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Lewes Speakers Festival

On the 21st to the 23rd July 2017 at The All Saints Centre in Lewes, The Lewes Speakers Festival at: www.lewesspeakersfestival.com/ brings together some of the most exciting speakers in the UK.

∑ Polly Toynbee and David Walker, The Guardian columnist and the former Director of public reporting at the Audit Commission respectively, explain how the British state has been systematically attacked and dismembered and the effects of this on us all.
∑ Terry Waite, who spent 5 years in captivity in Beirut chained and, on occasions, beaten and tortured, reflects on his experience and on faith, hope and the power of forgiveness.
∑ Kate Adie, former Chief News Correspondent for the BBC, talks about her 8 Desert Island Books.
∑ Roy Hattersley, who served in Jim Callaghanís cabinet and who became Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, explains the history of Catholics in Britain and Ireland from the reformation until today.
∑ Dame Jenni Murray, who has presented BBC Radio 4ís Womanís Hour since 1987, gives a history of Britain through the lives of 21 women.
∑ Iby Knill, an Auschwitz survivor and WW2 Hungarian resistance fighter, shares her life experiences.
∑ Jim Hoare, who set up the British Embassy in Pyongyang and was Ambassador to North Korea, reflects on the behaviour of the country.
∑ Coline Covington, who is former Chair of the British Psychoanalytical Council, explains why people do evil.
∑ Lynn Knight, the writer from City Lit university, tells us the story of women in the 20th Century through the clothes they wore.
∑ Peter Clark, a British Council expert on the Middle East and translator explains what life was like under the Assads and his experience of Syrian society.
∑ Paul Beaver, the Spitfire pilot, broadcaster and writer, throws light on the significance and story of the Supermarine Spitfire.
∑ Tom Mangold, the face of BBC TVís current affairs programme Panorama, gives a hilarious account of the events of his 40 year career with the BBC.
∑ Sir Alan Munro, who was Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Algeria and is a Director of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, gives an amusing account of the lighter side of diplomacy.
∑ Caroline Paige gives her account of being the first openly transgender officer in the British Armed Forces as a helicopter pilot in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
∑ Harry Mount, Editor of the Oldie, explains how Brexit split the Tories, destroyed Labour and divided the country.
∑ Peter Conradi, Foreign Editor of the Sunday Times, explains the Russiaís recent politics and incursions into Georgia, Ukraine and Syria. He also proposes a way forward.
∑ Jonty Driver, former Master of Wellington and anti-apartheid South African activist and prisoner, gives his views on education.

To book tickets and for more information, please go to www.lewesspeakersfestival.com or ring the Booking Line on 0333 666 3366

All Saints Centre @ 4:00pm
16:00 - 22:00

Friars Walk.
Lewes BN7 2LE 01273 486391

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