Well done Ferret

On Mon at 08:49am David Stanley wrote:
You've killed the fun of this forum just so your imaginary friend can be kept in a safe space without any challenging or hurtful remarks to deal with.
On Mon at 09:50am Yellow Sleeves wrote:
Making a post calling out Ferret isn't very nice. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so harsh. Come on, you're better than this, Davey. *shakes head disapprovingly*
On Mon at 09:52am blue sleeves wrote:
Really Davis? If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all!!!
On Mon at 11:42am Larkspur wrote:
Yes the "fun" has gone. Unfortunately Pedro has not. :)

Boots smoke

On Sat at 11:16pm Petitepois wrote:
Driving past Boots today I saw it filled with smoke.. does anyone know what happened??

The Fabulous Rooks Win Again

On Sat at 07:40pm Rookie wrote:
Up to 2nd in the league table now. Heady stuff.
On Mon at 10:09am Yellow Sleeves wrote:
Good lads! Nice punk.
On Mon at 12:02pm Hamid Barr wrote:
Darren Freeman's done a great job with Lewes FC - put together a side of good footballers (initially a bit lightweight being young) and has improved the squad quietly every season. Would love to see Lewes get promoted and there's certainly one Sun journalist who'll be high delighted if that happens. Who knows Lewes FC might make the sports pages of the UK's biggest selling newspaper.

A very well run club with loyal support who put all those "lifelong" Brighton fans ( since the Amex) to shame.

That they should go up a level in the pyramid is what the team, management and town deserve.
On Mon at 12:19pm Rookie wrote:
I remember you playing Hamid. Good goal v Welling too.
On Mon at 12:26pm Hamid Barr wrote:
@Rookie - very good memory you have - seems you've been around non league for a while

new to Lewes

On Sat at 12:25pm roger wrote:
welcome eveyone. what a mixed bunch:)
On Mon at 09:53am Clifford wrote:
Yes, it's pretty good here.
On Mon at 10:08am Yellow Sleeves wrote:
On Mon at 12:52pm Chartist wrote:
Mixed bunch indeed

The Lamb

On Fri at 09:37pm Localman wrote:
At 9 pm on Friday 7th December.

On Fri at 10:00pm Eighties Boy wrote:
I spent my formative years in that space. 1983 -1993 give or take. All great fun. Loads of laughs, friends, music, games, loves and drama.
It was the place to go in Lewes - people would meet elsewhere, drink throughout the town, but the end game was always The Lamb.
I don't live in Lewes anymore, but often visit.
The Lamb has always been my first port of call when coming home .
I hope it gets it's mojo back.
On Sat at 07:34am mrs patmore wrote:
I went past at 11pm and it was very busy
On Sat at 07:53am Green Sleeves wrote:
Looks ideal. Nothing worse than a busy pub full of drunken opinionated jerks like Hamid Barr setting the world to rights.
On Sat at 11:42am Larkspur wrote:
Haha. Pedro has developed an obsession with Hamid.
On Sat at 12:53pm Changeling wrote:
I think we are missing the point here. 18 months ago the Lamb was a top class roots music venue with no cover charge. Now it's just a failed attempt to draw cash from 'upscale Lewes'.

One of the driving forces in this change of direction was repeated complaints about noise from one particular homeowner who purchased a property close by when the venue was thriving, with a reduced price tag as compensation. In order to increase the price of their property they drove off the music policy. Germany has legislation to deal with this kind of single-minded greed: if you buy close to a thriving venue you have no right to complain.