange, totally unaccountable private corporation, untouchable to any law- the United Nations. When you mention "gun toting" I wonder if you're referring to the Capitol Hill incident? It looked to me like a late sixties TV cop drama, the plot was unconvincing, the acting atrocious and the wardrobe ridiculous. One of the worst and cheapest Hollywood has ever made. In fact the guardian fits into that scenario very well,it's like the imaginary lunatic English paper a Hollywood producer would imagine.
On Tue at 12:26pm Pedant wrote:
The Maria Caulfield account was fake BTW.
On Tue at 03:56pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Indeed it was and you all fell for it …wagging those fingers …
…just like the guardian comments section


On Sat at 10:37am robertlewes wrote:
Still confused why Kingston garden centre open but other garden centres are shut? Also are lewes news and libdem leaflets essential - got both through my door this week in Southover. Both local conservative and Labour say they aren’t delivering in lockdown. Maybe I’m confused by the rules...
On Sat at 11:08am Tom Pain wrote:
That's what the rules are meant to do.
On Sat at 01:12pm Green Sleeves wrote:
You can definitely blame the rulemakers for that. Boris Johnson, despite his bluster and love of being the eccentric man of the people and Etonian orator, is actually a really poor communicator. This usually happens when you don't have a plan, and spend most time deciding how to protect the ego.
On Sat at 07:32pm Phfellow wrote:
I am afraid that the LibDems always ignore campaigning etiquette/protocol. What a shower to be campaigning during these dark days. Norman Baker infected Lewes and delivered absolutely nothing although he would turn up anywhere for the opening of an envelope! For me, Boris & Co are doing their best and, so us in Sussex, must just stick it out so that we can get back to Bills soon!
On Sat at 10:35pm Basil wrote:
Isn't it time for the Lib Dems to divide into their three component parts - Tories, Labour and Greens? This ragbag of a party is a bit of a nuisance.
On Sun at 09:22am Father Hackett wrote:
Baker was the best mp this constituency ever had. To replace him with this utterly despicable self-serving Tory puppet was a travesty.
On Sun at 02:04pm IDM wrote:
16 Jan 10-37: essential and non-essential are not important. In at least England, if a shop etc is allowed to open at all, it can sell whatever it wants. SI 1374 2020 Schedule 3A Part 3 sub-paragraph 17 (u) explicitly allows garden centres to remain open; but whether the proprietors think it is worth it ... During the first lockdown Castle Garden stayed open for takeaway only, but Ask didn't bother.

Absence from home is allowed with reasonable cause (Part 1 sub-sub-paragraph 1 (2) (a)), examples of which are given in paragraph 2. If I were leafletting, I would go for sub-sub-paragraph (5) (a) (unable to work from home, voluntary work) or (carrying a bag of leaflets up Lewes hills) sub-sub-paragraph (2) (c) (exercise)!
On Sun at 03:19pm robertlewes wrote:
I’m disappointed with the LibDems and the Lewes News people to be honest - this is the highest level of lockdown in a pandemic where thousands of people are dying - we can do without their stuff being delivered for a few weeks. Especially when the deliverers going house to house looked quite old to me.
On Sun at 09:25pm David Stanley wrote:
I was just looking for some kindling and then the lord answered my prayers.....well the lib dems did anyway. I don't burn Lewes News though.....Fran might find out!
On Sun at 10:52pm Tom Pain wrote:
I rather admire the lib Dems for their efforts while everyone's creeping about like frightened mice, at least they're doing something. And robert, what an ageist little prig you are, I suppose you're upset because mummy won't let you out. Up to bed with you this instant. And and, what's this snidey stuff about opening envelopes phellow, say what you mean or shut up.