Cliffe Bridge Tonight

On Fri at 08:25am Blatant Liar wrote:
Get a picture of yourself on Lewes present and show the world how caring you are
On Fri at 09:14am Sleeveless wrote:
How about a truce, Blatant Liar? Was there any need for your post?
You may not agree with the way things are - that is fine, but why not just let things take their course and be a little bit sensitive.
On Fri at 11:25am Blatant Liar wrote:
Youíre kidding, right ?
On Fri at 12:46pm Tractorboy81 wrote:
If the people of Lewes are so good where was the candle lit vigil for the other guy who died in the river and the lady who was murdered in wheelie bin ? They both have families why is it that tonightís vigil is more important then the other two recent deaths?
On Fri at 12:53pm Sleeveless wrote:
I am fairly certain that a moment of reflection was organised for the lady from Landport.
On Fri at 04:04pm Tractorboy81 wrote:
A moment of reflection for the poor lady who was murdered is not the same as tonightís vigil is it and all else whatís happening tonight ? (And she was a Lewes resident as well ).
Donít get me wrong what happened to Anthony Knott was awful and leaving a partner and children as well along with family and friends but was he a Lewes resident no he wasnít.
I guess in this case social media has played a massive part where as the other two cases nowhere near as much publicity if any.
On Fri at 04:50pm Blatant Liar wrote:
Being seen to care on SM is all the rage
On Fri at 04:59pm Sleeveless wrote:
Like me, you may not feel the need to join them, but are they causing you any harm by doing so?
On Fri at 05:17pm Tractorboy81 wrote:
Sleeveless no they are not causing me harm itís not about that as I think you well know.
On Fri at 05:48pm endoftheouse wrote:
You gorgers need to learn to stay together on nights out rather than sneaking off alone and instead of taking your flowers to the Cliffe tonjght put them on your deceased relatives graves with nothing on.
On Fri at 10:03pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Tractorboy, you're gonna be well annoyed when your passing isn't marked the same way as Princess Diana's. I suppose you'll be too dead to notice though.

What a rubbish thread this is.
On Fri at 11:20pm Basil wrote:
'Look at me' mourning of people the mourners had never met really took off in 1997.

31st January 2020

On Tue at 04:32pm the old mayor wrote:
Are there any street parties planned to celebrate Brexit Day, bells ringing etc ? Or is it the usual vigil, with flowers on the bridge ?
On Tue at 05:46pm Blatant Liar wrote:
You little tinker
On Tue at 06:36pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I'll probably smoke about a gram.
On Tue at 11:24pm the old mayor wrote:
You'll be up for a bank holiday I bet !!
On Thu at 09:17am Hyena wrote:
For whom the bell tolls.
On Fri at 11:20pm Basil wrote:
Remainers will be mourning their opportunity to be smug members of the 'Europeans only' neo-liberal project.

Water shortage

On Mon at 11:37pm Webbo wrote:
Anyone else got no water?@
On Mon at 11:44pm Hamlyn Fourteen wrote:
No water