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Meditation for Body, Mind and Spirit, Tuesdays 2 - 3pm

We are a friendly group of vibrant people who believe that our true nature is pure joy. We know that we all deserve a happy life and through the Meditation for Body, Mind & Spirit we reconnect to our true selves and access the unlimited possibilities for our lives.

The Meditation starts with a focus on the breath, gently relaxing each part of the body until a state of deep relaxation is reached. The next step is an Inner Journey, a guided visualisation usually dedicated to a theme such as trust, self-love, owning your power, freedom, celebration of your uniqueness, happy relationships, abundance and vitality. An innate part of this journey is connecting to our Guardian Angels, opening to their messages and their healing. For many, this is a profound experience. After the meditation session we pick an angel card for inspiration. No previous experience is necessary, all welcome! We are all spiritual beings having a human experience!

Fees: 40 for 5 consecutive sessions or 10 drop-ins

Jana Krychtalkova is a Law of Attraction Coach, Healer and Meditation Teacher. She loves empowering and inspiring people on their life path.

Jana Krychtalkova


Law of Attraction Coaching

Energy Healing



The River Clinic @ 2:00am
02:00 - 03:00
40 for 5 sessions, 10 drop-in

Wellers Yard
Brooks Road Lewes BN7 2BY 01273 475735 w: lewesosteopathy.com

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