Most well known families from lewes

On Mon at 03:09pm mike123 wrote:
I was woundering which families names are most well known in lewes.
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Lewes Civic Awards

On Mon at 11:54am JoJo wrote:
I think Webbo deserves a nomination for all he's done.

3D Printer service/repair

On Sun at 05:19pm snipermech wrote:
Hi All,

Very odd one, but I have an old CTC Replicator clone 3D printer which I've just dug back out, wondering if there any any 3d printer enthusiasts here in lewes who wouldn't mind giving it a service/upgrade etc to get it all back to working, happy to pay ofcourse :)

I have a Prusa Mk3 now for the workshop, but would be nice to have the old CTC at home for longer prints when I'm out.

Messy tree removal - Raceourse motor roads

On Sun at 03:25pm Stephen Watson wrote:
Contractors have been removing trees and generally making a mess of the strip of land between the Motor Road and the path that runs alongside it. This land belongs to Lewes Racecourse, and is not part of the Town Council owned Landport Bottom nature reserve, and the reason that they have given for the work is that the trees, by shading the road, were making it icy. If all they wanted was to let in some sunlight on the road, it's hard to see why they should have needed to make quite such a mess, or bring in heavy equipment. The native trees that have gone (mainly hawthorn) provided a welcome windbreak to sheep and walkers on Landport Bottom and food, cover and nesting sites for birds. Underneath were wild flowers including masses of sweet violets that were in bloom as they were grubbed up, also white comfrey and harts- tongue ferns. Some of the roots and seeds may be there but the soil has been heavily churned which is more likely to encourage ragwort (which the same is dangerous to horses). I can only hope that the area will recover in time, if it's allowed to.

If you would like to discuss this and other matters relating to Landport Bottom, the next meeting of Friends of Landport Bottom is on Monday 11th March, 7.30-9pm at St. Mary's Church Hall, Highdown Road, Lewes. Everyone is welcome.
On Sun at 04:36pm Hag wrote:
Look at the Lewes Racecourse thread for details of who to write to about this disgusting act of habitat destruction. It would seem that anyone with a digger can do what he wants in a national park, squash a few stoats, make the finches homeless, make more money building houses, whilst pretending they're an equestrian facility, whilst the greasy palmed planners turn a blind eye.
On Sun at 05:08pm Local99 wrote:
My word. Building houses on a wide bit of verge? You have an extraordinary imagination.
Alternatively, you have no idea what this thread is about, but have gone off on one of your standard rants regardless.
On Sun at 06:30pm Hag wrote:
There are no standard rants, my first post. You don't need imagination to notice how little land is needed to build a house? and that is what the landowner has said he could do, as it is his land, he thinks he can do whatever he likes, and I have no faith that anyone would stop him, judging by what he has already got away with, and what has been allowed already in this town. You
On Sun at 08:54pm Local99 wrote:
Perhaps you don't have a history of ranting on here, but I bet you do somewhere / somehow / sometime.
On Mon at 12:20pm Hamid Barr wrote:
An unnecessary act of wanton vandalism with no regard for the wild life we are constantly exhorted to help preserve.


Lewes Racecourse

On Sun at 10:25am Numberjack wrote:
So having cleared scrub and trees from a vast swathe of ground adjacent to the motor roads, it looks like the landowner has moved in the heavy machinery to commence some major groundworks or possibly building on the site.
They have no planning permission!
This is land within the South Downs National Park. The SDNPA, seem to not be interested in stopping this work, read into that what you will!
If you care about our downland landscape, contact the SDNPA and voice your opinion...Jack.Trevelyan"AT"
Also copy Ruth OKeefe roklewes"AT" and Lewes District council.....Daniel.Wynn"AT"

Let's hope we can stop this vandalism of our landscape.

On Sun at 04:25pm Hag wrote:
The forum won't post my respsonses, so much for free speech. The landowner Mr Fitch Heyes is an environmental vandal who has now decimated the remaining half of the woodland. The rangers said they could do nothing after the first half went, and we pay their wages, sadly we can't pay them to give a damn and stand up to despots who rape the countryside.
On Sun at 05:09pm Local99 wrote:
On Sun at 07:38pm Penguin wrote:
The man is an environmental criminal, this is simply vandalism on a massive scale. Why can (or will) the authorities not do anything to stop him? What about the wildlife, I have seen adders, slow worms and lizards up there for starters.
On Sun at 09:04pm Sensible wrote:
Who is it who is defaming a landowner? Local authorities and their uneducated officers are fly-by-nights compared to landowning families who measure their plans by centuries. I believe the owners of land know their job and must be assisted to get on and do it. They know their land better than anyone else possibly could. My advice to complainants is to concentrate better on their scrappy, plastic garden-centre window-boxes and don't meddle with matters they have no natural right to be concerned about.
On Mon at 01:06pm Nevillman wrote:
Is that why these wonderfully responsible landowners were so happy to let everyone smell their sewage for so long before leaving someone else to sort it out?
On Mon at 09:19pm Mark1234 wrote:
Thanks Numberjack - i have written to the person you provide the contact details for at the SDNPA. I dont understand how it was possible for them to do this and how there are no repercussions. Also its hard to believe the motivation was frost on the road - the area they cleared was much larger than warranted if that is the motive - as far as i can tell.

Any rentals?

On Sat at 08:33pm minadamoon wrote:
Hello everyone! My partner and I are currently on the lookout for rentals in Lewes and so we thought we could post a little something here to see if you can help us out. If you know of any available flats or you rent one, please let us know!!
We live in Brighton at the moment but work in Lewes so we might as well just move if we can. We pay 875 plus bills for our very central one bedroom flat, something similar in Lewes would be great!!
On Sun at 05:12pm Local99 wrote:
Have you thought about trying the rental agents and / or various 'small ads' vehicles?
Bit radical, I know.
I somehow doubt landlords have properties to rent, yet decide to wait for a potential renter to appear on here as the best way of securing their income?
On Sun at 05:27pm minadamoon wrote:
Are you being sarcastic? Is my post making you frustrated? Are you trying to help? I don't really understand the context of your comment. Thanks for your post anyway, have a lovely weekend.