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February Wed 22
@ Christs Church Hall
Dr Roger Cockrell Dostoevsky and the Modern World
In his introduction to the writings of the nineteenth century novelist Dostoevsky, Rowan Williams writes: “Terrorism, child abuse, absent fathers and the fragmentation of the family, the secularization and sexualisation of culture, the future... more

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Sun 26
@ Christs Church Hall
Breakfast, craft and celebration worship for all ages.
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March Wed 22
@ Christs Church Hall
David Streeter Why conservation is important

David Streeter is an Emeritus Reader in Ecology at the University of Sussex. He has taught courses on conservation, and on the interactions between organisms and between organisms and their environment, since the 1960s. He has also served as... more

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Regular Events

18:15 - 19:45
I am teaching the Wu style Tai chi long form in this class.

Tai ji quan is a martial art, a health practice and a meditation in movement.

Tai chi teaches us how to be present and aware of our body and our mind as we progress through learning the Tai chi form.

It is both simple and profound and a wonderful process to engage with, teaching us much about ourselves along the way.

Because it is performed slowly, with mindfulness and in time with the breath, it has a profound effect on maintaining and recovering good physical and mental health.

Its like a kind of physical soduko. Making new connections within the body and opening new neural pathways in the mind, as
the student learns to move in this soft, coordinated, connected way.

As the student progresses through the form we explore the meaning of the postures and martial applications hidden within the form through pushing hands, i.e. soft, cooperative partner work.

Further martial training and weapons are available for the committed student.

I am a 6th generation successor of the Wu family from Shanghai and have 20 years experience of Tai chi & Qi gong.

Please feel free to come down on Mondays and see what Tai chi is all about!

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