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We are selling YOUR NHS out to MY chums.

On Fri 21 Apr at 1:48pm Maria Cauliflower wrote:
This is how WE are going to privatise YOUR NHS. Vote for ME.Then I can go private and make a bomb!

Watch the video »
On Fri 21 Apr at 2:01pm Road to Hell wrote:
Are you going to spend the next six weeks taking over this forum with one link after another? I'm already bored by it.
On Fri 21 Apr at 3:39pm We know who you are. wrote:
@Road to Hell,Troll paved and Paid by Toy Central Office.
On Fri 21 Apr at 3:46pm Road to Hell wrote:
Toy Central Office? Who do you think I am - Buzz Lightyear?
Never voted Tory. Only ever belonged to Labour but I just think you'll actually turn people off by going on and on and on.
On Fri 21 Apr at 4:32pm The Greek wrote:
Virgin Care has already happened. Look at this letter a desperate mother received and has since been stonewalled.

Check it out here »
On Fri 21 Apr at 6:16pm Tory Tw@ wrote:
Being sick and poor is a lifestyle choice.I go private.You can kiss my blue ars#.
On Fri 21 Apr at 10:20pm Carer wrote:
Benefit fraud costs around 1.2bn a year.
Benefits overpayments due to DWP errors cost 1.4bn.
Unclaimed benefits total 16bn.
Benefit fraud exists, but it's not what they make it out to be.
I'd rather a handful of people managed to defraud us but those that needed it got the money they really, really need to survive....
I'd also rather scrap sanctions evaluations and schemes that cost a lot of money - and in many cases put public money into the pockets of private companies and their shareholders that run these schemes.
The sanctions schemes cost more money than just paying the benefits would.
On Sat 22 Apr at 12:59am Pedro wrote:
@carer, how dare you use statistics and facts to prove a point!

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