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Old age dilemma

On Fri 19 May at 2:02pm Realist wrote:
Three of my grandparents ended up in homes. One spending most of the proceeds from her house in doing so (the tory policy announced yesterday would have allowed her to keep a lot more).
Even the nicest of care homes are, in my opinion, grim places. No amount of forced jollity can hide how utterly depressing they are. As such I have decided that I will not allow myself to reach that stage. My children shall inherit ALL of my hard earned assets and I shall take matters into my own hands. I shall not suffer a protracted and unhappy end.
On Fri 19 May at 2:19pm So... wrote:
You're going to vote Tory then kill yourself?
On Fri 19 May at 2:51pm Englishman wrote:
I have already handed over my house to my offspring in trust. It is all very well for Mrs. May to allow us a new threshold of 100 000, but why should those who have never bothered to get any assets behind them get free care?
On Fri 19 May at 4:16pm Real ist wrote:
No party can promise free care for the elderly. It is simply not possible. Why live to be 90 if you spend the last few years sitting in a chair having your bum wiped by a total stranger. No thanks!
On Fri 19 May at 4:21pm @Englishman wrote:
And why should we pay for your care just so you can protect your bank balance? You want conservative don't be surprised when people expect you to provide for yourself when you're perfectly capable of doing so...
On Fri 19 May at 5:18pm Errrr wrote:
Do tell how you plan to avoid care costs and inheritance tax?
If it was easy we'll all do it
On Fri 19 May at 5:34pm endoftheouse wrote:
I will probably take my anger out on someone on my hit list with a hammer and go into a HM Prison Care Home. Having visited a Prison and a Care Home the Prison comes out with a higher rating.
On Fri 19 May at 9:15pm We'vehadourfun wrote:
Endoftheouse... Luckily this forum provides you with a long of victims. I think your onto a winner..
On Sat 20 May at 2:27pm Errrrrrrr wrote:
Put your house in a legal trust, the stated aims of which are to allow you to live there and then for your kids to have the house after you die. If you survive seven years after that you swerve all inheritance tax and won't own the place when it comes to working out the care costs. Most lawyers will set it all up for you easily enough. It's not cheap though, they generally charge an admin fee but if you're in a big old house and not planning to live much more than seven years it's cheaper than paying the tax man. Why do you think Firle place and all the land the Gages own is in a trust as someone said in another thread? When Lord Gage dies the kids won't pay a penny in tax on what is millions of pounds worth of land and property.
On Sat 20 May at 8:45pm Englishman wrote:
It cost me less than a thousand pounds to set up the trust. Quite cheap to avoid a tax of 40% on my estate.
On Sun 21 May at 12:18am Mistra wrote:
This is the really evil thing about the Tories Dementia tax - After a loved one has passed on the survivor is often forced to downsize because they have much less to live on. If there is a charge on the property, the elderly surviving spouse would be left with 100K (less that 80K after moving costs). What could that buy in Lewes? So an elderly spouse, who perhaps spent decades caring unpaid for their partner would either have to move hundreds of miles away from their relatives and community or face being destitute.
That is not only unjust, it is beyond disgusting in my book.
This tax is no less that a wholesale asset-strip of middle England in order to fill the pockets of the same parasites in the city who gambled away my pension.
On Sun 21 May at 4:33am wrote:
"why should those who have never bothered to get any assets behind them get free care?"
I don't think anybody thinks they should. It's the people that have few assets regardless of their efforts that are going to suffer the most; the minimum waged, the disabled, the chronically sick.
Hey I've got an idea - why don't we take more money off the people "that have never bothered to get any assets behind them" and yet still have obscene amounts of assets, and spend it on assets for those people that aren't able to even try?

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