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Dog Poo

On Fri 19 May at 11:32pm Daniel wrote:
My daughter and I have been weeding and making our front garden tidy, and planting flowers and seeds. Which we have both enjoyed. I was not amused when I got home from work tonight and had to clean up dog poo in my front garden. Allowing dogs to poo where children play, where people walk is bad enough, but allowing a dog to poo in someone else's garden and do not clear it up is disgusting. Toxocariasis is a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites. It's spread from animals to humans through contact with infected faeces, it can cause blindness, children are more susceptible. Dog owners please clear up and dispose of the poo properly, I have given you one good reason why. It is your dog so be responsible. To the dunderhead who allowed their dog to poo in my garden, I hope you get boils and warts on your bum!
On Sat 20 May at 1:32am meow wrote:
Its probably cats poo ,, they allways poo on freshly weeded ground, newly turned over soil
On Sat 20 May at 7:31am Daniel wrote:
No it was definitely was dog poo.
On Sat 20 May at 7:37am I hate cats. wrote:
Cats are far worse. My lovely garden is being ruined by cats digging and cr@pping everywhere. Does my neighbour care? No. Do they clear up their pets mess? No
On Sat 20 May at 8:35am WTf wrote:
@I hate cats - stick it in a bag and post it through their letter box. Or better still, put it in a paper bag, place it on their doorstep, set fire to it and ring their doorbell. Have a great laugh when they answer the door and stamp out the fire
On Sun 21 May at 6:02am fido wrote:
Toxocariasis is not just confined to dogs. Cat cr*p can carry it as well. Most dog owners do clear up after their dog but unfortunately there are some that don't give a toss. Because cats are classed as feral it seems that they can cr*p everywhere and like some dogs cats do relieve themselves in public areas, and where children play etc. Not every cat is well looked after with its own litter tray and there are some very manky cats around.....
On Sun 21 May at 10:02am pogonat wrote:
@WTF, God damn! You are really sick... I'm understand that you don't like cats, but your reaction is awfull. I think you need to go to a psychiatric hospital to check yourself

Check it out here »
On Sun 21 May at 3:32pm Erm... wrote:
I think, Pogonat, that wtf was talking about the cat poo, not the cat itself!

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