Cycle paths

On Thu at 09:52am Earl of Lewess wrote:
Any idea why so many cyclists ignore the Lewes to Ringmer cycle path in favour of the road? Is it a case of poor signage, or is there some other reason?

Helicopter Wednesday night

On Wed at 11:23pm anonymous123 wrote:
Whats happening
On Wed at 11:26pm anonymous123 wrote:
Someone escaped from prison?
On Wed at 11:38pm Shocking wrote:
Probably. Lock your doors.

Priory school uniform

On Wed at 04:45pm drumspenc wrote:
Why are year 11s being made to buy this brand new uniform when they're only there for a few months more
On Wed at 06:47pm nancy wrote:
I don't know.
On Wed at 07:26pm dave wrote:
Priory keep doing this with no regard for parent or pupils


On Tue at 05:11pm dunk wrote:
Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know of anywhere local that I can pick up a few tadpoles to populate my new pond with?

I have my own jam jar and sieve.


On Wed at 07:35am Nevillman wrote:
It's the wrong time of year and I believe illegal.
On Wed at 10:57am dunk wrote:
Oh dear- shows what I know.

Why would it be illegal though? Is frog-theft a thing?
On Wed at 11:15am Stephen Watson wrote:
Depending where is your pond is, the frogs (or maybe newts) will quite likely find it anyway. They found ours in the Nevill almost straight away. Do make sure that your pond has some way that they (and other animals that might fall in) can easily climb in and out. By the way there's a Sussex Amphibian & Reptile Group who can provide helpful advice.
On Wed at 05:57pm Nevillman wrote:
Actually I've just looked it up and it isn't illegal but not recommended for environmental reasons. Look it up to decide for yourself. I should say that in my experience it is best to avoid fish if you want more frogs as they eat the tadpoles. Also newts do the same. If your pond gets full of newts then frogs will not be successful and vice versa. Others may have different experiences.
On Wed at 09:19pm Blatant Liar wrote:
Frogs find their way into any body of water, my pond included
My Jack Russell rips them to pieces, he’s a sadistic little so and so …

International Conference on Obesity

On Mon at 07:09am obesitymeetings wrote:
Herald Meetings welcomes you to attend International Conference on Obesity and Bariatric Surgery going to be held in March 04-05, 2019 at Rome, Italy. We invite you to join us at the Obesity 2020, where you will be sure to have knowledge with scholars from around the world for a good health. World-renowned speakers, the most recent methods, progresses, and the newest updates in Obesity 2020 are hallmarks of this conference.

Obesity is associated with huge number of risks to the human population and ultimately leading to health risks and bariatric surgery. Obesity 2020 Conferences is being hosted to emphasize on the anticipation for enhanced and secure life. Childhood Obesity leads to health threats like Oncological disorders of the thyroid, asthma, esophagus, colon, and others parts of the body, Diabetes, gallbladder disease and gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout and high blood pressure. This conference concentrates on mitigating the problems related to highlighting on the preventive measures and the recent advancements that meet fitness.

On Mon at 08:30am nancy wrote:
Great idea. Let's all hop on a jet and pollute the skies. Or we could stay at home, eat less and exercise more. Sounds like a plan.
On Mon at 06:30pm Eighties Boy wrote:
Will it make a difference to obesity levels in Lewes?
Fat chance.

Lewes 5 Blackburn Rovers 1

On Sun at 08:18pm Rookie wrote:
Well done girls.
On Tue at 08:16pm Black Sleeves wrote:
I thought they were women? Patronising or what?
On Tue at 09:19pm Local99 wrote:
I hereby accept that you are not a Club Director, Rookie.
You wouldn't dream of using the G word – or even the L word – in relation to the Wimmin if you were.
You 'kin dinosaur!
On Tue at 10:07pm Rookie wrote:
Why not? We shout "come on boys" at the men's team. Equality?
You 'kin pedant.