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Losing my looks

On Tue 14 Nov at 8:47pm Claudia wrote:
I used to be a beautiful, radiant young woman. People would tell me I was gorgeous and I always had someone or other who had a crush on me.
Now I'm approaching middle age, my skin has lost its glow, I have developed jowls, big bags under my eyes and a bit of a double chin. I haven't gained weight but my shape has changed, my breasts have lost their perkiness, my bottom has gone flat and I have lost tone in my arms. Despite daily swimming and weights at the gym. My hair is grey, I dye it but the greys are back after 10 days.
I saw an old tired looking woman the other day and thought how utterly plain she looked, then I realised with horror it was my reflection in a shop window.
It's mighty depressing.
On Tue 14 Nov at 9:10pm Winkleman wrote:
I tried to find my winkle the other day. It's shrunk to nothing, but I've got a full head of hair
On Tue 14 Nov at 9:22pm Lonely wrote:
Be grateful that you are the age you are. Many are not so lucky.
On Tue 14 Nov at 10:34pm Horseman7 wrote:
I wish my bottom would go flat.
On Tue 14 Nov at 11:18pm Sir Pukealot wrote:
What you need to do is dye your hair blonde and straighten it. Make sure it's below your shoulders. Also dress like someone half your age. Then when us blokes approach from behind,we look round all expectant but see that wrinkly old has been that you are. Makes us laugh and imitate puking.
On Wed 15 Nov at 12:30am P. wrote:
Claudia, it sounds like you're honest and pretty (but probably over-critical) and a perfect catch for someone who knows the long-term benefits of being faithful.
If you want to be a 'catch', that is.
Believe me, with years of happy and honest experience (from a male viewpoint), I know about this.
On Wed 15 Nov at 7:23am Billy wrote:
Embrace your age, stand in front of a mirror and say "that's a pretty fit body for someone of my age".
On Wed 15 Nov at 2:08pm Brolacks wrote:
Stand over a mirror and anyone looks yuk.
On Wed 15 Nov at 2:35pm Country Life wrote:
I wonder why no-one manufacturers a mirrored bath-mat. Could be very useful for purposes of self-inspection.
On Wed 15 Nov at 3:09pm Clifford wrote:
'Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.'
On Wed 15 Nov at 4:06pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
Beauty is more than skin deep and I think maturity and experience are very attractive in a woman. Instead of thinking about what you've lost, look at what you've gained. And grey hair can look lovely - far better than those women who think that they'll be a bit of a 'character' and dye it pink or purple.
On Wed 15 Nov at 4:13pm Erp wrote:
This is one reason we should all focus on developing virtue. The good looking often get a golden ride through life until their looks decline. Oscar Wilde wrote a rather shocking book about it.
All those people who were nice to you, it was partly because you were pretty. Now is perhaps the time to pay some of it back and help the unfortunate and unloved among us.
On Wed 15 Nov at 4:58pm Dorian wrote:
What are you saying, Erp ?
On Wed 15 Nov at 10:22pm We'vehadourfun wrote:
We are all the same lying down.
On Wed 15 Nov at 10:51pm Claudia wrote:
I don't think we are the same lying down. My breasts now fall under my armpits when I lay down.
I don't imagine yours do.
On Thu 16 Nov at 6:31am Colonel Nutt wrote:
As a man in my fifites, I find it much more enjoyable to ogle at women in their 20s and 30s rather than those my age, as I worry more and more about my own decay. I'm a leg man, though I'll always give a nice pair of bazoongas a second glance.
On Thu 16 Nov at 8:35am Earl of Lewess wrote:
As a man in his 50s, I've started to noticed how many beautiful women there are in their 50s and 60s (and beyond, sometimes).
On Sat 18 Nov at 8:22am Miwltf wrote:
I am sure you are lovely just the way you are...
Itís sad that all those silver haired foxes in their 50ís and 60ís chase women half their age when there are so many lovely, clever and attractive single females available. Iím a woman in my 50ís and much prefer men my own age....

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