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You Can't Watch This Play

Improvised Theatre inspired by The Fool,
Award-winning Jonathan Brown takes you on a wildly subversive, newly-discovered-each-performance journey, with in-the-moment plunges into worlds you’ve been told “DO NOT EXIST!” (…..and to shut up about them).

Jonathan Brown, Best Male Performer 2013, Best New Play 2012, Best Male Performer nominee 2007, Best New Play (shortlist) 2013, Brighton Fringe.

“Award-winning… performer Jonathan Brown returns…. with comic mysticism – he’s an off-kilter wild-man, ….. (with) nature-filled musings…… like elemental myths you might hear when huddled around a fire…..hypnotically unpredictable………. just peering over the dizzying edge of Brown’s sad, funny, mad world is……. a rush.” The Stage, 2015.

“Thank you for your show. I loved it… a brilliant piece of story telling. It was great to be part of something intimate …. engaging, moving, challenging, compassionate and funny.—— better than pretty much anything I have seen in the theatre over the last couple of years. Afterwards, I felt that I had been taken on a journey and come back knowing something new – which is just what theatre should be like.”
Andrew Miller, co-director, Wishworks Puppet Theatre Company.
“We are very lucky to have an actor like Jonathan Brown on our doorstep” Britt Forsberg

“If you ever get a chance to see this guy GO! Fantastic improvised one man show – very intimate, inventive and honest performance.” Ranmal Burkmar, Audience.


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Show Details:
1st April
Lewes, All Saints Centre, Friars walk. 8pm
Tickets: £10 / £8 concs On door or through http://www.somethingunderground.co.uk/whats-on/

Contact: Jonathan Brown, 0787 9832857, mail@jonathan-brown.co.uk

Walking onto the stage with nothing planned is a fool's game. But never has it been more popular, with comedy improv troops adorning stages galore.
What happens then if you keep the humour but add in poignance, emotion, passion, sound scapes and physical theatre? The answer is “You Can't Watch This Play”, a new show by Jonathan Brown.

Former South Devon theatre-maker Jonathan has been a regular in the south and south west since 2007, when he brought “Large Print Trash” (Best Male Performer (nom) Brighton Fringe 2007) to Rattery, Totnes, Exeter... and then Edinburgh Fringe.
Since then he and his theatre company Something Underground have made return visits to Devon whilst racking up most of the available Brighton Fringe awards. Most of his shows come fully scripted and fully pre-rehearsed. So, why the departure?

Jonathan says, “My own performance roots lay in the spontaneous Fool, who can speak the unspeakable and truth to power. I love using text in performance and so to step out not knowing my lines always feels rather idiotic and terrifying. It's like stepping off a very high cliff. But once the audience and I take that step, we begin to inhabit a dreamworld where anything is possible. That sort of freedom is exhilerating, unpredictable and for audiences alike, I've been told, a rush!”

Why the title? Jonathan says, “For me, being told “you can't” spurs me on, especially when it has to do with freedom of expression. Whilst attempts at censorship, with attacks lately on the Free Press in the US, for example, is equal grit to the oyster.
These performances certainly act as a challenge to any force that tries to suppress expression.”

And, it seems, as no two shows are the same, it is possible to see any number of performances, and see completely different plays!

Company Website www.somethingunderground.co.uk:

All Saints Centre @ 8:00pm
20:00 - 21:30
£10 / £8

Friars Walk.
Lewes BN7 2LE 01273 486391

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