Canoeing in the Pells

On Fri at 07:04pm janet street preacher wrote:
I see thereís a slipway at one end of the Pells and I was wondering if itís ok to put canoes in. Anyone know?
On Fri at 11:35pm mrs patmore wrote:
Absolutely , I have cannoed multiple times in the pells, just watch out for the ducks

Youth gangs in the area

On Fri at 04:46pm Cool Hand Luke wrote:
Just making sure everyone is aware of the recent spike over the last 6 months of a gang of youths that's been randomly assaulting people between Lewes and Seaford. The wider group is made up of about 20 youths aged 14-19. The kids come from Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford, with 5-8 kids from each town. The Police know the names of these individuals and many have been arrested only to return to the streets because of our laws. Attacks have been happening during daylight hours in Lewes, not just Seaford and Newhaven with Lewes kids participating in the assults.

Citizens should keep alert, parents should speak to their kids about this. Many of the victims are other kids, not just the poor man assaulted and stabbed in Newhaven in early June we've all heard about. Most of the 8 youths who committed the Newhaven stabbing are from Newhaven themselves. But the wider group of 20, all known to the police, also includes several individuals from Lewes. Parents need to not only alert at this time for the safety of their children (and themselves) but also parents need to make sure their kids aren't part of this gang in one way or the other.

Anyone with information that can help the police should make this available to them for the safety of all in the area.
On Fri at 05:55pm endoftheouse wrote:
Times have changed in Lewes. Back in the 80's the Lewes youth wouldn't let the Seahaven divs use the train service to and from Brighton without giving them a good slap just before midnight. Good old days!
On Fri at 11:34pm mrs patmore wrote:
Hhhhmmmm Iíve really not seen any evidence of this in lewes, maybe an altercation over the last hummus tub left in Waitrose but not random assaults on the street , just saying , although some did try to ram raid Waitrose the other month but it turned out it was just someone who accidentally reversed their car nto the wine section
On Sat at 11:02am Sensible wrote:
Good fences make good neighbours. Although we were usually on the winning side if we had a ruck with boys from another school or town who came onto our boundaries, we enjoyed proving our loyalty in a fight. There really are a lot of softies aren't there? They call it "assault" today. We called them proper beatings and we knew they were deserved. It's a healthy game, nothing more.
On Sat at 11:50am Basil wrote:
It's hard to decide who is the funniest on here: 'Chicken Licken' Cool Hand Luke or 'Street Fighting Man' Sensible.

Aldi Chorizo challenge

On Thu at 11:51pm dave wrote:
I'm willing to bet you can't chew through a whole Aldi Chorizo sausage.
You are allowed to take the skin off by the way.
They are only £1.50 so I guess being able to actually ingest them might be a tad unreasonable at that price.
On Fri at 10:29am A Person wrote:
Please don't: those are cooking chorizo. You could make yourself very ill.
On Fri at 11:03am Dave wrote:
Aaaah! That would explain it :S
On Fri at 11:47pm mrs patmore wrote:
Donít like chorizo

Priory Uniform

On Mon at 05:56pm Journaller wrote:
When I was at Priory (80s) we never had uniform issues. I don't remember any letters being sent to parents. Teachers were not bothered about what pupils were wearing and therefore no time was wasted with uniform issues. This was because of the more relaxed, sensible approach back. I had to wear a grey skirt, and a blue jumper/sweatshirt. No school logos needed. My choice of style of skirt/jumper. Shoes of my own choice.
On Mon at 06:48pm Journaller wrote:
And I could wear any coat
On Tue at 01:27pm Eighties Boy wrote:
Priory in the 80s was like the Wild West.
It was an achievement to get to the end of the day in one piece; what everyone was wearing didn't cross my mind too often.
There were a selection of punks, rockers, goths and mods as I remember, who tended to be alright. And the geek/nerd fraternity (not that they were called that in those days).
It was the rest you had to stay clear of.
On Tue at 05:32pm leaf wrote:
sick to death of Priory, who now want me buy new uniform for my child who leaves next year.
On Tue at 06:04pm Hugh Janus wrote:
I have a variety of dresses for sale all boys sizes!
On Tue at 09:24pm Basil wrote:
I think most European and US schools seem to manage without uniforms. My memory of school uniform was that it was something for pedantic martinets sitting in their office to spend too much time worrying about.
On Fri at 11:48pm mrs patmore wrote:

End of Race

On Sun at 09:42am MaggieRose wrote:
Where is the finish line
On Fri at 11:48pm mrs patmore wrote:
Keep going