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Lewes Homeless on Highstreet , get rid of them

On Thu 17 May at 6:59am Streetwise wrote:
The guy outside Boots ......move him on and his pile of crap.
Help yourself...
Don't come here and treat this town like that.
If he is looking for a hand, then keep our town clean.
I walk past his crap everyday outside Boots and the side alley next to the post office.
Mess just left there, packets, drink cups, junk that he has been tinkering with, plastic bags.
I've no problem with the regular bunch that have been here for years, they respect the town but this new lot that have come into Lewes in the last month need to be sorted out.
Council need to be tough or Lewes will have a whole lot more including the crime that follows.
On Thu 17 May at 7:18am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Perhaps you should talk to this man, find out his history and why he's in Lewes.
You might understand a little more then and realise that homeless people often have no other options. And direct your rage at the austerity regime that has cut funding to all the services that help people like him.
On Thu 17 May at 7:49am Dusty Bin wrote:
Agreed with op. Looks like a refuse tip outside Boots. Move him on. Or fine him for littering, public highway obstruction, begging, drug possession and b.o.
On Thu 17 May at 8:27am Pedro wrote:
@ACT, as good as your intentions and correct as you are, I sense its futile indulging these troll threads with rational wisdom and decency. Some people are just made to be antagonistic bullies, although I suspect there are deep rooted insecurities that lead them to be this way.
On Thu 17 May at 8:28am Alexi wrote:
Dr Marten boots.
On Thu 17 May at 8:32am Really? wrote:
Sussex person is back again right on queue. Did you offer work this time or just a kicking?
On Thu 17 May at 8:38am Bob wrote:
Aren't people responsible for themselves these days ? These aren't kids they are middle aged . There was even a couple sharing a duvet the other day !
On Thu 17 May at 8:39am Mark wrote:
You lot voted for this.
On Thu 17 May at 8:52am Mario wrote:
He goes home at night. You only see him there during the day.
On Thu 17 May at 9:35am SussexLocal wrote:
Nothing to do with me so you got it wrong again....you'll have to interrogate someone else this time.
On Thu 17 May at 9:35am CactusBadger wrote:
The guy is a heroin addict. He lives in a flat in Landport paid for with benefits. The begging is solely to pay for heroin. All of his other expenses are paid for by benefits. If you give him money, he will use that to buy drugs. As soon as he has made enough money he will go buy, and use, drugs immediately. All the items that litter his area of choice for begging are props to make he seem more desperate.
Stop giving him money! If you feel like you need to help, donate to a drugs charity.
On Thu 17 May at 9:53am menthal wrote:
absolutely none of them are homeless, The usual crew all have access to a flat and the new crew are just full time beggars from brighton. They are all run as employees. IE they pay for there pitches. they pretend the sleep rough, but actually they do go home at night. Even though the guy with the guitar, who does live in a house tries, he needs to tune his guitar and learn to sing. Whilst austerity has caused a huge spike in genuine homelessness, these lot aren't, they are milking the sheeple of lewes
On Thu 17 May at 12:11pm beggars belief wrote:
Kind hearted lot aren't you? Regardless if he 'pretend' homeless or not, a fine display of humanity from op
On Thu 17 May at 1:32pm Wilcox wrote:
Here's my next venture.
A petting zoo where cat ladies and the concerned of Lewes can indulge their extravagant need for affirmation that their lives are not worthless by giving alms to the poor in a safe environment that is zero carbon etc. Selfie sticks and Facebook /Instagram posing stations ready made and clients provided with state mandated chemicals to keep them safe without troubling thoughts of agency infesting their consciousness. Currently looking for J. K. Rowling and Lily Allen as patrons.
On Thu 17 May at 1:58pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
Even if they are druggies and have a flat, they still need help. However, letting them beg on the streets is no answer. We have the worst of both worlds at the moment, when what we need is a carrot and stick approach, showing zero tolerance for begging, but giving beggars help to get back on their feet.
On Thu 17 May at 3:16pm Fairmeadow wrote:
But the key message is, if you give them money, you are directly helping finance the lifestyles of the drug barons to whom they will transfer your money the same day. You are NOT helping the street beggars. They need a different type of help altogether. That help is available, IF they seek it. By giving them money you are encouraging them to continue in their current lifestyle, so discouraging them from seeking the help they need. If you want to demonstrate your compassion, give them your time, tea or sandwiches, but NOT money or anything that can be converted into money.
On Thu 17 May at 5:16pm @EOL wrote:
Giving them a flat and benefits is more help than the average working male is entitled to, no they don't need even more help and people should not be giving them hand-outs, without charity they won't starve, they'll dry out.
On Thu 17 May at 5:20pm Archie wrote:
Yet another depressing forum thread. Narrow minded finger wagging while understanding absolutely nothing. Homelessness is rarely about not having a home. It's about mental illness, drug addiction, a history of abuse, alienation etc. But you don't care about that do you. "Move 'em on!"? How will that help them? It won't but you just want them out of sight. Utterly depressing.
On Thu 17 May at 5:44pm Solution wrote:
We should get our pitchforks out and run them out of town to Ringmer. Then Ringmer residents and the council can get tough and move them on to Hailsham. Then Hailsham residents can start a petition to urge the council to move them on to Eastbourne where they can be met with a social media campaign to raise awareness to move them on to Seaford.

At Seaford we should probably get the local hard workers to complain all day about how it's not fair and force the MP to make the police fine them, take what little they have and stick them on a bus to Lewes.

