New turkish

On Sun at 08:29pm Bobbyg wrote:
Does anyone know anything about this new Turkish place opening where Spice Merchant used to be?? Canít find anything online about it.
On Mon at 05:58pm Tom Pain wrote:
Not another kebab joint?
On Tue at 05:39pm Basil wrote:
Is there anyone who doesn't know about that way of advertising where you ask 'Does anyone know...'?

Lewes Arms

On Sun at 08:17pm Bobbyg wrote:
I love the Lewes Arms but why is it always so cold in there?!

Next Prime Minister conundrum.

On Sun at 03:50pm Cedric wrote:
Regardless of your/their political orientation who do you think amongst the current MPís in Parliament would make a good Prime Minister for the U.K.?

If not there must be one amongst this lot:

On Sun at 04:38pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The next PM surely has to be Jacob Rees Mogg. Man of the people.
On Sun at 05:35pm Basil wrote:
For genuine amusement it has t be Liz Truss. The woman is incomparably stupid.

On Sun at 07:31pm Tom Pain wrote:
Man of the people, do you mean like you greenish?
On Mon at 01:37pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I'm sure I can count on your vote Painey.

Lewes Present

On Sat at 01:59pm Blatant Liar wrote:
Is this forum now the refuge of those that Mick Symes has banned from LP
On Sat at 07:37pm David Stanley wrote:
I'm not banned yet.
On Mon at 01:00pm Nevillman wrote:
Sounds like the answer to that is no blatant. If it sets your mind at rest I'm happy to tell you that although I am banned from Lewes present, I did not start posting on here as a result of that as I was already regularly posting on here. I only used Lewes present to try to get local news and views and only posted on there when I was so incensed by its blatant political censorship at the last election when symes was telling people what they could and could not post about the election and questioned him on it. He couldn't possibly justify his censorship so he banned me as well.
I still check on the site to see what is happening in town but it is interesting to see that there is much less debate on there as well. Symes regularly amuses me with his condescending posts but I have no other contact with the self important little man.
On Tue at 08:52am Nevillman wrote:
I see that symes is now removing posts about Johnson and parties. I can't see why anyone would want to post their comments on that site. Hopefully there will be more disaffected Lewes present posters on here.
On Tue at 06:29pm janet street preacher wrote:
What else would you expect from a Tory Brexiteer?

No confidence letter

On Sat at 11:07am Doug wrote:
Should Maria Caulfield send a letter of no confidence?
In light of the offensive lie and deny policy regarding No10 drinking and party activity.
Has the PM misled parliament?
Is he fit to run the country?
On Sat at 07:41pm David Stanley wrote:
Don't be so naive. The government had a realistic view of the dangers ( they didn't all die did they.?)
Obviously they don't want to tell the plebs anything that would stop them isolating.
You do realise they dont think of the public as people don't you?
On Sat at 10:18pm dairyman wrote:
I'm sure, in true Tory style, that Maria will sign the letter when it suits her.
On Sun at 09:28am Doug wrote:
I have sent 5 emails asking for her position regarding the events at NO 10.
No response?
Very quick tto respond about a grant for potholes ?
Has anyone else asked for her position regarding the PM misleading parliament ?
On Sun at 11:50am Green Sleeves wrote:
@ doug "Has anyone else asked for her position regarding the PM misleading parliament ?" - yeah, but which occasion are you referring to? You might want to narrow the PM's lies down so we can focus on one fib at a time.
On Tue at 10:01am Nevillman wrote:
To be fair to Maria caulfield I have just seen a statement from her in which she condemns the drinks parties and says she will her position on future action after the report on them.
I believe it is available on her website but ironically I saw it on the symes site. This is ironic as he has removed any other comments people have made about Johnson's parties from the site.