New shared path

On Tue at 05:05pm Ferret wrote:
What a great addition to the town. The new shared use path from Wiley's bridge to Hamsey is a really good idea, enabling traffic-free cycling along the river to the quiet lanes around Hamsey and up to Barcombe. Where did this come from? And when will it be properly sign posted as shared use?

On Tue at 05:09pm Ferret wrote:
Don't ask me why the photo is upside down. Please delete it Webbo!

Hope this one is the right way up...

On Tue at 06:35pm Tom Pain wrote:
Very welcome, especially to someone who skidded to a halt on his bike today and only just avoided being mangled by some bitch in a BMW who pulled out without looking !
On Tue at 07:48pm Ferret wrote:
Good heavens! I had no idea you were a fellow cyclist. My opinion of you has improved no end. Glad you survived the incident. I had a few words with some gammon driving a Mercedes down Cliffe High Street. He seemed to think I shouldn't be cycling from the South Street end, waving his hand and not moving over. Amazingly he was apologetic when I told him it was two way for bikes. Take care, Tom.
On Tue at 11:51pm dave wrote:
I often cycle Up Cliffe high street and ya me great delight in telling the indignant motorists to have a better look at the signs the next time the come through Cliffe (for no applicable reason)

Global Covid Deaths

On Mon at 09:32am The Old Mayor wrote:
So now there are a million covid deaths globally. I admit my maths isn't great this early in the day, but what percentage is that of 7.5 billion ??
On Mon at 10:40am Horseman7 wrote:
I make that 0.013% (to 3SF).
On Mon at 10:59am Horseman7 wrote:
Sorry, that's 2SF.
On Mon at 11:47am Green Sleeves wrote:
1m deaths in 9 months reported across 33m infected cases. No vaccine yet and reports of individuals getting infected a second time, as well as potential long term effects on lungs.

Wearing a mask and cleaning hands goes against my human rights, you can't imagine how stifling this is to my free existence. Give me some corona instead, sounds delicious and I want to spread the love as it's a global conspiracy, obviously. Bill Gates needs the cash.
On Mon at 12:03pm The Old Mayor wrote:
Does seem a bit scaremongering then !! Much better chance of winning the lottery. Luckily I've no underlining issues like obesity and old age.
On Mon at 12:05pm Buzzard wrote:
"One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic."
-- Attributed to Stalin
On Mon at 01:08pm Green Sleeves wrote:
"I'm alright, Jack" seems to be the general attitude many are adopting now regarding this.

I worked really hard to not be old, dontcha know, so I'll be fine. Me. Me me me. It's the bloody "do-gooders" that ruin everyone else's fun.

Covid and Brexit (and Trump for that matter) really did uncover and embolden the lousiest base human personality types. The kinds who claim to be part of a "silent majority". They certainly aren't silent and I highly doubt they are a majority, they just shout loud and lie enough to give the impression they represent a majority.
On Mon at 07:18pm Nevillman wrote:
You are making a lot of assumptions about the people who have posted questioning the figures green.
On Mon at 07:34pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@nm, well, I was directing my venom at "The Old Mayor" who said "Luckily I've no underlining issues like obesity and old age" in I would suggest a rather flippant tone, given the context of that whole post and his first post in this thread.

Its more than just questioning figures. There is a selfish attitude and mentality that has been unmasked through this pandemic....although some of those people come as no surprise whatsoever, and we can safely just ditch them into the "usual suspects" bin. Sorry Pain.
On Mon at 09:23pm Tom Pain wrote:
Oh Panchetta, you're such a humanitarian, your selfless regard for the suffering masses surely deserves a Nobel prize of some kind. Your self effacing humility and generous spirit even had the magnanimity to remember poor Tom. I think the least we can all do is have a whip round for a statue of you, even if it is only plastic. Beneath it we could preserve all the beautiful, kind and loving things you posted on the forum for the inspiration of posterity.
On Tue at 10:57am Ferret wrote:
@TP Coming from the person who refuses to wear a mask or to accept that anything to do with the pandemic is true! You seem prepared to die for your beliefs, or is it on behalf of the human race in an attempt to achieve herd immunity?. You deserve a sainthood.
On Tue at 01:30pm Tom Pain wrote:
My sainthood application was denied years ago when my guardian angel went on strike due to multifarious, nay nefarious misdemeanors. A pandemic doesn't even have to be dangerous to life, if you read the revised WHO definition. They removed certain stipulations just before the swine flu pandemic , I think it was. So you see it takes no courage or altruism to face a non existent danger. Today I saw a video explaining, much more clearly and authoritatively, what I tried to do yesterday in another thread about false positives~
It's short and to the point. And it doesn't carry the stiegma of an elvis,moon,far right,far left,reptilian, climate, vax denier,conspiracy theorist.
17.3 million people die of heart disease each year in the world,old mayor, it might be useful to put your statistics in context,and bear in mind that the media loves to exaggerate everything and has an aversion to the truth.
On Tue at 04:05pm The Old Mayor wrote:
So why is EVERY country killing its economy, except China and maybe Trumps USA ? What's their ultimate plan.
On Tue at 06:25pm Tom Pain wrote:
The USA is going down the pan too. China? That's been built up for years, it's the model state. You only have to read the World Economic Forum's great re~set and it's "oh, isn't covid a great opportunity" bilge to see right through it. Wasn't it a lucky coincidence they held Event 201 just before the "pandemic"? They must be clairvoyant !!!!

Ncp car park scam

On Sat at 05:31pm barry wrote:
Parked paid by card entered my car number paid for four hours machine issued ticket for said four hours which was displayed in car window, few weeks later I received a fine for not paying 60 checked with my bank and the money was not taken from my card! So why was ticket issued??? Has anyone else had this problem/scam