Think I've sorted the problem lads. Let's go down the pub.
On Thu 17 May at 6:13pm Final wrote:
Good idea, solution . But they wouldn't stay in Hailsham. There are none here, come and see
On Thu 17 May at 6:21pm @Archie wrote:
I think you're the last person who should be accusing others of understanding nothing.
On Thu 17 May at 6:35pm Pseudo wrote:
We could offer the next royal wedding that 'll get rid of them all
On Thu 17 May at 6:42pm Himself wrote:
Know the best way to get rid of the homeless?
Give them a home.
On Thu 17 May at 8:06pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
@ @EOL - Yes, I know that some of them get benefits and live in flats, but they're not exactly living the life of Riley if they're begging to feed an addiction. As Solution neatly put it, we can move them on and dump the problem on someone else, or we can try and deal with it. The worst thing we can do is perpetuate the situation by giving them money. If you're upset by the sight of beggars, donate to homeless charities and put pressure on the local authorities to deal with the problem rather than turn a blind eye.
On Thu 17 May at 8:06pm Observer wrote:
Radio man drunk with the bottom-revealing disposition was having a grand old time with some younger drinkers by the castle this evening.
On Thu 17 May at 8:50pm Pseudo wrote:
If I walk around with my arse hanging out id be arrested for indecency he's done it for years the perv
On Thu 17 May at 11:46pm Sensible wrote:
Each and every example of this is illegal. Vigorous and strict policing must be brought in. Pavements must be washed down with pressure hoses twice a day to remove all illegal people and rubbish, and those who do not go away will be placed in compulsory residential training for their own good so their work can begin to make a restitution to decent society. I know very well how the bone idle operate, having been unlucky enough to have required work from some as they are in my employment, and I say with a good deal of authority they deserve nothing.
We have a county council that is becoming fiscally prudent. Street dwellers, though romantic sights and characters in some instances, do NOT belong here and are not worthy of regard except to reject.
On Fri 18 May at 7:43am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
@ Sensible: there is no such thing as "illegal people". There are people who have no legal right to be where they are, but rough sleepers are not among them.
As yet, there is no legal provision for "compulsory residential training", and being homeless is not a crime. Nor is sleeping on the streets. Any residential scheme would be vastly more expensive than leaving them where they are, OR housing them. Look at how expensive it is to run prisons.
And given that the council can't manage to sweep the streets at reasonable intervals, hosing them down twice daily would be quite beyond them.
Get yourself some common sense pills and some compassion linctus and step away from the internet until they start working.
On Fri 18 May at 7:49am @sensible wrote:
You would make Hitler proud.
On Fri 18 May at 8:57am Mortgage payer wrote:
@Himself- What, a free one?
On Fri 18 May at 9:08am Sensible wrote:
I do not value the opinions of others, because i find that they are usually uneducated or simply biassed. But the number of "thumbs up" of approval, above, indicate that a person standing as a directly elected mayor, and holding fast to the principles by which I run my life and my family's lives, would be victorious. I am gladdened by this. Deal with problems quickly in a severely disciplined way and accept no excuses. That is how to treat illegal elements who oppose decent progressive society.
On Fri 18 May at 11:01am Mark wrote:
Uneducated moron! You've spelt biased wrong.
On Fri 18 May at 11:51am Pedro wrote:
This forum, like many others, has become a wind-up site, for trolling RW s**tposting their white male victimhood. I guess its better they vent their fury here, although I suspect most of them are too insecure and suffering from acute social anxiety for it to be impactful in the real world.
On Fri 18 May at 2:01pm Mark wrote:
I'm actually delighted, Pedro. It's almost like having Paul Newman back. The sheer narcissisitic Trumpesqueness of feeling that it's alright to dismiss out of hand the opinions of ALL others is delicious as is the lovely contrast between ANC's nuanced opinions (informed by a sound awareness of relevant facts) and Sensible's rantings. He reminds me of one of my grandfathers who reached an age when all he wanted to say was, "They all need stringing up from the lamposts".
On Fri 18 May at 2:08pm bob wrote:
i would kick the scun bags out of lewes
On Fri 18 May at 3:29pm Dripping Pan Stan wrote:
Not everyone who holds an opinion that differs from yours is a troll, resorting to name calling to help you validate your world view isn't going to win friends or arguments.
May I suggest you put an air-tight seal on your echo-chamber and not open the door for a few days?
On Fri 18 May at 3:53pm Somewhat Confused wrote:
Where does one draw the line? I see the police in Windsor are scooping up the beggars and life's less fortunate in case it looks untidy, unsightly or offends the eye of potential Royal Wedding sightseers and gets in the way of that all important "photo opportunity". At the same time they are prepared to allow hundreds of jingoistic, union flag wearing, royalist supporters to sleep on the street for several days. I would rather the smackhead scrote who lives in Ousedale and his thuggish mate with the radio weren't there outside Boots but until there are services in place to give them a helping hand we are stuck with them.
On Fri 18 May at 3:54pm Pedro wrote:
@ dripping pan stan. The posters I am referring to do little else on here but name-calling, finger pointing and chastise those that don't conform to their world view, with the objective to whip up hatred. Yet you choose to criticise just me for having the cheek to do a lower-key version of what they do all the time - but NOT subject them to the same criticism?? Seems a touch unfair, but then i guess they shouldn't be held to any sort of reasonable standard, as they pretty much only preach hate and contempt for others.

I feel no guilt or remorse for occasionally trolling trolls.
On Sat 19 May at 10:44pm Martha wrote:
Sensible - you do not value the opinions of others?? Seriously?? No debate, no capacity for reflection, no ability to be swayed by others, too arrogant to at least listen to others?? Just guessing - you're desperately lonely and angry?

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